[Eng] Lee Seung Gi “Being One-Top is not important; OK as long as I learn a lot”

Many thanks to jerseygirl0420 for bringing us another enlightening article!

Lee Seung Gi (age 26), who just wrapped up MBC’s ‘The Gu Family Book’, was filled with satisfaction. What he repeatedly said and showed through the glimmer in his eyes was how this drama was definitely different from his previous projects: MBC’s ‘The King 2 Hearts’ and SBS’s ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’. Ten years after debuting as a singer with eight years of experience as an actor, he said that he experienced a new world through this production.

He said, “While working on ‘The Gu Family Book’, I was able to feel and learn new things that I hadn’t known before. Now I know how acting feels and tastes and that is the reason why I wasn’t tired even though I didn’t get enough sleep.”

In this production, Lee Seung Gi met three ‘benefactors’. They were director Shin Woo Chul, screenwriter Kang Eun Kyung, and actor Lee Dong Geun. Lee Seung Gi collaborated with the Shin Woo Chul-Kang Eun Kyung combination for the first time and commented,”I thought to myself that (artistic) masters are different from others. It was an electrifying thrill.”

While filming, he learned from Lee Dong Geun the specific details that went into acting as well as the kind of attitude an actor should have. Lee Seung Gi said,”Lee Dong Geun sunbaenim was the first to approach me and give me advice after Lee Soon Jae teacher. I was sincerely thankful to him. He was someone who made me think a lot. In the past, if there was a crying scene I was satisfied as long as tears came out. However, after working with sunbaenim, being aware of what I was feeling as I was crying became important.”

-We heard that you always wanted to make a production with director Shin Woo Chul

“Yes. I really liked him. We fit well together while filming scenes. His personality or the viewpoint that he had for unraveling the drama, as well as the manly way he controlled the scenes, I liked everything. It was easy to understand him quickly because he had a definite style of directing. In the early stages of the drama, I had asked the director,”How would you evaluate my acting?” At that time, the director said it was a B+. Not knowing whether that was a good or bad score, I was thrown off balance until the director said,”There is no A in my book.” Also, actors that have received an A were mentioned and there really weren’t that many. After hearing that, I felt good. I was able to act with more self-confidence.”

-We heard that you learned many things while acting with Yoo Dong Geun

“There was a scene where Choi Kang Chi and Lee Soon Shin (Yoo Dong Geun) have a private conversation. Without me knowing, I was so focused that tears started flowing. At that time, Yoo Dong Geun sunbaenim was correcting the tone of the script that I had prepared and told me that since the screenwriter’s message to the viewers is contained in my script, I should perform it in a calm and composed manner. After hearing his words, without me knowing, I started tearing up as I was acting. Afterwards, whenever I acted with Yoo Dong Geun sunbaenim, I was able to focus my concentration really well. However, later on, when I wasn’t acting with him and it was with a different costar, I was still able to get a feel for what it was like when I acted with him.”

-Teamwork with Suzy

“Our teamwork was really good. Also, I was fond of Suzy. Even though she is the female lead, since she is very young, I did my best to look after her. Just like me, she is also a singer and an actress. I had the thought that the burden she is carrying is what I probably experienced. At the very least, I thought it would be nice if she could feel comfortable during the moments that she had to act with me.”

-Choi Kang Chi’s character had a strong cartoon element. Don’t you want to play a more weighty character?

“In the past, I wanted to do a drama that had a lot of weight. A drama where I could have charisma and one where my acting would appear to be good was something I liked. But, after listening to Yoo Dong Geun sunbaenim’s advice, my thoughts changed. Sunbaenim said that it’s natural for an actor to want to look cool, having charisma and being happy about it is also natural. However, he said that those are not always the right answers. He also said that if an actor is immersed in one color and charisma that become too strong, ultimately, the actor’s image gets trapped in it. I empathized with these words greatly. Now, I want to make viewers cry and feel touched by acting with my heart. I think that if I demanded an acting role with charisma during my 20’s, the opportunity to have a role that will make viewers cry would be lost.”

-You have received protection from your agency and family and are well brought up with an “umchinah” image. Don’t you want to break out of that mold?

“Although there are people who say that an actor can live a carefree life, I think differently. There are many kinds of actors. I believe that there are actors who possess the sensitivity that comes from being able to practice self-restraint. I’m an example of such a case. In addition, from a personal point of view, in order to maintain a life as a celebrity, a certain amount of maintenance and discretion is important. Jo Young Pil teacher, Lee Soon Jae teacher, and Lee Sun Hee teacher are masters that would not live recklessly.”

