13.06.30 Section TV GFB Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 2 clips* English translation by jerseygirl0420

Longer version:

source: dclsg

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14 Responses to 13.06.30 Section TV GFB Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. changjel says:

    i still can’t say goodbye yet 😥 i’m watching this drama over and over again….

    • triangel25 says:

      Me too~!!! Rewatching so many times, especially the last episode but still haven’t get enough of it~!!! I am totally infected with KC virus now~!!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Me too!!! I’ve been checking this site to look for new updates from Tryp in between rewatching the vids……sigh…Kang Chi ar, see what you’ve done to noona?!! Kang Chi, SARANG HEYEO!!!

  3. Here is an English translation that will help everyone understand what’s being said. I have not translated captions that are repeats of what the actors are saying. I have done my best to translate all the other captions so that they can add flavor to the clip that tryp96 so kindly posted.

    Recording the highest percentage of viewership, we present the drama which has come to an end,”The Gu Family Book.”
    Caption underneath reads: The grand finale of the end “The Gu Family Book”

    Kang Chi: Let’s meet again.
    Caption reads: Tearful goodbye kiss

    Reporter: Starting with Kang Chi and Yeo Wool’s ardent romance where she spends her final moments in Kang Chi’s arms to face her sad fate.
    Caption reads: Yeo Wool dies in Kang Chi’s arms

    “The new concept fantasy sageuk (Korean historical drama) received lots of love from viewers.”
    In addition, with a fresh ending, Kang Chi and Yeo Wool meet again in 2013.
    Caption reads: 422 years later, 2013, Seoul

    Yeo Wool: Don’t move
    Caption reads: Their destined reunion

    Kang Chi: Yeo Wool-ah
    Yeo Wool: Do you…know me?
    Kang Chi: (to himself, captions also state the lines he is saying) My time that had stopped started flowing again.

    Reporter: The story behind The Gu Family Book’s final moments start now.
    Caption reads: A suggestion of a Season 2?
    Cut to the set..
    Caption reads: Lee Seung Gi amidst an action scene

    Reporter: In order to soothe the disappointment after the ending of The Gu Family Book, we raced onto their final shooting set.
    Caption under Lee Seung Gi: It’s very difficult right now because I hit Deputy Seo so many times a few days ago. (Laughter on the set)

    Cut to the interview with SeungGi outdoors
    Reporter: This is the second time I’m using the interview voucher.
    Caption reads: The second use of the (10) interview voucher
    SeungGi: Is it the second time? Ah, there’s still many left.
    Reporter: It’s the final shooting for “The Gu Family Book”. How do you feel?
    SeungGi: I feel bittersweet and have complicated feelings about it.

    Lee Seung Gi: I think that this is the largest amount of elementary fans that I have gained in my lifetime. From kindergarteners to children under 10 years old, I’ve been gaining enthusiastic support from them.
    (Caption with the smiley face reads: Popularity that is in second place to his usual ratings)

    Lee Seung Gi: Stationary stores in front of schools have vending machines selling Kang Chi bracelets. I thought to myself, “Isn’t this what is called a trend?” After all, drawing (something out of a vending machine) is one of the most popular activities. (Laughter)

    First caption in pink and yellow reads: Vending machines that sell Choi Kang Chi bracelets
    Second caption in red and white reads: (He) acknowledges the trend
    Third caption reads: (He) has even occupied stationary stores

    Suzy: I think my stamina has become low. As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized that my stamina could also change.

    Reporter: Meanwhile, we encountered Jo Sung Ha running with all his might. Running, running, and more running. It seems difficult, doesn’t it?
    Caption reads: He runs all day

    Jo Sung Ha: Because many people have shown their support, I think that was the reason I was happily able to complete this project

    Reporter: What was one memorable scene in any episode?

    Suzy: It was the scene at the ending of episode three with the peach blossom tree. Because it is impossible for two people to run quickly together, and it had to be filmed at a high speed, I actually ran slowly, and alone, like this (she reaches her right hand out to show viewers), I ran like this. Because of this, it was so funny, I think there were many NG’s so I really can’t forget it.
    First caption reads: On her own, she runs in solo mode
    Last caption reads: Due to this, a rich harvest of NG’s

    Reporter: Have you gotten attached to the beast form (of Kang Chi)?
    Caption reads: His feelings on saying goodbye to the beast

    SeungGi: The beast? I don’t even want to see him again. (laughing) It was too exhausting. Just putting on the beast makeup took approximately 3 hours. It also took a toll on my stamina compared to other roles. I have bittersweet feelings saying farewell to the beast.

