Choi Kang Chi Fan Merchandise Giveaway For Airens

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Several weeks ago, when I posted pictures of these fan merchandise designed by geniusSYYS, many of you expressed interest in them. Well, here comes your chance to get your hands on them, thanks to a very kind and generous fan in Sydney who wishes to remain anonymous. She has ordered 5 extra sets as a gift to this blog. Each set consists of 4 stickers and 3 ear caps.

If you would like to participate, please share with us where you’re from, how you became a fan of SeungGi, and what you like about KangChi. (This may seem like a lot of work, but it’ll help us get to know our fellow fans better. :P) You can write however long or short you’d like. I’ll be gone on a trip for the next few days, so I’ll give you plenty of time to make your entries. The deadline is 11:59pm PST on August 21, a week from today. Five winners will be picked randomly.

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68 Responses to Choi Kang Chi Fan Merchandise Giveaway For Airens

  1. Feng Ye says:

    Hi, I am from Singapore.
    I started liking Lee Seung Gi after watching Gu Family Book. I was touched by the character he acted in the drama and I would say that it is the way that he expressed his emotions and feelings that really touched me. And he really did a good job in portraying the character which eventually ended up with me being a crazy fan of his now.
    After the drama, I started to find out more information about him from the internet. And only then, I realised that he is so charismatic and his personality is so outgoing which I failed to notice it when I first watched ‘Brilliance Inheritance’. It is such a pity that I must have missed out a lot to grow together with him over all these years.

    And in Gu Family Book, the part that touches me the most was when Kang Chi realises that it is the father of the girl he loves who killed his father 20 years ago and went to look for him. And when the girl and the others rushed back to find Kang Chi standing outside of the house with his hands filled with blood, the girl ignored him and rushed into the house to find her father. When she realised that Kang Chi did nothing to harm her father except breaking the sword into 2 pieces, she rushed out to look for Kang Chi. So when Kang Chi walked past her, I thought that he was really mad at her but then, he turned back and hugged her from behind asking her not to do it again. I was so touched at that moment. I guess that made me fall so deeply in love with him.

  2. halo apa kabar? hello, how r u? yes, im from indonesia 😉 just try my luck here, have a problem with my earphone now keke ^^V
    start loving him in brilliant legacy, episode 7 minute 26 when he is in karaoke singing “cry out shout out” live~ for the 1st time i saw him so alive when singing, i start to google him and found your blog tryp keke~ and visiting your blog everyday in the morning for me is like drinking a cup of coffee to start my day keke. watching his acting from brilliant legacy, my girl friend is a gumiho, the king 2 heart and kangchi the beginning~ growing much much much better! esp kangchi~ what i like about kangchi, he is more human than the human itself and trough him i learn how to respect life more.

  3. esi says:

    hy my name is esi,i’m from Indonesia. I’m starting to like lee seung gi since watching the drama brilliant legacy. practically love at first sight haha drama that’s because I started liking Korean drama and that’s because I first bought the cassette korea .. the same love seung gi after watching the drama plays later and knew lee seung gi personality of the show 1 night 2 days . he has a very good personality and good very smart and friendly. he had an aura that not everyone has. only this time with an actor I idolized until it feels really really in love and really want to have it hahah not an impossible thing?

    and about gu family book, truly magical drama that can get people to fantasize, at the end of the story that is not expected. choi kang chi lived until 2013 haha very cool. whether kang chi would be human after he met with reincarnation yeo wool? whether he would live to Indonesia and will be until next year. it was my imagination haha love lee seung gi more and more ^^

  4. Rensha says:

    huwaaaah thank you so much for the chance eonni,, i really admire fan art by GeniusSYS-nim~ hope i will luck enough to get them ❤ ❤

    So, Let's story begin.. I know Lee Seung Gi for 1st time when i watch Brilliant Legacy airing on my country, Indonesia in early 2010.. But for the 1st time I don't really give my attention for that drama~ i think it's rarely for a drama Korea choose 'average-face with lil bit big nose' man as their lead actor ( i think it's my karma~ now i'm really crazy bout this man.. kekeke) why i say he has ordinary face because in Indonesia get a 'BBF Disease' at that time, so i just know Korean actor is superb handsome like those F4 member (another my 'wrong' opinion before i get exposed by SeungGi's spell ;D)

    Just like that I wasn't too concerned with the Brilliant Legacy drama till one time i go to an internet cafe and coincidentally I heard a korean song played in winamp playlist~ 1st time i heard the singer voice i really love it although i don't understand the lyric ❤ but the singer voice really amaze me that's time especially bcoz he's solo singer not a boyband.. when search on the playlist i found out the title song is 'Let's Break Up' and the singer name is 'Lee Seung Gi'!!
    With a rush i start to googling him and i found out his basic information from wikipedia and i extremely surprised when know he is lead actor of Brilliant Legacy!! since then i start to watch brilliant legacy and searched all about him~ and be crazy about him till now ^^ and he is typical person who can makes you love him more when know him more, So.. Let's be an Airen Forever (^-^)/*

    i think my story was long enough but still need to answer eonni Tryp question.. kekeke 😉
    Q: what you like about KangChi??
    A: i love KangChi sincerity.. his sincere to help the other, protect his loves and always try his best till the end~ i think it was make him more 'human' than human itself..