-Meanwhile, you’ve kept away from variety shows

“Including making the OST for the drama (GFB), there has never been a time when I have let go of music but for variety shows, I have had a break lasting over a year. I do have thoughts about doing a brand new variety show. In the meantime, there have been many offers from variety shows but while filming the drama (GFB), I didn’t have the time to do two things at once. Now, I’m in a state where thoughts about wanting to do a variety show occur very often. If I meet a variety show that is compatible with me, I believe a good energy would come out of it.

-Do you have any thoughts about taking on a movie? There is talk that you are very picky about the types of productions that you choose to take on.

“It’s not like that. I haven’t been able to do a movie yet due to the schedule of the drama that I chose first. Song Gwang Ho sunbaenim or Kim Yoon Suk sunbaenim, and director Bong Joon Ho are people whom I believe I can work alongside with and learn more about acting while shooting a film. To be honest, being one top is not at all important. Rather, I’d like to play a leading role that’s 2nd or 3rd in importance. I want to receive one-point lessons while making a movie with the masters. The electrifying thrill I felt while filming ‘The Gu Family Book’ is something I also want to feel again while shooting a movie.”

source: isplus via nate
English translation by jerseygirl0420, special contributor to Everything Lee Seung Gi

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25 Responses to [Eng] Lee Seung Gi “Being One-Top is not important; OK as long as I learn a lot”

  1. Agnez says:

    Indo Translate please!!!! 🙂

  2. says:

    Thanks guys for yours hard working for posting and translating all these interview.

  3. AIreN says:

    thank you, tryp and jerseygirl0420! as his prior interviews, his words are really meaningful and motivating! like he urges me to study more and more. He inspires me in many things. So proud to know him 😀

  4. dramaaddict says:

    We have best all-around entertainer, Trustworthy Actor and Director LSG soon. 😛

  5. judepps says:

    jerseygirl0420 thank you so much for sharing & translating this article for us..Seunggi never stop learning and obviously He loves to learn new things from his sunbae (reputable people in entertainment industry) as always.. Hope we can see him in on our screen monitors soon.. i just missed him in variety show.. hope he can find a good show that fits him ..i truly miss his Heodangness..

    • Hi judepps,

      Same here, due to my hectic work schedule as an English teacher and on call physician, I don’t have much time to watch variety shows so I’ve missed almost all of them while they aired. I wish I had been able to watch SeungGi when he was airing on TV. Thank God for the Internet since there are you tube videos of these episodes. His love for learning is part of his charm and he’s just a wonderful combination of Heodangness, a beautiful personality, manners, and handsomeness to the max! 🙂

  6. Cherrie Fab says:

    THANK YOU!!!

  7. LoveSG says:

    Thank you for posting the article and I feel very glad to know Seunggi has learnt so much things from Gu Family Book and he certainly has matured even more compared before. His humility is humbling for me and his perfect self-discipline allows him to “possess the sensitivity that comes from being able to practice self-restraint”.

    Without his perfect self-discipline, I wouldn’t be charmed by him =)

    • Hi LoveSG,

      I couldn’t agree with you more! Humility and self-discipline are his assets in addition to his handsome looks. That’s why he’s so charming and irresistable. His Heodang moments don’t hurt either, it helps us to remember that he’s also human as well.

      • yani says:

        the more I read his last interview, the more I proud with our wise SeungGi. Thanks jerseygirl for translating this article and for Tryp to keep updating all the news about SeungGi.
        @jerseygirl: agree with you about SeungGi’s heodang moment remind us he is a human as well. His heodang make him more adorable and adorkable in the same time lol, who can resist the complete charms like that *fangirling in the middle of the night*

        • LOL! I love how you just wrote “Adorkable”. It’s perfect for describing some of Seung Gi’s adorable moments. 🙂 I’m fangirling right now and it’s almost 1am Sunday night! So don’t feel ashamed. 🙂

          Take care!

  8. colorful says:

    he’s such a perfectionist !! he’s a director in the make ..
    mark my words .. one day maybe 10 years from now he’s
    gonna try it ..

  9. ojouika says:

    thank you tryp and jerseygirl0420.

