Gu Family Book Wrap Interview Photos 5 – Lee Seung Gi

credti: startoday

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4 Responses to Gu Family Book Wrap Interview Photos 5 – Lee Seung Gi

  1. A says:

    pic 2 and 4, heee~ he didn’t shave, did he? hehehe sorry, my eyes are doing extra work today. i like this side of him. looks sooo natural and human(?). well, he’s a human but extraordinary. heh *fangirl-ing mode 😀

    • triangel25 says:

      I saw it too~!!!
      Usually SG is cleaning shaved…
      Still rmbr how he was commented about shaving while recording Happy Together and how his hyungs teasing him about shaving all the times and used electrical shaver in 1n2d..

      • triangel25 says:

        But it’s okay,,since he still looked good.. Afterall, he just finished shooting at 4am that morning when this photo is taken.. And he has the concept that hair grows at 2am..LOL.. =)

  2. These photo’s are very nice. Suzy is very pretty is these photo’s; this dress is much more becoming than the tan dress. She still has the bruise/scratch on her elbow, but appears much more relaxed in this shoot.
    Thanks for sharing.

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