Lee Seung Gi “Ideal type? It’ll be a little difficult if she’s 10 years older?”

source: asiae via naver

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How many pics did they take that day 😀

  2. English translation in progress. Will be up soon.

    • Erika says:

      Jerseygirl0420, thanks in advance. I look forward to reading it. 🙂

      Tryp, thanks for posting. 🙂

    • dramaaddict says:

      Still waiting and getting excited for your translation. Cos I am anxious to find out whether I am SG’s ideal type or somewhere near his ideal type. Haha in my dreams.
      Take your time and tks. 😛

    • Here is the English translation I promised. I appreciate everyone’s patience. Enjoy!

      Lee Seung Gi has returned from being a half human-half beast to a human again. The romantist who was about to throw his life away if it was for the sake of the person he loved now had the look of someone who had some room in his mind after having just finished wrapping up his most recent project. The Lee Seung Gi who had to endure the sweltering summer heat in his only costume and ran through the mountains appeared looking sharp and tidy as he met Choi Jae Jin and began his interview.

      Lee Seung Gi, who played the role of Choi Kang Chi, in MBC’s Monday/Tuesday drama ‘The Gu Family Book’ which ended on the 25th of last month, looked back upon the past three months and said “I feel it ended well.” He said that he was fiercely determined not to lose his focus until the very end of filming. “That was a bit difficult,”he said as he began to open up the interview. As a singer and an actor who has established a firm foothold, I met with Lee Seung Gi and shared a frank conversation about music and dating.

      ◆ In the next saguek, definitely a high status role

      Lee Seung Gi’s role of Choi Kang Chi was a half-beast, half-human born to a gumiho and a human. Born without even knowing what his father and mother looked like, Choi Kang Chi was abandoned in a river and was named accordingly. Nevertheless, due to the fact that this was a fantasy saguek genre, Choi Kang Chi didn’t have to be bound to the caste system. Rather, refreshing dialogue that isn’t in a usual traditional saguek is spoken through Lee Seung Gi’s lips to the small screen where viewers get presented with an unconventional delight.

      “Because I didn’t know very much, I was able to appear in it. However, now that I’ve done it once, the next time, unconditionally, a high ranking social status would be nice. To begin with, I realized that sitting on top of something was comfortable. Choi Kang Chi’s social status was low so there were many scenes where he had to kneel. As a result, my knees have gotten in bad shape. That is why if I have the chance to be in another sageuk, it would be nice if I can definitely have a high social status.”

      Because it was a fantasy sageuk genre, the drama had brilliant scenes appear throughout. Especially whenever Choi Kang Chi exhibited his powers as a mythical creature, such as scenes with a mystical feel were also able to be created. Lee Seung Gi was able to tell me entertaining anecdotes about what he had to endure while filming.

      “There was a scene where you had to move instantaneously. Do you know how they are filmed? Only the start of the scene is done quickly and you have to walk slowly for the rest of the scene. Later on, that scene is edited so that it plays quickly. But the walking part is extremely embarrassing. It’s also funny. Still, this time, I got to try it once so next time, I think I will be able to do it better.

      In the meantime, although many productions have had female gumihos appear frequently, male gumihos haven’t even left a trace that could be found. Although they can be seen everywhere in cartoons and comics, it has been especially difficult to find such a character in a drama genre. Due to this, Lee Seung Gi also had a difficult time finding a production that he was able to work on before shooting started. However, thanks to the screenwriter’s writing power, he was able to act as the character Choi Kang Chi without difficulty.

      ◆ From actor to singer…Suzy is walking the same path as I did

      “I gave Suzy many pieces of advice about dramas and acting since she is my junior and has had a limited amount of experience. Fortunately, she was able to carry out the character of Dam Yeo Wool really well. Also, we communicated with each other often. ‘I think this is a good look in your eyes’ or ‘Don’t you think it would be better to interpret it like this? were some things we’d say. Suzy is now 20 years old (Korean age) and instead of being happy about gaining popularity, it is a time where she will feel her body taking a toll. That was something that was similar to me (at her age). Suzy’s flexibility is her good friend. Sure enough, she also did a good job.”

      ◆ Ideal type? A kind heart and someone who doesn’t make those around her feel uncomfortable

      Lee Seung Gi now plans on shooting the CFs that have been backed up after having successfully wrapped up filming. Because it was a sageuk and my physical image during that time didn’t fit the part, I couldn’t do any commercials. Presently, Lee Seung Gi and Suzy are CF models who are in the spotlight. Recently, in one survey, they ranked #1 among celebrities who made the most favorable impression as CF models. Indeed, what can his secret be?

      “Well. I don’t really know. If I did know the secret, wouldn’t I be shooting CF’s all my life? (laughter) To be honest, I have never been fixated upon being #1 in likeability because it can always change. However, it does make me feel good. Also, because the people ranked with me are distinguished, I feel all the more happy.”

