MGIG Fanvid: From Now On I Love You

I know a lot of us are missing KangChi right now. But how many of us are missing DaeWoong? 😛

source: dclsg

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29 Responses to MGIG Fanvid: From Now On I Love You

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to say I miss Lee Jae Ha the most.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thank-you Tryp. I feel better now…as I remember the past few times when I missed Seung Gi after each drama ended. For sure this feeling will pass n Seung Gi will be back with new n even better performances! I just need to wait patiently. Meanwhile, I am re-watching 1N2D S1 to relieve those good memories of watching /laughing with Seung Gi!! Seung Gi, sarang heyeo!!!

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Shereal says:

    i’m missing King Lee Jae Ha so much. I really like LSG strong character at TK2H. I wish to see him again for his upcoming drama and hoping it soon.

  5. milkteanlsg says:

    I miss Daewoong~~~ ❤

  6. super says:

    I miss them all and have been watching strong heart and listening to his music . I wish for kang chi 2 and most of all i miss our King Jae Ha

  7. anonymous says:

    What’s wrong with these people. If you do not miss Dae woong then it’s okay. Why do you bother to comment and to say you miss Jae Ha when the question is how many of you are missing Dae Woong. Thanks for the video tryp, I really miss Dae Woong and Miho. Hoi Hoi Couple Saranghaeee 😀

  8. OMO!!!!! I love! love! love! “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” Seung Gi was once again THE BEST & I love Shin Min Ah, she is one of my favorites if not my favorite. She is spunky, energetic, Beautiful and a good actress. She and Seung Gi were great together; thanks for sharing!

  9. Muljen says:

    I always miss Daewoong. I first knew SeungGi from watching Woongah in MGIG. I plan to watch again fom the beginning to cure my withdrawal mood. I like SeungGi’s comical expression and he is so funny in earlier episodes.

  10. Osi says:

    What a coincidence. I’ve been rewatching MGIG since two days ago. Woong ah….

  11. Anonymous says:

    Me… I just re-watched it 😀

  12. Fara Noona says:

    Me me me 🙂 I miss Dae woong so much, because of daewoong I fell in love with Seunggi.. Hoihoi couple saranghae

  13. Amielle316 says:

    DaeWoong will always have a special place in my heart since its the first drama where I’ve seen Lee Seung Gi. First time I’ve watched it I wasn’t fangirling yet because I find him too young but strangely, it was the drama that I LOVE to re-watch the most again & again. It was only when YANI mentioned about “being in denial at first” that I’ve realized that I might have been in denial during those times. After watching 1N2D, I can’t stop myself from fangirling on Seung Gi-yah ^ ^ & appreciated him more for giving his best on the drama while being busy in MCing two variety shows.
    Hoi Hoi couple, my No. 1 OTP couple. MGIG, a perfect fairy tale for me (^_*).

    • Same here Amielle316! I first saw Seung Gi in this drama and thought he was cute but “too young”. Now I realize that I’m in denial. However, now that he’s older, I can’t deny the fact that he’s grown very masculine in addition to the boyish charm of his. This combo makes him irresistable! I’m lost in Seung Gi forever…I’m consoling myself with watching reruns of The Gu Family Book, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, and Talking 2 Hearts. Argh! I’m in withdrawal….

      • yani says:

        lol Amielle316, after we passing all the denial phase there is no turning back then to fall in love with him over and over again, aren’t we? 😉
        I’m with you jerseygirl0420, first I thought SeungGi is too young for me but I can’t resist his boyish charm, but wowww he’s grown very masculine in TK2H and even showed great leadership in GFB.
        Honestly I don’t know whose leading actress has the best chemistry with SeungGi as he really good with HyoJo, MinAh, JiWoon and Suzy. But for me my most fave one is his chemistry with his hyungs in 1N2D, nothing can’t beat their friendship, support, and love towards each other^^

        • Amielle316 says:

          You’re so right yani “there is no turning back”.
          Luv LSG’s chemistry w/ his hyungs too in 1N2D that’s why I’m really hoping we’ll see him on a variety show soon ^^;

  14. seunggicharm says:

    Oh my! Thank you so much tryp! I super miss Daewoong-ah! Love the Hoi couple so much that I will never ever forget them til eternity! The very first drama of Seung Gi that made me fall for him even more..^^ If only there’s unlimited clicking of like button!ahahahaha

  15. triangel25 says:

    I miss all of them: Hwan, Dae Woong, Jae Ha, Kang Chi, Heodong Seung Gi and real Seunggi..

  16. Uyen says:

    Me! 😀 I just finished watching MGIG on TV last week 😀
    and Love you from now on is indeed the song i love the most 😀

  17. Erika says:

    I miss Kang Chi, Lee Jae Ha, Daewong and Hwan in that order. 🙂 But I have the whole TK2H in my phone, so I can just watch Jae ha anytime. 🙂 I’m patiently waiting for the release of the original English subbed DVD of GU Family Book so that I can convert and copy it also to my phone! But I need to buy additional memory card because my phone is full of SeungGi videos (TK2H, 3 concerts and performances) and songs (there’s only 1 English song by another artist)! I’m so crazy about SeungGi that on my way to the US, I was watching TK2H and one of the passengers asked what I was watching and told her it’s SeungGi and showed her also his 2010 Seoul Hope concert. She said that he looks so handsome and have good voice and she wants to watch his dramas, too. So, I enumerated all his dramas to her. 🙂

    Tryp, thanks a lot.

  18. Shey says:

    I love this couple too… Woong Ah & Mi Ho
    and yah i still watch this series a million times already… Right now im planning to watch it again for the end time because of the frustrating ending of GFB, i want to see happy ending drama..

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