    Yapp that's all~ hope i wouldn't make u bored with my loong comment,, kekeke..
    thank u so much for the chance eonni~ Airens Hwaiting (^-^)9

  5. graciabellsg says:

    a pleasant day to all! im grace from the philippines. the very first time i saw lee seung gi was during the philippine airing of shining inheritance or brilliant legacy. at first, the stars didn’t made an impact on me but because the storyline was really interesting i managed to watch it every night. until there was a scene wherein seung gi sang, and i told myself this actor can sing and act as well. so i paid extra attention to him until i found myself hooked. we don’t have an internet connection at that time hence, no chance for a follow up and to know more about the star and relied on the next aquisition of lee seung gi dramas. then there’s mgiag, an internet connection 😀 and tk2h, most especially, where i earned a lot of beautiful and nice friends in and out of our country. this particular experience is so new to me but the feeling is indescribable, especially talking all about seung gi almost 24/7 on the net! this is my very first time to follow, love, support, adore and defend a foreign star.
    It very hard to be an actor, mc, singer and an endorser but seung gi managed to be on top. why? because apart from his fame, there is a simple young man who does what he wants to keep us happy. particularly, he connects to his fans and also non-fans effectively through his songs. there was an event in my life where i almost gave up when my father fought for his life, im an only daughter, though i already have my own family, im the only one my father had. my mother passed away 7 years ago. during those lowest times, and all alone in the hospital, i find myself comforted by seung gi’s 5.5 mini album songs. day and night, whenever i want to forget a little, i play his songs. he’s right, that album is different because it really heals. after listening to it, new hope comes and i can think straight on what could be the possible options for my father to prolong his life. seung gi’s song was like an oxygen, when i can’t breathe.
    so now, i treat seung gi not as a star but as a very good friend, and always wishes him to have good health and happy life. the path he chose is not easy, but because he has a great heart, success always find him. no wonder. effortlessly, his fans grew bigger and bigger in numbers.
    i wish he could visit our country and meet him, to personally thank him for helping me get through with my father’s battle. i know he will be surprised, but he saved a life. 🙂

  6. graciabellsg says:

    oh im sorry i forgot about kang chi. what i like most about him? he’s a very determined person, perseverance is his game, he’s pure and selfless. but he’s not the type of person you would want to mess up with. 😀

  7. leyzlie says:

    I’m leslie from the philippines,. i admire a star who is known for having no detractors before and i don’t even know his name yet.. I just know he is in Chil Princesses at that time and i kept watching this drama airing in our country. Then comes Shining Inheritance, here comes Hwan who again captures my attention. I noticed, he is the same star from the previous and i suddenly got curious.. Upon searching, I discover that he is the star I am admiring all this time.. The the next is history in my fandom in him.. As time pass, my admiration for this star grew larger.. I specially love him singing. His being humble and lovable to people makes me like him even more.
    What I like about KangChi, he is a man who will put efforts for the sake of his loved ones.. selfless man and strong willed person..

  8. Peiyi~ says:

    How I became a fan of seung gi and why I love kangchi.

    I am from Singapore.
    I started to become a fan of him when I watched “My girlfriend is a Gumiho”. At first, I wasn’t a crazy fan of him yet. But as I watched his dramas such as The King2Hearts and Gu family Book over the years, I found that he had improved a lot in terms of acting skills throughout the years!! This led me to his singing career and I found out he actually has a really good voice^^ And then after he released his new album “Forest”, I was very impressed that he even beat Psy in the music charts! He was in the first place for 6 consecutive weeks!! This made me feel even more proud of him 😀 I went on to watch his variety shows such as “Strong heart” and “2 days 1 night”. I found that he has an easy-going and friendly personality! He is also very humble 🙂 I am really surprised and proud at how he manages to handle his studies and at the same time his variety shows, dramas and singing. This made me want to meet him in real life and I started being a crazy fan xD

    I love how he manages to portray KangChi’s character so well and emotional even when he does not have any past dramas to refer to! He manages to use his tears and emotions to touch the audience :3 This is also his first action historical drama and he faired so well in it! I love how he manages to bring out his emotions so well that even I, who do not cry easily when watching dramas, cry so much when watching his acting 🙂 I also love how he manages to let the other co-stars shine and does not take the whole stage by himself like other actors. This made the drama even more interesting! And after all the praises by the public and the media, he is still so humble in saying that he still has a lot to improve on and him being able to potray his character so well is all thanks to the director!!!

    I especially love the part where Yeol Woo was going to be killed by Wol Ryung and after he saved her, he realised how important Yeol Woo was to him and that he did not want to lose her. And kissed her!!!! :DDD

    But the sad thing is, after 2 years, Is still have not had the chance to meet him in real life as I am still a student in secondary school. I have been saving up money to buy tickets to his fanmeet! Heheee… this is how I became a fan of him and why I love Kangchi so much!

  9. shalayka says:

    Mabuhay! Greetings from the Philippines. First of all I would like to thank the very generous Airen and you Tryp for giving us the opportunity to have this merchandises. And I also want to apologize if this comment would be long. I don’t want to bore everyone but I can’t help but to tell my story so long. 😀

    I think, I can say that my fandom to him is the epitome of the quotation “The more you hate, the more you love.” Don’t worry I’m not an anti-fan and I don’t spazz or post bad things about him. I just keep my hate on myself.And I hope you don’t get angry to me huh.
    But I really didn’t hate him the moment I first saw him. Apparently I liked him when I first catch a glimpse of him when his drama, ‘Chill Princesses’, aired here in the Philippines way back 2008, I think. I just accidentally saw him on tv while looking for a good show to watch. And when I saw him I was like, “Oh he’s kinda cute! I mean he’s the most good looking guy on that show! I just wish that every guy on that drama should be as cute as him.” After that, Whenever I am watching the show he’s the only one that I was looking for. I don’t even pay attention on the television, it is only open and I am doing my projects, and the moment I hear the voice of the guy who’s dubbing him,I was so super alert and my full attention was on the TV, then when he’s gone,back to work. But at that time, I don’t know his name, and I’m still not a fan of him.I just adore him seeing on my TV.
    Then when his second drama, ‘Shining Inheritance’ aired here in the Philippines, that’s my hate or should I say the time I didn’t like him started. That drama apparently aired to the channel that I really hate.So I didn’t watch that show at all, when it aired here. And aside from that, I have a ‘BOF disease’ so my support is on the other show. When I’m catching a glimpse of him, like its preview clip was airing, I was like “Why is that guy the lead actor? I mean he’s not that very handsome and his nose is big. And then his character there is really mean? Does he have a bad hair day? And the scarf, is he a sailor or something? Why?” (Oh my after writing those, I feel like I’m really mean to him, and judged him in a mean way. Sorry, please don’t angry to me.) At that time I really don’t remember that he’s the guy I’m admiring on ‘Chil Princesses’. But I don’t know, I feel like he has some spell casting on me. Every time I change my channel then watched the preview vid for the next episode, I’m always finding myself just staring at him and smiling. Then later on I would shake my head and tell to myself, ‘why are you watching that guy?! You don’t like him.”. I was in the ‘in-denial’ stage that I like him back then. So whenever I see him, I feel irritated and feel like changing the channel, though it would still take too long before I change my channel because, yes! I’m staring at him. haha So since that time, I really didn’t like him, because I’m convincing myself that you shouldn’t like that guy. I was like fighting at his spell because I don’t want to fall to that smile.
    But all those hate, my irritability to him were washed away after watching MGIAG. And finally I lost on his spell. I am really knocked-out on his smile and the other things I learned about him. Since then I become a fan of him, and the major turn on to me is that he can sing so well! And his intelligence in 1n2d. And what close the deal is when he answered a bar exam question and his song Will you Marry Me. I was really thankful to him that through him, I’m able to meet fellow fans that were, just like me, spazzing about him almost everyday. (hello LSG Philippines! haha) And through his interviews, it was like I already have an older brother. It’s just that I’m the eldest I think that’s why. His sincere answers, witty remarks and mature mindset inspire me to study harder. It was like I’m having a drink with him and he’s giving me good advises while reading his interviews.

