[Eng] Lee Seung Gi “Daunted by CJH? He had presence as WR”

I know this is a very controversial topic, but I really admire SeungGi’s graciousness and tactfulness in answering the reporter’s “silly question.” And many thanks to jerseygirl0420 for translating this enlightening interview article. 😛

Actor Lee Seung Gi shared his honest thoughts on the rising darkhorse actor Choi Jin Hyuk.

On the afternoon of June 25th, he met with reporter Bae Jung Hee and opened up, “I think it is good that things worked out for a colleague if anything.”

In “The Gu Family Book”, Lee Seung Gi who played the role of a charming half-human half-beast, Choi Kang Chi, who couldn’t even be seen in any other dramas, left a deep impression with his acting skills and won the hearts of viewers. The darkhorse that rose with him was none other than actor Choi Jin Hyuk. He was also called Dark Wol Ryung and received much love from viewers like a leading actor.

When Lee Seung Gi was asked if he felt daunted by Choi Jin Hyuk, he gave a wise answer to a silly question. “I think that is a good thing. Following one’s role, if things turn out well because one acted in a way that fit his character, it’s not something that I can control, if anything, I think it’s a good thing.”

Moreover, Lee Seung Gi added, “Looking at this drama in the long run, if only Lee Seung Gi shined, nothing much would be left. Since there is also a limit to the amount of appeal I possess, inside the story, Wol Ryung as himself did everything to make his existence known.”

Also, Lee Seung Gi said, “With all things said, the story is about the main character, Choi Kang Chi, and Dam Yeo Wool’s melo line. Inside that story exists Wol Ryung and Seo Hwa’s story and looking at the entire forest, their story has to go well so I never felt daunted at all. When I worked with Wol Ryung, I did my best to make sure my acting wouldn’t interfere with his.”

It was evident by his image that Lee Seung Gi had grown immensely as an actor through this drama, “The Gu Family Book.” Through his frank and sincere words, one could feel how much he worried, endured hardships, and worked hard during this production.

Ten years after his debut, there was a time when he had his glory days. ‘Famous Princesses’, ’1 night 2 days’, dramas, and variety shows all had a viewership percentage over 40% while the talk show, ‘Strong Heart’ had recorded a viewership percentage of 18% when it first aired.

When he looks back upon those days he says,”The first time I felt that I grew was when I had a lot of conviction and self confidence. I really wanted to talk a lot. But now I am the complete opposite. Experience has made me humble and I think I have a long way to go”. He showed his increasingly humble image through this statement.

Lee Seung Gi said, “In the past, I never had the experience of being like a One Top (Korean for Top Star/Lead Actor). However, seeing that this time around, scenes revolved around me and would unfold, I worked with my costars so that they could look their best through teamwork and by being able to control my reactions. Through this drama, I had all sorts of thoughts like “Whether this scene is one where I need to pull out the stops”, “Whether this scene was about the other person having to look their best” as I continued to analyze.” He continued by saying,” On the set, I also learned that there were many external factors as well that I had to endure patiently”. As the lead actor, he openly expressed how he felt at certain points (during filming).

“A lead actor needs to have patience and generosity. The reason why the lead actor is given higher pay is because of the responsibility that comes with the title as the lead. Although I can’t list them one by one, a sense of hospitality, acknowledging others, and doing one’s best to act in harmony with each other are some qualities that I feel are important.”

As an actor who just disclosed his many worries, he was asked, “As an actor, do you feel that you did a good job?” He answered, “Although it isn’t a 100% this time, somewhere along the line, I had my inner conflicts, but I think I did a good job of not letting it show. That’s why there were no problems onscreen and I was able to complete this project happily.”

source: obsnews
English translation by jerseygirl0420, special contributor to Everything Lee Seung Gi

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9 Responses to [Eng] Lee Seung Gi “Daunted by CJH? He had presence as WR”

  1. Elly says:

    Seunggi really a wise guy.. His answers show that everyone really work hard and make Gu Family Book in success, so that isn’t talk about individual but team work.. So Seunggi-ya, I love your answers… ^^

  2. dramaaddict says:

    SG, I wish I could be like you, considerate, diplomatic, caring, patient, generous etc. Your way of handling the issue and answered the journalist tactfully is to be applauded. This shows you are a class above. 😛

    • Anonymous says:

      Smart man that’s SG:) I happen reads some actor answer to interview that seem way off to the question and my head hurt like “what”? But SG can you tell very educated person. Please oppa don’t change.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Lee Seung Gi is indeed the perfect Top St*r! Not only does he posses external beauty(height, handsome face, masculine body n charming smile), he has inner beauty (wise, intellectual, articulate n well mannered) as well !! One just can’t get enough of him. I LOVE Lee Seung Gi!!!

  4. triangel25 says:

    First of all, thx for the translations..
    The last paragraph “He answered, “Although it isn’t a 100% this time, somewhere along the line, I had my inner conflicts, but I think I did a good job of not letting it show. That’s why there were no problems onscreen and I was able to complete this project happily.”..
    For me, I think he really did a great job. I watched all the dramas that SG participated except for the Non-stop and Seven princesses, I think and feel that his acting skill actually improved a lot especially in Tk2H and of course now, in GFB.
    As a guy or prince who is well-known to be the 40% guy, actually it was a little heart breaking for me (and I think for him as well) that although he improved so much in T2KH and he put in so much effort, the ratings was kinda low not to mention can’t reach 40% and the worst thing is that he couldn’t win any awards. This time, this charming guy again show that he actually worked even harder that TK2H to get viewers approval about his skills of acting and although the average ratings couldn’t pass 20% which is a sad thing (I thought it could reach at least 30%), I do really hope that this time he could win something to pay off his hard work and as an encouragement for him to work confidently in his future project..

  5. Eva says:

    Thank you Jerseygirl0420 for the translation and to Tryp for sharing it with us…I was able to admire Seung Gi more than ever every time I’m able to understand what was going on and how he respond to questions. He’s just full of wisdom! “Experience has made me humble and I think I have a long way to go” ~ some people need to read this article and learn from him 😀

  6. Graciabellsg says:

    thanks tryp and jerseygirl0420! that is one remarkable character that makes seung gi stands out: his humility. he always keep his feet on the ground. and that’s why he is admired all over the world! wise men talk because they have something to say unlike fools because they have to say something. you said you still have a long way to go? rest assured that your airens will walk with you in that journey no matter how far and rough it may be. we love you!

  7. CrazyforU says:

    Choi Jin Hyuk can swallow a few doses of humility from Lee Seung Gi and learn from Seunggi what it takes to be a real star.

  8. Anonymous says:

    A truly star need to have humility like Lee Seung Gi. I always pround of you LSG ❤

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