      Lee Seung Gi debuted as a singer and by widened his scope by becoming an actor, he won the hearts of “Noona fans”. Through the song ‘Because you’re my woman’, Lee Seung Gi came into sudden prominence in the music industry. Afterwards, through various dramas, Lee Seung Gi slowly gained his acting ability and before anyone knew it, through viewership ratings, he even established himself as an offical box hit. Any drama that spreads the news of Lee Seung Gi’s appearance undoubtedly gathers great attention before it is aired. However, his wish to do music and acting side by side is a difficult secret that he keeps.

      Suzy Bae, with whom he teamed up in a drama this time, also is in the same circumstance. She has reached a high point in her popularity as a member of a girl idol group. Alongside with acting, Suzy Bae has now established herself as a top star. Her first movie debut work also gathered an audience of over 5,000,000. Even on the small screen, she has been revealing a definite presence. For her, all sorts of love calls from CF’s have constantly been coming in. When watching Suzy, Lee Seung Gi, for some unknown reason, can’t help but feel a sense of kinship.

      Lee Seung Gi, who is 27 years old this year, was asked if he had thoughts about dating. Then Lee Seung Gi answered,”Even with a busy schedule, everyone has been dating. I think it’s an excuse to say that I can’t date because I didn’t have time. Of course, I want to date. In addition, I have thoughts of wanting a serious relationship.”

      “During filming, there was a time when Sung Joon, who played the role of Gon, Lee Sang Hyung, and I had a conversation. Now that I think about it, I think Lee Sang Hyung kept changing. I think he changes every two years. When I was young, there was a time when definitely being pretty was my criteria. However, now I don’t think that just being pretty will satisfy me. I would like it if she had a kind heart and didn’t make people around her feel uncomfortable. Also, I said in the past that a senior with a 10 year age gap was alright with me, but now I think 10 years is a bit too difficult for me. (laughter)”

      When Lee Seung Gi, who is now planning his Asia tour, was asked what his dream was, he replied, “to last a long time”. He added,”Doing variety shows and music is really fun. If my stamina allows it, I would like to work as long as possible. Just like now, without allowing myself to lose track would be good.”

      “Even though one may take one path, there are many people who bear the artisan spirit. Among singers, Lee Sun Hee, Jo Yong Pil sunbaenim, among actors, Lee Soon Jae, Park Geun Hyung, and Shin Gu are such people. I want to act well and play music with depth. Also, it would be preferable if Lee Seung Gi’s output were something that I would not be ashamed of.”

    • English translations posted. Thanks for your patience. My computer crashed so it took longer than usual. Enjoy! Please excuse the typos. I have sent an edited copy to tryp to upload later.

      • dramaaddict says:

        Thks. You must be loving every part of SG’s interview while translating. 😛
        His interviews always come with such sincerity, humility, honesty, caring, depth and length. Athough I don’t mind the length but poor jerseygirl0420. How not to love him even more as days go by?
        SG, I agree, I would love to see you return to variety one day soon and wish that could start dating soon too. Probably your dream girl is out somewhere when you open your eyes. 😛

        • I sure do! 🙂 I just felt bad that I couldn’t get this out to everyone sooner. But now that it’s uploaded, I hope everyone will get the gist of the article despite the typos. I started working on this late last night and early this morning before my computer crashed. I hope Seung Gi will find his dream girl too. Seung Gi-ya, it’s too bad that I am in the 10 year age gap category, but I send you my best wishes in finding your soulmate. You deserve the best!

          • yani says:

            lol jerseygirl, while you are fell in the 10 year age gap category, I fell into a lil bit over 10+ year. But it won’t stop us to adore this young guy name LeeSeungGi. Again, thanks for the nice translation ^^

            • My pleasure Yani. I know, LOL. I even had this wish that I could subtract ten years from my current age and then I would “qualify” to be in his age group. LOL. I think it’s every fan girl’s dream, but age won’t stop any of us from adoring him! 🙂 He’s irresistable. Even my 87 year old grandmother likes him.

  3. cherry says:

    thankYou tryp,,,im really confused…how many pic and interview they take??? it’s new???

    • Hi cherry,

      This is an article from June 26th that tryp had posted on her blog. I sent her English translations so she just reuploaded an English version of the same interview. They did take many pictures that day, by looking at several different articles from different news agencies, I would say over 15, probably more including shots not used in the articles.

  4. Shey says:

    Thanks jerseygirl for translating the article and sharing it with us 🙂

  5. seunggicharm says:

    Thank you so so much jerseygirl0420! We are really grateful for all your hard work and same with the other contributors of tryp eonni here.^^ You guys are very generous to us.^^
    So love what he said in this interview!^^

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