    Now, for the magic question. XD what I did like about Kang Chi is that his character reflects the sincerity that I can feel from LSG. The loyalty and love for the people around him, though he is hurting is like the love of LSG to us his, fans, his family and his agency which I can feel from him. I can feel that living a life of a celebrity is really hard and he need to sacrifice a lot though maybe at times he’s already hurting.And I think it reflected well because LSG oppa nailed the role. Aside from that I also liked Kang Chi’s strong will. From those hardships he’d been through, he’d still able to smile and focus more on his goals. To protect those he love.

    (Sorry if it’s too long. But I still hope you enjoyed my story of how I become a fan. And again thank you Tryp and the very generous fan. Fighting!!)

  10. Tam says:

    Hi, I am Vietnamese but I’ve been living in Singapore for about 6 years.
    I became Lee Seung Gi’s fan since his debut with the song “You are my women”. I remembered singing along to this song all day long…I can still remember the lyrics perfectly (I believe 😁) . I was crazy about 1N2D too…I watch every single episode which Seung Gi appeared in and save all of them (i have to bought a hard drive for 1N2D. And one day I accidentally deleted all of it…you know Win8 have a function to delete files permanently without them being move to recycle bin? I didn’t know about it at first so…all were gone 😫…I cried for awhile and star to search for a software that can recover deleted files…luckily I found one and got back most of them 😂)
    Oh back to the main topic haha…I watched every single shows/drama that Seung Gi appeared in but still can’t get enough of his awesomeness 😍. Therefore when there was a new about his fan meet in Singapore last year, I jumped for joy and ask my bro to Q for the ticket for me 😁 because I had a school activity on that day and couldn’t skip it…
    So I went to the fan meet…OMG he is freaking handsome and cute in person ( I got to took photo sitting next to him 😁) it is a memories that I won’t ever forget!
    Oh and what I like about KangChi? Well…basically everything 😁hahaha. He is perfect for the role…one moment he made me cried and the next moment I find myself laughing my head off…hahaha…and some how I find that KangChi’s personality is very similar to Seung Gi’s…it’s my opinion 😉
    Well to sum this up, I just want to make this particular point clear…hahaha…: I LOVE SEUNG GI FOREVER!!!
    Ps: Pls ignore my gramma…and this is the longest comment I’ve ever post online!

  11. Josh says:

    Hi. I’m from Thailand.

    I became Seunggi’s fan since early 2012 when I took notice of him on Allkpop. At first I saw him as an actor and “the guy on Strong Heart”, but I eventually found out that he was also a singer. I then downloaded his songs according to the discography on Wikipedia. I was then attached to songs like “Alone in Love”, “Let’s Break Up”, “White Lie”, “Because You’re my Woman”, etc. Fortunately, I bought all of Seunggi’s original albums (“Dream of a Moth” to “Tonight”) from Yesasia. Then came this drama called “The King 2Hearts”, which I admit I check Viki’s live feed every 2 minutes while doing work. Meanwhile, I also downloaded other dramas Seung Gi acted in. Later on, I also got Seung Gi’s 5.5 mini album too! This year, it was very lucky for me to meet him in his first fanmeet in Bangkok, and that’s my story. I admire Seung Gi a lot.

    What I like about KangChi is the image he portrays: loyalty and love, along with willing to sacrifice for others. That’s what I like about him.

  12. yasmin says:

    hello, iam from INDIA.. iam stress buster i was going through you tube for some korean songs,since my childhood i love korea very much.i even learned some korean language.then i heard invite song iwas totally soothed then i googled about first i thought he was just next door singer,but day by day as i came to know him i became totally head over heels over him.
    later i watched all his dramas. i loved MGIG very much,now daily routine i watch MGIG FOR 15-20 cell phone has lee seung gi ya photos and songs,.
    presently iam working in NICU,in afternoon i play lee seung gi sons,my staff does not know korean.initially they said boring,but they are also enjoying laptop desktop wallpaper is full of leeseung gi ya.iam you tube lee seung gi’s 2 days 1 night show clippings,
    i totally love his nature attitude and his brightest smile.

  13. Mirian Gonzalez says:

    Hello there! My name is Mirian and I am from Venezuela, I’m a great fan of Kmusic, Kdramas, Kculture and generally K-EVERYTHING >.< I heard and read Lee Seung Gi's name a lot, and It was OK… But I really liked Lee SeungGi when I started watching The King 2 Hearts, and everything about him captivated me instantly, especially His golden smile :D… I was touched by his acting too, Gu Family Book is one of the best dramas I've ever seen, I really loved the characters and The Kang Chi – Yeo Wool Couple of course, I cried and lau a lot! So this Drama is very special to my heart….
    Lee Seung Gi's character, Kang Chi liked me because of its pureness and determination, he was strong and fought for justice… Also because he was so romantic. That's what I loved the most about him His Pure heart..

  14. Theresia Novi says:

    Hi! I’m Theresia Novi from Indonesia.

