Lee Seung Gi, puts down model student image & ‘encounters’ carefree Choi Kang Chi

source: sportsworld via nate

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5 Responses to Lee Seung Gi, puts down model student image & ‘encounters’ carefree Choi Kang Chi

  1. caroline says:

    VERY Handsome! 🙂 ^_^ :*

  2. Jennifer says:

    So HANDSOME, uri Seung Gi! Sarang heyeo, Lee Seung Gi!!!

    Ps: I’m so happy that even People who aren’t Seung Gi’s fans praised his good acting n like his new fresh look in Kang Chi, the Beginning! I feel like a proud noona, showing his new pix to all my friends. ^ ^

  3. dramaaddict says:

    Whatever images you portray, you are awesome to me. 😛

  4. Anonymous says:

    Truth, He’s really handsome.but I prefer to his personal. His looking really fit and good person. Alot celebrate alot maybe more handsome or to make hotter than him. But them not sure chance seem like as seunggi . They never high chance open personal because worried . If they make big fault . Around people will change look to them.Lee seungg live with alot people almost know about him . because live good life so make you look him more handsome. He really richer and rich life.I know him really successful but live seem like him , it really hard. I’m no stronge personal . He’s change every day and grow thinkful. His work and tired never let him down. It make him more charm. What that me sad , because him live with care personal, feel lonely, and worried around himself. He should freetime alot after work.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Although the articles wasn’t that good as others but good job, Reporter Kim! After meeting LSG, did you learn any good manners from him?

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