    Reporter: As they wrap up the final scene, he (SeungGi) hugs his costars and shares final farewells with them. One, two, three…Ano?” (Laughter)
    Caption: Wrap up of the final scene
    SeungGi tells everyone that they have worked hard.

    Cut to the scene showing the farewell dinner party…

    Reporter: After taking a commemorative photo, they meet at one place. Instead of wearing sageuk clothing, don’t they appear a bit awkward in modern day wear? Out of the characters, the one who committed so many evil acts and angered so many viewers, The Gu Family Book’s Jo Gwan Woong. Till the end, he showed high quality acting and was a hot topic of conversation.

    Lee Sung Jae: Many people think that I killed a lot of people, but in reality, I only killed one, directly. That would be my friend, Seo Hwa’s father.

    Reporter: In order to gain power, he falsely accused his friend of treason and even tried to sleep with his daughter.

    Lee Seung Jae: Out of all 24 episodes, I think that may have been the most evil act.

    Lee Yeon Hee: Hello, I’m Lee Yeon Hee who had the role of Seo Hwa in The Gu Family Book.

    Reporter: Lee Yeon Hee was only in the beginning of the drama, however she had a short but powerful existence onscreen that gained the recognition of viewers.
    First caption reads: (Special appearance)
    Second caption in pink and white reads: (Displaying a crazy existence)

    Lee Yeon Hee: I finished filming earlier than the other costars, but I am happy that I had the opportunity to work with so many good actors.

    Reporter: Who do you think will be the most memorable character from the drama?

    Lee Dong Geun: Kang Chi. Undoubtedly, I have many fond memories with Kang Chi.

    Reporter: The half human-half beast, Choi Kang Chi, that Lee Dong Geun fondly remembers has picked this scene as his most memorable one.

    Kang Chi: I want to become a person.

    Reporter: As always, the hotly rising male actor who ended “The Gu Family Book”.
    Caption reads: The reunited Kangchi and Yeo Wool couple

    SeungGi: Yeo Wool-ah

    Yeo Wool: Do you…know me?
    Caption reads: A suggestion of a brand new romance

    Kang Chi: My time that had stopped started flowing again.

    Reporter: With an ending that left fans not knowing what to think, there was even talk amongst fans over whether there would be a season 2.

    Suzy: I really feel that I was able to enjoy myself and work hard on this production.

    SeungGi: I really hope that this drama is one that will remain in your heart for a long time.

    Caption reads: We will remember you for a long time
    Reporter: Goodbye, “The Gu Family Book”, we were really happy!

    • tryp96 says:

      Jerseygirl0420, thank you so much for translating the long clip! 😀

      • As always tryp96, it’s my pleasure. I’m glad you figured out it was the translation to the longer clip. I forgot to mention that when I posted my translation. I want to help you out with any Seungi Gi related news when I can. Today is Sunday night and I needed a Seung Gi fix between grading papers before starting another grueling work week tomorrow. Take care!

        • Sorry Seung Gi! I dared to make a typo with your name. LOL. This is when you can tell it’s getting late for me and I should hit the sack. Good night!

          • dramaaddict says:

            I think SG would forgive you after you have shared and translated so many articles this week. Thks a lot and take care.:)
            I don’t think I would like a Season 2. I would prefer they move on for bigger project; a Mafia Boss with his entourage or Mr Bond with his Vodka Martinis shaken but not stirred.
            When I saw KC at the ending with his Lamborghini, it is better to move on. 😛

    • triangel25 says:

      Thank you very much for your hard work to translate to us~!!! Kamshamida!!! =)

  4. mgsuan says:

    Jerseygirl, you are so diligent. Without your help, we won’t be able to enjoy what SGi was saying. Thk u for time contribution.

  5. geese says:

    awesome people…with extraordinarily awesome multi-talented/star actor..LSG…news….
    thank you….but am missing todays habit…GFB family…***tears drops…***almost***

  6. graciabellsg says:

    thank you jerseygirl! a superwoman indeed! that’s a lotta dedication both on your work and your passion for seung gi! but you better keep watch of your health too, ok? and to tryp, stay healthy too! and stay cool, just read some today.

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