Lee Seung Gi “Was my chemistry with Suzy good?”

source: ohmynews via nate

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13 Responses to Lee Seung Gi “Was my chemistry with Suzy good?”

  1. dramaaddict says:

    Trust us! Your chemistry with all your costars is awesome and it gets better each time. All this chemistry makes me so jealous. 😛

  2. lili says:

    It wasn’t good, but it was sooo greattt… Love this couple ❤

  3. Anonymous says:

    but this time i feel KC seems like an older brother to YW.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lee Seung Gi oppa. Thank you for giving us an amazing character as Choi Kang Chi and your love story with Dam Yeo Wool. But I thank you the most for taking care and guiding our Suzy. You are very kind and considerate despite being already a superstar. What captivates me the most is not your good looks and talents but your humility and good heart. You are a beautiful person and i will follow your future projects from here on. Take care of your health and may God bless you always. My greatest wish now is for you and Suzy to work together again in the future.
    -from a Sueweetie

  5. Miss Shahida says:

    Such a great chemistry with Suzy…although Suzy is 7 years younger than Seung Gi, but their chemistry is awesome!!! Seung Gi treat Suzy very well….I miss this couple already since ‘Gu Family Book’ finished. Thank you Seungi Gi oppa and Suzy because made the character ‘Choi Kang Chi’ and ‘Dam Yeo Wool’ very well…their love story is also amazing!!! I fall in love with this couple….anyway, i hope that they will act in another drama….love them so much…take care and may God bless them…
    -the greatest love after all ❤ Kang Chi ❤ Yeo Wool ❤ –

  6. There chemistry was DAEBAK ! Really , I thought that Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun chemistry would be the best but Seung Gi beated Soo Hyun right now ! SeungZy is my first OTP right now

  7. Anonymous says:

    it wasn’t good,better with ha ji woon

  8. pei says:

    the chemistry was “DAEBAK”!!!!!!!!! ^_____^
    please work together again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i miss watching Gu Family Book so much….my Mondays & Tuesdays are so boring now 😥

  9. kiwi says:

    That’s the reason why we love this drama!
    Yeowol and kangchi have an amazing chemistry!

    Just discover today that they are nominee in mnet and my first day to vote of them
    please don’t forget to vote as well!

  10. Anonymous says:

    saya melihat akting lee seung gi ketika main di ‘brilliant legacy’,’my girl friend is gumiho’,’the king 2 heat’,juga ‘gu family book,dan sungguh lee seunggi. sangat good camistry ketika main dengan ha ji woon,karena ha ji woon dapat membuat pasangan main dalam film maupun drama menjadi bintang yang bersinar,ha ji woon is really amazing aktris..she is korean’s angelina jolly

  11. Anonymous says:

    not so bad .. but compare with his previous drama[the king 2 heart],i like the previous one..

  12. I think this article is worth translating since it is good and there are many people interested in it. I’ll start on it tomorrow and have it posted no later than this weekend.

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