    I wasn’t a K-pop lovers, even I hated some girlband/boyband, until my friend insisted me to watch a Korean drama namely My Girlfriend is A Gumiho. It was the first Korean drama that I watched seriously. At first, I felt very bored, but then everything was changed when I saw how Lee Seung Gi acts. His acting was very natural, and even I cried in a part when he cried. After then, I searched everything about Lee Seung Gi, and found that he is a brilliant actor, singer, MC, and even a lot of big industries ask him to endorse the products. After that, I try to watch 1n2d show and he’s really cute there! (I don’t care if people called him heodang :p). From that show too I found that he isn’t like another idols, he is very kind and even he care about another people. He doesn’t like to show off his skills even he has it all!
    Then I realized that I’ve became a great fan of him.
    He was the person who changed my thought of Korean’s culture. I like a lot of korean movie now, that’s because of him too! Even I felt very excited when I visited Korea last month 🙂 all thanks too Seung Gi Oppa!
    I knew him too late, because 6 months ago he visited Indonesia but I knew nothing about him 😦
    If he come to Indonesia this year, surely I will buy the VVIP ticket!! Hehehee

    What I like about Kang Chi?
    Kang Chi is a character that seems very real. Even I fell in love with him.
    He doesn’t care much about himself, and he likes to help people. Therefore, I can see his love to Yeo Wool is a true love. He really take cares of her and always protects her. Even he searched ‘Gu Family Book’ which can make him change into a person. A person who doesn’t have an infinity life, like Kang Chi and he doesn’t care about it. He is willing to be a person just to grow up together with Yeo Wool.

  15. Kelvin WOng says:

    hi everyone… just trying my luck here cause i reali reali love Gu family book… the first three episode already i feel like crying( Oh my god why the mother had to betray?) anyway, i know Lee Seung Gi since myGirlfriend is a gumiho, then also King 2 heart, and nw gu Family book.. i mean the drama he act in never fail to get my interested and Gu family get my tears haha… the way he act inside reali made me feel hmmmmm will i be a gud bf as he is? haha especially he as Kang chi… he and yeo wool are so perfect… ^^ I love them!!!!!!!

  16. Cristina Yoc says:

    Hi! My name is Cristina and I am from Guatemala. I became fan of Seung Gi in 2012 when I started getting interested in Korean dramas, I saw him acting in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, he is such an outstanding actor! The story was so interesting, completely different from everything I was used to watch. I couldn’t wait every week for the next episode. He made me laugh my heart out a lot in that darma. I am a fan of all kinds of dramas but especially romantic comedy, so I looked for his previous work, Shinning Inheritance, and guess what? I loved it too because my favorite characters are the ones who are cold at first but when the fall in love, they become so loving and adorable. Of course I had to watch his other projects: The King Two Hearts and Gu Family Book, both plots were very addictive. He is just great in every role he has portrayed. Through these dramas I learned that he is a singer too and his voice is so relaxing, he sings the kind of music that brings me peace of mind. I also saw him in the show 1 Night 2 Days and saw him as a normal guy who is extremely funny.

    Now, what can I say about Kang Chi? That character became one of my favorites so far. I love how he enjoys life at the fullest, the simplest things give him happiness and he always seeks to give happiness to everyone around him without asking for anything in return. He is so positive about everything and he will risk his life for the ones he loves, even when things get complicated and bad, he doesn’t gives up and tries his best to fix everything. Seung Gi is an amazing actor that when he was portraying Kang Chi in the sad scenes, I couldn’t hold back my tears! I loved the chemistry between Yeo Wool and Kang Chi, the love scenes were so amazing.

    Greetings from Central America and thank you for this opportunity 🙂

  17. pakize says:

    hi 🙂 my name is pakize. I am from turkey:) I first met him with his songs then, I watched his movies. He was good in his all films, but I love his kang chi role very much. kang chi was funny and impressive:) ❤

  18. Hi I’m Gillianne from the Philippines 🙂
    I first saw Lee Seung Gi in gumiho and had been listening to his songs and watching his dramas since.. and I was really excited when I was informed of this drama before it aired ❤ what I like about KangChi is his determination in everything he does, and also his passion never fails!! Honestly this is Lee Seung Gi's best character for me :)))

  19. umnise says:

    My name is Umnise. I live in Baku, Azerbaijan.
    I’m proud of being able to call myself a Turkish Airen since 1,5 years now.
    When it comes to tell the story of how I got to know about Lee Seung Gi… and when it’s about Seung Gi, it’s important to tell the whole truth, right? 😉 Well then, I shoul begin to tell the interesting and also embarrassing story of how I got to know Seung Gi. 😉
    In January 2012, due to a K-Drama that was being aired on TV, my interest for K-Dramas which I had for a long time, grew once again. I started searching for Korean TV serieses on the Internet, immediately. I was very happy to see that there were some with subtitles.
    “Brilliant Legacy” was the second K-Drama I watched on my computer. When a friend of mine who like this drama, told me, “Umnise, watch this drama”, I immediately looked up some pictures of it. The moment I saw them, my first reaction was: ” Oh my God, the lead actor is so ugly. I’ll never ever watch this drama.” (How emberrassing, right?) Anyway. No matter how much I insisted on not watching it, I couldn’t deny my friend’s request and started watching the show.
    I already knew myself and that I’m normally always attracted to the second lead , instead of the lead actor. That’s why I was sure I will like the second lead actor also in this drama. However, it has to be fate that I found myself supporting the lead actor for the first time. When I think about the reasons for this, one of them is that, in the beginning, Seung Gi didn’t look like the lead actor. Because for the first time in my life I started supporting a lead actor, I felt there was a special bond between me an Seung Gi. As the show went on, I suddenly found myself thinking, “Oh, his dimple looks so beautiful, when he’s smiling”.
    After this drama finished, I wasn’t a Seung Gi fan yet, but I liked him very much. After this one I started watching a drama called “The Greatest Love”. In episode 9 I was so surprised. “Hey, that’s my dimpled prince!”, was how I reacted, when I saw Seung Gi. I started to search for the song “You Are My Girl” that was played during the show. I was curious about “Strong Heart”, which is mentioned in the drama, and researched it. I liked “You Are My Girl” so much that I searched for other songs of him and started listening to his albums.
    I said to myself:”This is the man I’ve been looking for since years!”, and a few days later “The King 2 Hearts” started airing, which I watched. At the same time I also started watching “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”.
    I managed to also fit “Strong Heart” ans “1 Night 2 Days” into these 1,5 years.
    I’m proud and happy to be an Airen today.

