09.02.20 Lee Seung Gi’s College Graduation Ceremony

English translation by jerseygirl0420

This is a really old video, but it’s never been posted here before: 😛

credit: dongacom via dclsg

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42 Responses to 09.02.20 Lee Seung Gi’s College Graduation Ceremony

  1. AIreN says:

    this is priceless! seung gi in graduation’s cap, so proud of him 😀 and there’s also his parents. so cute together. i think he takes the handsome look from his father and warming smile from his mother. they’re all pretty/handsome though 😀

  2. LoveSG says:

    He has his mum’s eyes and lips with his father’s nose…. all in all they look fabulous together 🙂

  3. dramaaddict says:

    Tryp, besides being hardworking and always the 1st to bring us updates of SG, you have an elephant memory. I can’t even remember what I ate yesterday. 😛
    This should be during the BL’s era. SG has inherited good genes from his parents.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Remember this clip.And he was really handsome.He was still with 1n2d show .Thanks Tryp.

  5. sgsairl says:

    LOL, I got this dejavu feeling, like this was his high school graduation ceremony. And then his year mate will found all the pictures taken by their family are mostly SeungGi’s. People can’t resist his charm XD

  6. Priceless clip. Thank you tryp for uploading this! He was so cute even back then! I agree that he looks like his dad with his smile coming from his mom. They must be so proud of their son! What an angel they received from heaven the day he was born.

    • Miss Shahida says:

      I agree with you, jerseygirl0420…Seung Gi was very intelligent person…very lucky his mother, father and his younger sister :):):)
      I always think why he always loving, caring from Korean people although he was not good looking among the celebrity in South Korea. Don’t angry with my statement. But now, i finally know why….because his attitude and very multitalented person….^_^ only one person….Lee Seung Gi…..^_^

      • Hi Miss Shahida,
        I enjoy reading your comments on this forum. You have so much insight. I’m not defensive or angry at all, so no worries! 🙂 He may not be like the flower boy type that is the rage in South Korea, but he will always be my handsome prince among all celebrities, regardless of nationality. I agree with you in that it is his heart and attitude that make him all the more handsome. It sets him apart from the rest of the pack and that is why there is only one celebrity that will be in my heart…Lee Seung Gi. *^^*

        • Cherrie Fab says:

          agree!!!! not a flower boy type….but our hearts beat for him every time we see him….may it be in person,(though i haven’t seen him in person yet)….pictures and videos….love him as he is….thank you for sharing tryp…

        • Miss Shahida says:

          Yup….i mostly agree with you, jerseygirl0420….now i know that Lee Seung Gi not only handsome inside but also outside (his face) ^_^
          His attitude made people loves him not only in South Korea but many countries in the world….anyway, thanks for the translate this video…i just watch it even though i don’t understand T_T but i know you always translate even you also have many things to do…thanks jerseygirl0420 ^_^

      • ojouika says:

        i am not angry here, tapi
        i think you just have to look again to see that he is good looking 🙂

      • anonymousnoona says:

        You know Miss Shahida,the first time i saw him? I was like He’s not that good looking like other korean stars I saw. And that time I wasn’t into Korean,the only korean drama i saw was Boys over flowers. But when I saw the trailer of MGIG ,I was like hmmm seems a nice drama. i started searching for it and watch it in advance before it was even broadcast in my country. Episode by episode,I was like in to him and was totally in to him. In between the drama I would search for his name and will find out he’s a singer. Then a host and variety show member. I have watched almost all of his videos fom MV,1N2D and Strong Hearts episodes then go back to MGIG all at the same time. After that I watched his BL drama. Everyday I did that,then I found Tryp’s blog I became even more in to him. I’m not the type who fangirl,not even once in my country nor in Hollywood. Seung Gi was my first and I guess my last. Now when I see comments that he’s not good looking at all,why do you even like him? My reactions are different! I’m like I will defend him no matter what! He IS good looking! Are you blind?! No one compares to him! I guess like what you have said not only Seung Gi’s outside looks shine but mostly his inside,his attitude and sincere behavior that makes him even more good looking!

        • AIreN says:

          i was exactly like you in knowing lee seung gi. he’s personality makes he more handsome, inside and out:)

        • Miss Shahida says:

          Your reaction are totally different….anonymousnoona….:):):)
          But anyway, i hope that we keep support our Lee Seung Gi forever because only he can do anything for his job and i know that he always good looking ^_^

  7. Dana says:

    Thanks tryp! Can anyone kindly tell me what did Seunggi say during the interview? Thanks!!!!

    • Hi Dana,
      I know how frustrating it can be to watch something without being able to understand what is being said. I’ve posted an English translation below. Hope you enjoy it!


  8. Here’s the English translation of what was said:

    Caption reads: The scene of Lee Seung Gi’s university degree graduation ceremony
    Seoul Dongguk University, 2009, February 20th

    Reporter: How does it feel?
    Seung Gi: It feels good

    Reporters: Congratulations
    Seung Gi: Thank you

    Male Reporter to Seung Gi as he is sitting down before the graduation ceremony: Hello
    Seung Gi: Hi, nice to meet you
    Reporter: How are you feeling?