  10. Miss Shahida says:

    I wonder what the next project after this….maybe we don’t know what role in another drama will be Seung Gi have….i’m sure he learn a lot in this drama, anyway, thanks jerserygirl0420 and tryp96 for always update…i really enjoy your article and also the translate with the article..i always waiting the news everyday about Seung Gi…and now i continue with my action research after i read this article….have a nice day tryp96,jerseygirl0420 and all Lee Seung Gi fans ^_^

  11. wulan says:

    thank u tryp n jersey girl… awesome article

  12. Rensha says:

    huwaaah thank you so much eon Tryp and eon jerseygirl0420 u’re awesome!!! great interview and his word still humble like usual ❤ ❤

  13. skaterjomag says:

    Amazing man, amazing personality, beautiful charms! Falls in love with him everyday, every minute and every second. Amazing interviews every time! ❤ 🙂 Thanks Tryp for posting & jerseygirl0420 for translating the article! 🙂 *hearts you two* Airens fighting!

  14. Dream says:

    With this kind of attitude and self discipline, SG’s life as a performer can last a long long time. We need good, positive examples like SG in this field. There are way too many celebrities that hold negative images. Thanks for sharing this positive energy.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Dream,
      I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s too bad that there aren’t any celebrities that uphold SeungGi’s cleancut and wholesome image. Because I admire him, I do my best to be a positive energy on this forum and in all areas of my life. His example has influenced my way of thinking and conducting myself in my everyday life as well. Kudos to tryp96’s dedication for bringing us these enlightening articles.

  15. Sorry Dream, I forgot to log in! I dislike hiding behind a keyboard as “anonymous” as I believe one should have the confidence to identify his or himself when expressing an opinion, no matter what the consequences to it may be.

  16. Erika says:

    Tryp96, thank you very much for posting. Jerseygirl0420, Thank you so very much for all your translations. I do appreciate so much as I really want to know anything that SeungGi says or anything about him. I was so happy and excited when I read that you speak Japanese because it means you can translate Japanese SeungGi news. 🙂 I’m sorry that others don’t appreciate your hard work. Please don’t be disheartened. There are lots of Airens like me who appreciate your contribution to this blog.

    I just wish that being fans of SeungGi, we learn and try to emulate his good attitude. Aren’t we attracted to him most because of his attitude and great personality? He said in the interview that he’s a kind of actor that practice self-restraint. If only most if not all of us Airens can emulate this, then there would be no misunderstanding and bashing. I’ve learned long time ago that it’s best not to write to anybody or do anything when you’re angry because it will just lead you to trouble or embarrassment. Unsolicited advice to whom it may concern, please don’t write anything to anybody when you’re angry. It won’t do you any good. Also, jealousy and envy are not good for our heart and body.
    James 3:16 For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice.
    Proverbs 14:30 A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh, but envy makes the bones rot.

    In addition, when we visit somebody’s house and we don’t like the other guests attitude or whatever they say or do, are we suppose to berate or embarrass them in front of the home owner? Aren’t we suppose to just leave quietly if we can’t stand them so as not to stir trouble? This is a home created by Tryp96 for all Airens to visit and enjoy, please let us not give her problem. Let us show our appreciation by behaving good-naturedly while here.

    Peace to all. 🙂 Let us enjoy our stay in this awesome home.

    • Thanks Erika for your show of support and kind words. I have gotten a private email back from tryp apologizing on behalf of everyone who bashed me yesterday. Your Bible quotes are true and Jesus couldn’t have said it better. My only intention is to help, but unfortunately because of all the negative comments towards me, my translation to the clip had to be taken down as well, since some people didn’t like the fact that I can speak English, Korean, Japanese, and Spanish. Well, I only had good intentions when I posted that translation, and it’s a shame that tryp had to be the one to check out IP addresses and identify the people involved, many of them belonging to established members of this forum who logged in as “anonymous”, which is a shame. When I post, I do so under my screen name instead of hiding behind a keyboard as “anonymous”. Tryp is truly a gracious host and has created an amazing blog. I truly hope that everyone can get along. That is my one and only wish for all of us Seung Gi fans here.

      All the best and take care!

      • yani says:

        I know it’s impossible to avoid heated arguements as all of us have freedom to express our opinion and our opinions reflected our true self. However, sometimes we forget that words sometimes sharper than the knives and as someone mentioned it before there are people behind the keyboards who get hurt with what we wrote in here.
        I might be naive but I view us as a big family who love and support SeungGi under this lovely blog. Same as a real family, we have different personalities and preferences. All those differences might drift us into heated arguements once in awhile, but I wish we remember the main reasons that we come together is to support SeungGi.

        • That’s what I thought until the vicious attack I received yesterday. 😦 I also thought that we were bound by our love and support for Lee Seung Gi. If anyone was offended by past comments that I made, it was unintentional and for that, I apologize. I intend to make peace with all of you. I wish for all of us to get along and not fight. Let us keep this in mind and in the future, everything I post will be strictly Lee Seung Gi related. I hope those who criticized me will also be able to do the same. Peace.

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