    Regarding “Choi Kang Chi”, while watching this drama I sometimes felt that it’s not Kang Chi, but Seung Gi who I’m watching.
    The character of Kang Chi, who is sometimes very smart and sometimes very naive, who protects and doeas everything for his loved ones, and who gets emotional whenever someone loves him, always reminded me of Seung Gi’s. That’s why I loved this character very much. This also caused my favorite charater “Lee Jae Hee” to retreat to second place.

  20. jennieca says:

    Hi im jennieca from the Philippines I started to like SeungGi oppa when I saw him in the trailer of brilliant legacy here in the Philippines year 2009 I don’t know why just when I saw him I like him already I guess Cupid just struck me hehe.. but when I already watch him in brilliant legacy my love for him becomes so strong 🙂 that I can’t even manage haha till now
    what I love about kangchi? First he is one of the lead role of Seung Gi oppa hehe then he is more human to other humans he is faithful.. very protective passionate actually I really don’t know what I love him maybe him as him 🙂
    tryp eonnie thank you for the chance hwaiting!

  21. Carla Marie says:

    Hi there! Carla here from the Philippines. Though I was never a fan of watching anything that has subtitle in it. I was for some reason glued one day watching 5 guys making the most of what they have despite of hunger. I can say I myself was going through some rough roads and what makes it even sadder was that I had to deal with it alone. I laughed for almost an hour because of that show. And that’s the longest that I’ve laughed for such a long time. Knowing the person in me and how forgetful I can be I searched online for that show all I know was five guys KBS world. I was then introduced to 1N2D. They became my constant companion ever since. Watching the first run on a Sunday then watching all reruns for that week. I do it because I feel I owe myself some laughter in life. Then MGIAG was shown in one of our local channels and recognize Seung Gi. In every episode I find him charming thus making me take interest in him more. Thanks to modern technology, I was able to find everything I basically need about him. What makes him genuinely stand out is because of his attitude towards himself and towards others. I have never felt he was too full of himself, in fact I find him very humble.He let other people shine even on his own time What makes him even more likeable is that he never stops, he aims for bigger things yet he stays grounded very much what I hopefully want for myself also. What I like about Kang Chi is his positive attitude. Though the heavens was not always on his favor, he strives. He believes. He endures and pull through and mostly he patiently waits. I guess that’s what most people need to learn. it is to patiently wait. Wait for what is destined for you, just as what Kang chi did for Yeo WoI. I have never seen him in person never had attended any fan meeting, never did and I don’t ever think I will because of many reason. Though I am a fan, I feel he is also my friend. I find comfort by just hearing him sing or by just watching him. I get by my toughest day by his help, and even though a have 0% chance of seeing him personally, I will always find comfort that we are still under the same big sky sharing the same sun, moon and stars. 🙂

  22. Annyeong, I’m Kaytie. I am in Texas, USA. I have been a fan of SeungGi since i watched ‘My girlfriend is a Gumiho’. When I saw on Viki they was going to have Gu Family Book, I knew I had to watch it. Thought it would be awesome to watch the guy who dated a Gumiho be a Gumiho.
    I like the outgoing personality of Kang Chi, and that he doesn’t let his real parents history change his opinion on people he trusts.

  23. Sally Y says:

    Hello, my name is Sally and I am from Houston, TX, USA. I absolutely love SeungGi because I found him so adorable when I watched Shining Inheritance~~♡♡ this was the first time I got to know him. His acting is very good, and it just that he looks so cute from head to foot~~ ♡♡ after falling in love with him, I started watching his other dramas such as My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. He looked so kawaii in this drama again!!!! And so recently, when I found out he has a new drama with action and fantasy, I was for sure that I WILL watch it~~ while watching it, I ❤ his role, Kang Chi~ there are few reasons. One, Kang Chi is acted by SeungGi. Two, the make-up is very cool. Three, Kang Chi is just such a goodddddddd person that he makes you fall for him~~♡♡♡♡♡ Plus, I absolutely love his OST song Last Word~~~ it is so touching whenever i listen to it~~ i also like many of his other songs! 😀 i wish i could see his live someday!!! overall, I LOVE SeungGi♡♡♡

  24. triovirismala says:

    i’m from Indonesia. I became fan of Seung Gi because….. ah actually I do not know what made ​​me a fan of him. I saw Seunggi for the first time in 2009 in his drama Brilliant Legacy. but I’m not a fan of him after watching it. but when I saw him in his drama The King 2 Heart I think his role as jae ha made ​​me captivated. then I searched about him on google and youtube. I saw a video on youtube with the title 2D1N and a strong heart. waaaaaaaaw!! He is also proficient in performing a variety show / reality show. then I re-watched drama ever he starred. Brilliant Legacy, My girlfriend is a gumiho, The King 2 Heart and the last Gu Family Book. I am increasingly amazed on the quality of his acting in the drama he played. since from 2009 but I already knew that Seung Gi is a singer as well. so the reason I became a Seunggi fan is because he has the acting is very good, the sound is very good and could be the MC ….. COOL!! and here the reason I liked the character Kang chi. I like this character because of his life story a bit similar to me. hahaha. when he first saw in episode 3 he has a childish character. but when the people who kang Chi love is in danger, he turns into a very manly, brave, and wise. I think the nature of the Original Kang Chi was good-natured and irresponsible. so the reason I liked the character kang chi is because he can adjust according to the nature of the situation he was facing.