    Seung Gi: I’m nervous and it hasn’t hit me just yet. Four years has passed so quickly that I can’t believe that I’m graduating already.
    Male Reporter: But compared to four years ago, you look exactly the same.
    Seung Gi: The same? I’ve aged a lot (he laughs as he fixes his cap)

    Female Reporter: If you had a secret to being able to graduate without taking time off from school, what would it be?
    Seung Gi: To begin with, many people have helped me, that part has…when I see it…I have to come to school often…to begin with, I have to visit (professors) often anyhow and finding other things that I can do in a way that doesn’t harm other students is the best…
    Female Reporter: How did you manage your grades? Did they come out well?
    Seung Gi: My grades? I came out with average grades (he laughs and covers his mouth with his fist)

    Male Reporter: You look the same as you did four years ago. If there was a secret to that, what would it be?
    Seung Gi: Uh, this is really…well, I think that I’ve changed very much but I thank you for seeing me as being young. Uh, honestly, up till then I entered university right after my debut and didn’t know the real state of things. During the past four years, many people have helped me and I think that’s why I’m able to graduate right now. If there was a secret, it would be to simply work hard.

    Male reporter: Did the team from One Night 2 Days send a congratulatory message?
    Seung Gi: So far, I don’t think they know yet.

    Male reporter: How do you feel about being awarded a lifetime achievement award?
    Seung Gi: I don’t really feel that I’ve made a big contribution from semester to semester, but I am thankful. In any case, I will try even harder in the future.
    Man in the background: please wrap things up

    Commencement speaker: We will be awarding a special lifetime achievement award presented by Professor Park. This lifetime award goes to Lee Seung Gi for his active contributions to school life on February 21st, 2009.

    • Note: He was awarded this award for getting outstanding grades throughout his four years by the university chairman. Seung Gi is humble as always when he said he graduated with “average grades”. They also mentioned him majoring in International commerce as they were presenting him the award.

      • Dana says:


      • CrazyforU says:

        Thanks for the translation, Jerseygirl. You have been a big help to us who don’t understand the language. Appreciate the time and effort you put in for us. God bless.

        • My pleasure CrazyforU, anything that I can do to help tryp96 bring SeungGi closer to non-Korean speaking fans is an honor. Clips are something that I especially try to translate since it’s extremely frustrating for non-Korean speakers to watch without understanding what’s going on.

          Take care.

    • Cherrie Fab says:

      while reading your translation jerseygirl, my mind was also having a video of him talking..hehehhe..thank you very much for the translation..

      • Sure thing. Have a good time watching it. I must’ve watched it at least 5 times. LOL

      • LOL. I do that too after I write an English translation on MS Word. I watch the video and make sure it makes sense to non-Korean speakers. I tried to add comments in parentheses to indicate where in the video my translation was. Hope it was helpful. 🙂 I watched his video again at least another 5 times today. Sigh…I can never get enough of Seung Gi. It’s the effect he has on people.

    • Eva says:

      Thanks you so much jerseygirl0420 for the translation! This is the first time I’ve seen this video and how amazing that he looks like he never age at all! He really is such an inspiration and I laughed out loud when he had his heodang moment. His beautiful parents were really proud of him.

      • Hi Eva! You’re welcome. I totally agree with you and thought the same thing about his heodang moment. That’s what makes him so adorable and lovable. His parents are beautiful and his sister is so lucky to have an older brother like him! His entire family here in Korea must be so proud!

    • triangel25 says:

      Dear jerseygirl0420,

      Thank you so much for translating this video for us.
      I have watched this before, but I couldn’t understand what is SG talking about and what he is being asked etc..
      But thanks to you, finally I am able to understand it.
      Besides that, thanks also for your other translations works.. Although you are pretty busy with your job, but yet, you do managed some of your time to help us here to translate those articles/videos which are in Korean. Appreciate your hard-work a lot.
      Thanks for your understanding as well to us whom doesn’t know Korean but due to your love to SG, you are generously sharing everything you can with us..
      Millions of thanks to you..and looking forward to your other/coming/future translations~! =)

      • Thanks Triangel25,

        Your kind words mean a lot to me. I just do what I can and feel that if I have something that I can contribute to the forum like my understanding of the Korean language, then it will be an asset to others who do not understand SeungGi’s native language. If I can help people feel closer to him through my humble translations, then I am happy. Thank you again for your compliments. I am honored.

    • elvigallano says:

      my dear jerseygir0420, thanks a lot for this translation, oh my, his responses clearly shows his humility that is still outstanding up to this time, knowing how he is and how he keeps on improving…

  9. thank you very much for the translation.

  10. LSG says:

    Hi Jerseygirl, I enjoyed watching this video for many times since a year back without knowing what is Seunggi saying till today I read your translation. Thank you so much for your hard work as always!
    Thanks to Tryp, Seunggi & all lovely Airens! Fighting!

    • It’s a pleasure to meet you LSG! I’ve read your posts and it means a lot to me when people tell me that I was able to help them finally understand what was being said. I had no idea that my translations would be so helpful to so many people. Thanks for your comment and see you on the forum!


  11. judepps says:

    thank you so much Jerseygirl0420 for translating us the video..like others i saw these video before in YT but wasn’t able to understand what’s going on with the whole clip. I believe that this was along with his BL days & 1n2d days from 2009.. I consider this year as Seunggi’s golden days *dont misunderstand.. i don’t mean that today isn’t his* but i can still remember how he garnered and take home almost all the awards at this year, be it in music, variety and drama.. I mean all his project turned out well and his hard work has paid off and this year 2009..I knew old Airens will understand what i’m trying to say.. This was also a special year for me since it was 2009 in BL where i came to knew Him.. *still i can’t help but giggle every time im reminiscing the time i was first bewitch my his spell* kekeke.. his acting in BL let me discover him, yet it was in 1n2d that i fall in love with and his school credentials makes me even love him.. I’m full of envy how he managed to balance his schedule in entertainment industry at the same time going to school with out even missing his exams. no wonder he was able to graduate with high grades in just 4 years.. need to say more??.. Lucky parents to have Lee Seung Gi in the family.. Aren’t we lucky Airens??

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