13.07.01 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

Gu Family Book Wrap Party

Short but HD SeungGi-only cut:

source: dclsg

Longer version:

source: official fan cafe

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13 Responses to 13.07.01 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Betinha says:

    Nate posted that “The production company are not preparing for Season 2 of Gu Family Book.”
    But the man in the video asks “Will GFB have a second season?”
    After the sentence of Seung Gi “And my time that stopped, started to flow again.”
    The man confirmed that it would have a second season and that we should wait/look forward.
    Sorry for my bad english. ^^

    • Anonymous says:

      Really, there’s a chance for S2? I’ve been so moody ever since the final epi was wrapped up that way! I wish SGi to be awarded for GFB since he worked so hard/suffered so much during the filming (he really deserve it). But the final 15 minutes was unexpected. I read some negative articles about the ending and I’ve been worrying so much if it will affect him. Btw, is there any good review articles that someone can share! Thk U

    • tryp96 says:

      I think he said HOPING for a season 2.

      • Betinha says:

        Ah…really? Sorry! Thank you for correcting me. Actually, i am not an expert in Korean language, but I wrote what I heard.
        But i’m still “hoping” for a season 2.^^

  2. OMO!!!! Season 2????? An-ti-ci-pa-tion 🙂 Patiently waiting.

  3. Lulu Ibrahim says:

    O—-M—-G !!! did he just say there will be a second season ? is it confirmed now ? should i start screaming and getting excited ? i was living like a dead zombie for the past week not being able to move on and yesterday i kept imaging that there will be an episode tonight ! how i wish those news are true i wanna watch Kang Chi and Yeo Wol again >.<

  4. Anis Farhana says:

    i think what the main said was “season 2 gidae haejusaeyo”
    if i’m not mistaken that means “wait for season 2”

    • tryp96 says:

      Since my Korean reading skill is better than my listening skill, I trust the captions more. 😛 And the final caption says ‘Let’s hope for a Gu Family Book Season 2!’ Even with ‘wait for’ or ‘looking forward to’, it doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a season 2. I know a lot of us are anxious for a season 2. But if it’s really confirmed, I’m sure the production team wouldn’t waste a chance to promote it. 😛

  5. Jennifer says:

    Seung Gi looked so handsome n sunshine! This is the 1st Monday after Kang Chi, the Beginning ended. I am missing Kang Chi…..luckily Tryp has put some news here, else I would be filling bored n restless! Seung Gi ar, please come back with new programs soon….SArang heyeo!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m sad every time I come back to my work I watch gfb while I’m relaxing but after the end of series i was dreaming and wishing that have season 2 it’s ridiculous being paranoid for this drama it might use for me everytime icome home I’m watching this series and now no more… Sad sad took have season 2 but until now there’s no exact confirmation…to the production of gfb plssssss I bagging you not only me but also all the fanatic of gfb to having season 2… Anyway thanks you so much for the stuff of gfb to having good time for their fans good luck & more bless:-)

  7. mel says:

    Realistically there would be a lot of issues with a 2nd season… depends on if people are still interested when a timeslot is available (I know M/T is taken for the rest of the year with a 30 ep. drama and then a 60+ episode drama), if they actually have another story to tell that’s not too repetitive and if SG and Suzy were available to even be in it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    What about time slot for Wed/Thurs? I’ll wait patiently for the announcement for S2! Hope our dream will come through. MBC & Writer Kang, pls do something to it. Thk u.

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