GFB Cast Interview: A beloved son in his father’s eyes

AnnMichelle is working hard even on her vacation (thank you! :P), and she wants to share with us an interview of Daddy Choi:

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The actor who played Daddy Choi (Kim Dong Gyoon), I’ve seen him in several dramas… He’s very good in GFB,inspired by our SG?

Supposedly a more formal and complete interview would come out, but before that, this was told by a DC fan from memory (?).


SeungGi is really good as an actor. In fact I was a little concerned before about his ability to lead such a big production; after all he’s the Lead (One-Top). But such worries were for nothing as he just performed wonderfully. Everyone, whether senior actors or junior ones, felt very comfortable around him; he’s working so hard to facilitate the good moods at the set.

I want to say a special thanks to him. When acting together with supporting cast like myself who don’t have too many scenes to play, most (please don’t get me wrong – I am not criticizing any other actors!) would just say their lines or even take a rest and such, but SeungGi… he’s usually carried through the emotions and stayed at his position of the scene to give his reaction… (from Daddy Choi’s tone, it’s like the very first time this has happened to him acting with lead actors…) Despite age or experience I really really respect him…and am so grateful too.

The most memorable scene was when KC was chained and he cried out, “Daddy…” I was moved to have goosebumps all over me… So that scene I acted with uncontrollable feelings, crying… The feeling stayed with me still even after the scene had been completed… I feel SeungGi is such a great actor.

He’s always taken care of Suzy and given her 100% support. It’s truly exhausting filming, but SeungGi always thinks of other people first before himself. No matter how tired and sleep deprived, he’s the first to arrive at the set to get ready to film… Maybe this is his way to show appreciation and consideration to the staff working so hard for this drama.

Source: dclsg
English translation by AnnMichelle, special contributor to Everything Lee Seung Gi
Based on Chinese translation by dlww1234 @ baidu tieba

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15 Responses to GFB Cast Interview: A beloved son in his father’s eyes

  1. Anonymous says:

    LSG is really a blessed person. I really adore him. He truly deserves all the love, prayer, and support that he can get in this world! Looking forward to meeting him someday 🙂

    • LoveSG says:

      Yeah, Seunggi is a very thoughtful person – very dedicated to his job and committed to make good drama productions 😛 I read in one article that he fainted for like 20-30 seconds in this particular scene but the director thought he was just acting before he realised Seunggi has fainted for real…

      For such a professional actor, he deserves to get all the love, support and prayer in the world 🙂

  2. dhan0113 says:

    I love Daddy Choi T.T …one of the scene i cried the most!.. when he first look at Kang Chi’s gumiho he didn’t react instead he cries and eat that dirty part of riceball.. T_T T_T ..goosebumps when i typing this…huhu

    • judepps says:

      same here..this is the scene i cried a lot too..when he eat the dirty part of the riceball & let KC feed the clean part of it.. looking back at the scene in my mind I had still those goosebumps in me..memorable scene for a son-father for me..

      Appreciating someone’s dedication & work ethic from sunbae’s is not that seldom to hear in K-industry but to gain a sunbae’s RESPECT despite a huge difference in age gap..that’s a rare & different kind of feel.
      Seunggiah just when i feel i knew everything about you.. yet still you never failed to amazed and surpise us with a great personality you have. It just makes me even proud to be your fan..

  3. Dana says:

    Many thanks to AnnMichelle!

  4. crazyahjummafan says:

    Thanks AnnMichelle!

  5. Muljen says:

    Oh my SeungGiyah, you are the best….i love you so much ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks AnnMichelle for translating and Tryp for sharing. That scene is one of most touching scenes of the drama. I’m very proud of uri Seung Gi.

  7. Anonymous says:

    thank you Ann Michelle for your effort translating this wonderful article..

  8. Fruitplus says:

    I’ve read the Chinese version of the interview. But reading this again, I still feel so touch by SG. Ann Michelle and Tryp, thank you very much!

  9. Jennifer says:

    I feel so proud of uri Seung Gi! He is a genuinely sincere person – a rare gem in entertainment industry. I pray that Seung Gi will continue to scale new heights in his career and stay cheerful n healthy!! Seung Gi, sarang heyeo!!!

    Ps: Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

  10. triangel25 says:

    Thanks for the translations~!!
    It is really touching to read stories/feedback about SG from other actors about his down-to-earth personality. Getting praise from other actors like this, showing us that all the good personality that we see are real and not created in front of the camera or in front of fans.. That’s the real SG.. I think up to now, all those who are interested to find out an imperfect part of him must be very disappointing since they cant. This reminds so much about the radio interview that Suguen did when they talked about SG…LOL..

    Seriously, when getting to know more and more about him.. I suddenly feel that his sister should be feeling full of happiness to have an oppa like him. Cause I think he would adore his sister very much and since he is earning now, I am sure that whatever his sister demanded/requested, without hesitation, he would give him. While acting with Suzy, I think he must have miss his sister a lot since I think his sister should be around Suzy’s age and he couldn’t go home for the past 4 months..

  11. Amielle316 says:

    Thank you so much AnnMichelle, dlww1234 & of course tryp96. Way to go!

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