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Heritory ‘by Lee Seung Gi’ Part 2

The Heritory manager posted more pictures with more details.

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Heritory launches new clothing line ‘by Lee Seung Gi’

This is quite amazing!

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13.07.03 Cartier Show Press Photos 3 – Lee Seung Gi

These are actually published in the Esquire High Cut magazine a dclsg fan saw by chance while looking to buy the Esquire magazine today. As for the Hawaii photoshoot in Esquire, the Korean fans are requesting people NOT to post … Continue reading

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Esquire Magazine Sneak Preview – Lee Seung Gi

OK, I thought we were not supposed to post pictures from the magazine yet, since the magazine just came out today, and the Korean fans wanted to keep up the suspense for the people who haven’t bought it yet. But … Continue reading

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