Lee Seung Gi, #1 celebrity who’s likely the strongest in brain battles

Netizens have picked singer/actor Lee Seung Gi as the celebrity who will likely be the strongest in a battle of the brains.

In a survey, “Which celebrity will likely be the strongest in a battle of the brains?” conducted by a community portal site, ‘DC Inside’, from July 30 to August 6, Lee Seung Gi took the 1st place, receiving 37.1% (786 out of 2117 votes) of the support.

Lee Seung Gi was accepted by Dongguk University through rolling admission, and despite his busy schedule, he was actively engaged in college life, and he has completed his master’s course in international commerce at DongGuk graduate school, and he’s currently working on a master’s degree in cultural contents; he’s the representative umchinah in the entertainment industry. Besides his earnest juggling of activities as a singer and an actor, he’s acknowledged for his vigorous self management that leaves no room for scandals.

#2 John Park 17.1%
#3 No Hong Chul 9.5%
#4 Infinite’s Sunggyu
#5 Epik High’s Tablo
#6 Kim Jung Hoon

source: chosun via nate
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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