  25. Mary J. says:

    Hello Trypp!
    My name is Mary and I am from Peru but at the moment I live in USA.
    First, thank you so much for this opportunity to share our stories of how we started to love Seunggi.
    Four years ago my sister sent me a bunch of Kdramas dvds: BOF, U R BEAUTIFUL, FULL HOUSE, I LOVE YOU, DALJAS SPRING, etc. so obviously I was hook and started searching the web for any subtitled drama available.
    The first Seunggi drama I watched was “My girlfriend is a gumiho”, in which I loved and hated Woonah- didn’t we all?- but what I loved the most was the song “I love you from now on”. When I heard the song for the first time while watching the drama I was taken by the voice of the singer. I didnt understand a word since my korean was non-exixtent at that moment yet I thought “wow! who ever sings this, is a great singer”. At that moment I didn’t know Seunggi was a singer neither that he was a rising star in Korea, but the feeling of the song and melody just captured me and I have been captured since then.
    After MGIAG, I found out more about his acting career and I watched most of his dramas, the only one I haven’t been able to watch yet is 7 princesses because I cant find it anywhere :(. Brilliant Legacy and The King 2 hearts have in common that I dislike the characters at the beginning but fall deeply in love with them by the end of the drama. Jae-ha was my predilect.
    By the end of K2H, I found out that Seungggi not only did drama but also variety, so I looked first in Youtube and then in many other websites. I have even become a paid member to watch episodes of 1n2d. With 1n2d I can honestly said that I have fallen for the guy, it not just admiration toward a great and handsome artist, is so much more, way much more and I’ll the happiest girl if he ever calls me noonah! *squeak* 🙂
    Choi Kang-chi is a different character, has nothing in common with the other characters Seunggi has played before, yet he mastered it so well. You ask what I like about Kang-chiah, well is the faith fullness he has in the goodnes of humans. Faith fullnes that “us” humans don’t have among us. Kangchiah always looked a way to be a not only human but a” better human”. He always seek advice and stay true to his roots-the Park roots-, even in his moments of desperation and uncertainty he choose the path of being good and true to himself, to his feeling ,to his beliefs and that is why I liked Kangchiah so much. The journey was not easy but it was worthed, no kidding!
    Thanks again for the opportunity and keep up the good work.
    Fighting! 🙂

  26. Konou says:

    I am from California USA. I became a fan because of Gu Family Book! I started watching it because of Suzy, but I ended up liking Lee Seung Gi a lot!:D I like Kangchi because he’s a gumiho, I mean come one, LOL, look at his face:D & like every thing else. Hahaha, I also started liking his songs, especially return:)

  27. lilik says:

    Dear Tryp and Anonymous eonni,
    Annyeong ^^ Thank you so much for this opportunity and letting us to try our luck and share our stories in here 😀 and also for the cute gifts, thank you so much! ^^ ohya, also thank you for GeniusSYYS for designing the cute merchandise 😀

    My name is Lilik from Indonesia.
    I knew Seunggi since mid of 2010 from My Girlfriend is Gumiho. I was not a Kpop or Kdrama addict at that time, but my sister was. My friend watched that drama and I joined. At first I didn’t fall to Seunggi’s charm, I just thought “he’s good and has funny expression”, plus I didn’t watch all of the episodes.
    Since my sister like Kpop and several Kdramas, I brought this Dae Woong for her. It was happened at early of 2011. But my sister was busy for her school and not a Kpopers anymore. At that time, I was a jobless and watched Dae Woong to killing my time. And yes, I fall in love with him. I started to googling about him and love him more when found out about his achievements. Also fall in love with his voice ^^
    So this I am now, an airen who love Seunggi more and more and more 😀

    For his latest drama, as Kangchi, I love his character. So kind, warm, wise, and also strong. He forgives his mother and father (and MaBongchul also), act so good and full of love to yeowoll (I do love the back hug scene!^^), think wisely, and can beat his anger and hatred. I was quite surprised when he has a chance to kill Kwanwoong in the last episode, but he doesn’t kill him. He fulfill his promise to Admiral and control his self to not to be as bad as Kwanwoong. And yes, Seunggi’s acting skill is getting better and better and so much better. I love him more ^^

    End of my story 😀
    Once again, thank you so much for letting us share our stories 😀 saranghae! ^^

  28. sarsersor says:

    i’m from indonesia.. I like seunggi from king 2 heart. I watch this drama because i really like ha ji won. Her appearance in secret garden dragging me to watch it. I dont know why but it seems that mostly airen didn’t love seunggi at the first sight, so do I . Hahaha.

    I really hate jaeha’s role on tk2h at the first, but I let him passed because I think, ‘who cares with this bastard ugly guy, I like this drama because of the story’ hahaha (mianhe airen)..

    You know, that was probably why do people from the past says for not hate someone too much, because you may end up loving that person. hahahaha.. Yeaa that was true, the more I hate jaeha, the more I love him.. Especially for proposal scene, I cried a lot for that scene..

    But, Unfortunately tk2h ended too fast. And I looking for the other drama to wasting my time.. I watched some drama, but I cant feel what I felt in tk2h. Hahaha so At that time I realized that I love jaeha no matter what. And then I started to looking for seunggi through google and I found up that HE WAS A GOOD PERSON. Waaa it was makes me want to know more about seunggi.

    My friend told me that seunggi was a singer as well. FYI, honestly I really love seunggi’s voice while he was talking on his drama. i’m sure he maybe good at singing though I’ve never known that he was a singer before.

    The first song that I listen was ‘chingu janha’. And maybe that was a big reason why I love seunggi the most. Not because he is an actor, mc, or in variety show but because of his unique voice that makes me deeper deeper and deeper in him and also his personality as well. Hahahaha..

    Thank you tryp for let me shared my story. Hehehe, god bless you..

    • sarsersor says:

      hahaha i forgot about kangchi! who does not like kangchi? he’s good, he’s sexy, he can even run very fast, he never held a
      grudge even in people who have hurt him, and he was very
      sincere.. For me it’s enough for you to like kangchi. If I write one by one reason, maybe my comments will be longer than the novel. Hehehe

  29. sarsersor says:

    hahaha i forgot about kangchi! who does not like kangchi? he’s good, he’s sexy, he can even run very fast, he never held a
    grudge even in people who have hurt him, and he was very
    sincere.. For me it’s enough for you to like kangchi. If I write one by one reason, maybe my comments will be longer than the novel. Hehehe

  30. sinem kaya says:

    I live in istanbul. I live in Turkey.

