Gu Family Book OST


01. My Eden – 이사벨 (YISABEL)

02. 사랑이 아프다 – 이상곤(노을) Love Hurts – Lee Sang Gon (Noel)

03. 봄비 – 백지영 Spring Rain – Baek Ji Young

04. 잘 있나요 – 더원 How Are You – The One

05. 나를 잊지 말아요 – 수지(miss A) Don’t Forget Me – Suzy

06. 마지막 그 한마디 – 이승기 The Last Words – Lee Seung Gi

07. 너 하나야 – 포맨 Only You – 4 Men

08. 나의 사랑비가 되어줄래 – 신재 Will You Be My Love Rain – Shin Jae

09. 사랑이 불어온다 – 이지영(빅마마) Love is Blowing – Lee Ji Young (Big Mama)

10. 봄비(Acoustic Ver) – 백지영 Spring Rain – Baek Ji Young

11. 내 안의 낙원 – 이사벨 Paradise in Me – Yisabel

12. 구가의 서 – V.A Gu Family Book


01. 천국의 문 The Gates of Heaven

02. 비조 Flying Bird

03. The Life and Myth

04. The Land of Idea

05. 염주 팔찌 Prayer Beads Bracelet

06. About Death

07. 예뻤구만 It Was Beautiful

08. The Death Road March

09. Angry fox

10. 달빛 정원 Moonlight Garden

11. 반인반수 Half Human Half Beast

12. Root of Evil

13. The Rough Breath

14. Sympathy

15. Kill That Beowolf

16. 신수의 폭주 Mystical Beast’s Rampage

17. Root of Evil (Piano Ver.)

18. Before The Storm

19. 여우와 춤을 Dances With Foxes

20. Fill sorrow

21. Red Sun

22. Eagle Fly Free

23. Libera Me

24. Tears of Flower

25. 회란초 Hoi Ran Cho

26. The Death Road March (Piano & Scat Story)

27. 구가의서 Piano Story(Piano By 윤한 Yoon Han) Gu Family Book Piano Story

28. 해학의 서 Book of Humor

29. 짧은 인연 Fleeting Destiny

30. 눈물의 노래 Song of Tears

31. 취혼주 Chui Hon Joo (poisonous liquor)

32. Evil Eyes

source: baidu tieba
English translation:

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30 Responses to Gu Family Book OST

  1. evagi says:

    sorry i want to ask,im so curious about the shin jae’s ost..which episode that ost is for?
    btw,thanks for sharing the link tryp eonnie ^_^

  2. Miss Shahida says:

    thanks tryp96 for sharing the link….its very special song for this drama….i also like the instrument of this drama, for example instrumental secret which always very nice to hear although it just an instrument…maybe some of the fans for this drama have the instrument…by the way, thanks again tryp96 ^_^

    • Miss Shahida says:

      ok…i don’t realized this is also have an instrumental….i;m really sorry…:):):) by the way, thanks again….

  3. Lior says:

    Thank you very much!
    I want the music when yeo wool is running in the end of ep 14, I can’t find it ):

  4. awas ada sule says:

    i’m not really sure, but i guess i have ever read something on your blog about GFB ost before, and you mentioned that they didn’t put a seunggi’s song on it.. i mean this is talking about a different CD or they already fix it.. if you don’t mind, can you tell me.. thanks tryp

  5. Mara Joya says:

    i’m glad you posted this. I cant seem to find SeungGi’s song from the ost on itunes. There’s almost every other song EXCEPT his. That’s really annoying…

  6. Ibonita says:

    So, I know BabyMyLove (SeungGi) is in Hawaii, but, has anybody heard anything? I know he’s taking the time off too…but, what is he doing???? hahahahaha…’ll be nice if someone could put up pics of him……pleeeeeease….

  7. ardani R says:

    did someone know about instrumental title when the first meeting kangchi and yeowool in peach blossom? thx
    sorry for my bad english

  8. Mai Thao says:

    Thank you so much for the OSTs. Love every one of them. Makes me miss the drama just listening to it 😦

  9. ruffa says:

    Hello, I really like your blog, by the way…for those who wants to download the OST CD 2…you can get it here

  10. aska adikara says:

    Hai thanks for the Song of OST Gu Family Book, i really2 like the Movie and OST of Course…
    Suzy Bae very talented she is a singer, actress, dancer etc and she is sweet, and Lee Seung Gi as well Handsome and very good actor, very good acting to them both.
    thanks for the Song, i Love all the songs…

  11. emi says:

    thx for link download,,
    ump, but i cant find theme song here,,
    when KC vs ma bong chool,, sounds like spanish music with guitar and violin.
    anybody knew?

    sorry for my bad english,,

  12. Anonymous says:

    Love Love , Thank you

  13. TriJuan Jan says:

    where can i download the complete OST of Gu Family Book like in this page?

  14. Hi. Am really look for sound music at time when kang chai present a map to admiral lee and sharif master with head of giesa. Pls guide me thanks alot.

  15. Hi. I really want the sound when kang chia present a stolen Map to Admiral lee and master of Sharif Academy ar giasen house

  16. Victor Oloyede says:

    I want the real theme song where a beat is usually played.This song was mostly played in the entire drama,it was first i

  17. Derrick says:

    This song is good at school

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