    I recognize that it gave up when I’m in the period. I started with the voice of his life back. I first met him all alone, I feel I still remember the Song of expresses it. And thanks to her I’m still here. I believe that one is not alone. One would get every man takes off against the power of God. seung gi is the reason of my life.

    I think the growing of chi kang seung gi. acting beyond himself growing even bigger. the acting labor, power, and performance by adding the scenario played us to believe that it was real. we cry cried he. happy, I happy.

  31. lykunly says:

    Hello I’m from Indonesia.

    How I became a fan of SeungGi :

    First, I have been love japan for a long time, since middle school until now, I’m a college student.
    Not even a chance I would interest in 3D man.
    And as everyone know, It’s been no secret that Super Junior sure have a lot of fans here.
    So I began watching one of them [suju] based on my friend recommendation,
    and happen to come on Strong Heart.
    That’s the first time I saw him “slightly”, I don’t even take a notice to him.
    And I don’t remember seeing him.

    And then a drama come out on our channel,
    My Girlfriend Is Gumiho.
    He totally captured me !
    (read : I don’t even watch drama on that time,
    just happen to pass by my tv and suddenly stop my eyes on their brilliant acting)
    And I began to do searching about him, a little.
    Dang ! That’s the time I realize I have seen him “somewhere”.

    Step by step, I lost interest to my manga, anime.
    He started become my central world.
    Imagine ! for someone who is otaku like me.
    Come to like the 3D man, it is sure a miracle.

    But I still have no idea there is a blog like this who provides all information about him.
    So I lack information of him.
    Until one day, He came to my country.
    Somehow my heart say I should come.
    (read : me ? watching concert ? come to fan meeting ? I don’t even want to go near crowd )
    So short story, I came to the FM Tonight with Lee Seung Gi.
    I did just seeing at him, listening his song, watching all his drama, watching strong heart, 1n2d, and his guest appearance in any variety show, “as average fans”
    But seeing the real person right in front of my eyes is just different things, it’s the real deal.

    People may become a fans just by seeing face or such,
    but I believe Airen is different, we sure love him the way he is.
    He has his own charismatic and pheromone that totally capture me.
    Start from that day, I become a real fans of him trough my heart.
    As long as I still able to effort, I willing to do anything for him.
    (read : postpone about money stuff, I’m still college student who ask money from parents)

    What I like about Kang Chi :

    He isn’t naive.
    He is honest, and sincerely.
    Romantic ? Sure He is.
    And I like his long hair, seems sexy to me.
    A hot kisser ? He sure make me jealous with that “long” kiss.
    (read : What kind of punishment is this ╥﹏╥)

    Long post ? You don’t know how much words that have been cut by me lol
    I just want to share my sincerely, the same feeling that we held together hehe ^^

    Oh can I ask here?

    If someone ever ask you, who is Lee Seung Gi ?
    What would be your answer ?
    1. Singer
    2. Actor
    3. Mc
    4. Multi-talented
    5. Explain with a long words and proud

    As for me, I would introduce him as a singer but end up showing off about his multi-talented ^_^”

    • Indah Keumala Putri says:

      1 2 3 4 5 hehe:D

    • mppy says:

      My friends have never heard of Seung Gi until I introduce him to them. I told them he is a ballad prince, and subsequently they know more about him after me fan-girling! 😀

  32. Indah Keumala Putri says:

    Annyeong haseyo^^ my name is Indah Keumala, from Indonesia. Thank you so much tryp for letting us try to share our stories in here 😀

    I knew Seunggi from My Girlfriend is Gumiho. I was not love Kdrama at that time, but I love that drama so much because that drama was interested for me. Daewoong is so charming. Right, airen?

    In tk2h, I didnt really like Jae ha because his character in that drama was not a good person and a weak man, but if I watched him in tk2h, I always remember daewoong. and yeah, Jae Ha became a good person and a strong king. i loved him too in this drama.

    My friend told me that he was a singer and i knew seunggi was a singer in my girlfriend is gumiho’s OST. ohh, he has an unique voice<3. Since that, i always search all about him in google;;)

    and the last one, I really love watched Gu Family Book because of Kang Chi. He's so warm, wise, kind and strong. He acts so good as a half-beast and the other reason why i watched this drama because i love suzy as a strong girl. Kang Chi think wisely, and can beat his anger and hatred. I was quite surprised when he has a chance to kill Kwanwoong in the last episode, but he doesn’t kill him. He fulfill his promise to Admiral (Lee Soon Shin) and control his self to not to be as bad as Kwanwoong. His acting skill becomes better time by time. i also waiting him for get an action film.

    Thank you so much tryp for letting us share our stories in here:D Gomawo! ^^

  33. mppy says:

    Hi! I’m Melissa from the sunny Singapore! 😀
    Thanks for giving us this great opportunity to win these awesome merchandises, especially the anonymous fan. Through this activity, I hope that we Airens are able to bond with one another. Although we may not see each other, the experiences we have will definitely pull us together! So now, I’ll share on my experience and thoughts, and I hope that you guys have similar thoughts and experience like mine! 😀

    How I met Seung Gi, I would say, is pure luck. Back then, I wasn’t into Kpop, or rather, I kinda dislike Kpop. Anyway, I was flipping through the channels on my TV when I just happen to catch a glimpse of 2D1N. Since I am a variety show lover, i stayed on to carry on watching, Unlike most viewers, whose attention are caught by the cast/games/concept/scenery, my attention was caught by the background music that was playing. Dying to know what is the title of the song, I went online to search for it, and found out that it was “Love Time” by none other than the ballad prince, Lee Seung Gi! The term ‘Ballad Prince’ pique my interest, and I carry on searching more about him. And boy, who can’t deny that he’s the Ballad Prince after listening to all his hits? After falling in love with his voice, I went on to search more about him. I learnt that he had filmed many noticeable dramas, and was also a cast member on 2D1N(heh, I was kinda slow realizing it :P). Through 2D1N, I got to see all sides of him, including his heodang-ness! And through his dramas, I got to see how talented he is. No wonder he is also known as an all-rounder entertainer! This, is how i became an Airen who love everything about him! 🙂

    Any Airen would have watched GFB, and loving his character, Choi Kang Chi, was no doubt! The reason why i love Choi Kang Chi is due to his personality. Remember what General Lee Soon Shin said to him?
    “I’ve met many humans with the heart of a beast.”
    This sentence taught Kang Chi that what you are isn’t who you are. With that in mind, he was able to behave and feel like a human, or even better! He was able to stay cool and understand others when they treated him differently. Not only that, he was also able to forgive them. All these is so hard for even me, a human being, to do as there is always this thing called ‘pride’ we have. He also has a bright personality that never fails to brighten up the mood of the people around him. He also has a sweet personality, which was able to capture the heart of the girl he love so deeply.

    Thanks for taking time to read to super-duper long post. 🙂 I’m sorry for using up your precious time. >< Time do flies when there's Seung Gi around, doesn't it? 😀

  34. triangel25 says:

    Hello to all the SG’s fan here..

    I am from Malaysia. I started to like SG after watching him in Brilliant Legacy. I watched it a little later then the airing time in SK as I watched it from my country’s TV channel (I think it is a few months later). After watching him in there, I started to get a little interested to this guy. Then, after awhile, co-incidentally while watching KBS2 channel, I got to know this variety show 1n2d. I recognized him in there and immediately, because of him, I got kinda hooked to the variety show as well. Then, the following drama series that he acted – MGIG, TK2H and GFB, not a single one I missed. I listened to all his songs, and I just loved his sweet voice as well besides his cute face and great acting skills. I noticed that this guy really grow a lot in his acting skills, ever since in TK2H.

    When I managed to found this tryp96 website about SG, everyday, without fail (unless I don’t have internet connection) for sure I would visit this site to check on his daily update news shared by our beloved tryp96. Whenever I have the time, I would browse through the internet, google for all the news, videos etc about SG, downloaded them and watched them. Although some are without translation/subtitles, but seeing his face and hearing voice is an entertaining for me.
    After watching GFB, again he proved about his improved acting skills despite he already had a great improvement in TK2H. I know he put in a lot of effort into the Kang Chi role. Reading news and interviews articles about him after GFB ended make my heart sank. Although he gained new friendship with the juniors and seniors, it is really heart-breaking to know how much he had to suffer throughout the filming period. I have been watching again and again GFB even after it had ended. Although I could already memorized every scenes of him in each episodes, what he is going to say in his dialogue, but still I feel touched by his acting as Kang Chi. When Kang Chi is happy, I am happy. When he is smiling, I am smiling. When he is sad and crying, I am crying at the same time with him while seeing him through my laptop screen. No matter how many times I watched, emotion remains the same, as if I am watching it for the first time. I just couldn’t help it that my tears rolling down like waterfall whenever I see Kang Chi sad or crying. Due to it is a nice drama, SG is acting, the storyline is interesting and Kang Chi is cute, I shared it with my parents. They loved it and enjoying watching it so much that no matter how sleepy and tired they are, they still wanted to carry-on watching, looking forward for every single episodes, till in the wee hours in the morning. Kang Chi is a very touching role/character. Just like how SG mentioned what he thinks the writer is trying to convey through the character, I think I do learn a lot from Kang Chi through this drama about life. Although Kang Chi’s character might just be a fiction, but it does teach us how to be humble, kind and thoughtful just like Kang Chi in our daily living. Despite having super power and ability, he never tend to show off or disrespect other peoples no matter how lowly they are. Loved those scenes when no matter how frustrated Kang Chi is, he still managed to controlled himself and listen to the others like Lee Soon Shin, Dam Master and Bamboo Master. If a half-beast half-human can do it, why not when we are real humans?

    I love Kang Chi for being so upright, brave, willing to fight for justice for the unfortunate, valued the relationship he build with people, cared for his loved one, forgiving, appreciate all the kindness that are given to him, sincere, honest, being so loyal for willing to wait for his loved one for 422 years alone (romantic as well), and the cute/childish side of him when he is in front of food, especially ginseng chicken~!! Kang Chi simply has the characteristics that we all loved and could resist!!! =)

    Will continue to support and rewatch GFB whenever I can (actually I am rewatching it now)..Although the ending might not be the one I expected, but I couldn’t deny that Kang Chi leave me a deep impression ever since I finished watching it for the first time. No matter Kang Chi is in human form or beast form, I am just loving it~!!! <3<3<3<3<3 Kang Chi is the best role in GFB despite it is a lead role~!!!

    Thank you~!! Kang Chi hwaiting!!! GFB hwaiting~!!!

  35. Maisy Heeng says:


    I’m from Singapore too! I have been watching LSG since he came on board 1 Day 2 Night in Nov 2007 and stepped on dog poop. It’s been many years of hilarious Sundays till he left the show, 5 years down the road. He was very endearing indeed! Of course, he was awesome in other variety shows including Strong Heart and his guest appearance on Running Man.

    In addition, I also never miss all his dramas from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho to Brilliant Legacy to King2Hearts and now, the recently ended Gu Family Book. He has gone from strength to strength and makes us all want to be a better person like him.

    What I like about the character Choi Kang Chi? His never-ending FAITH in the human kind and his innate sincerity showered on everyone he encounters. So much like Lee Seung Gi wouldn’t you say?

    So looking forward to seeing him soon. 3 weeks and counting!

  36. Kitkat says:

    Three words to express my love and affection……
    ——–> Singapore………..2D1N………..SEXY!!!!

  37. Anna says:

    Hello everyone,
    I am from Slovakia.
    Few months ago I haven’t even known there exists something like Kdramas. ( like 97% of our population- not jokin’) But during May, one of my friend who ‘s been watching Kdramas for years advised me to give it a try. Her favourite one is “My girlfriend is a Gumiho” so I started with it to see why she find it so good and special. And I have to say that I was more than surprised. Not because of the story or else, but because of Seung Gi. I don’t think I have ever seen an actor like him. So natural, talented with his typical mischievous smile. I cannot say why I admire and like him. It’s simply because of him.
    After watching this show I found out he’s starring in another drama called Gu Family Book and I have to say Kang Chi’s character suits him the best. His character is not a hero with only good qualities and character- Seung Gi portrayed him as a real human being- with making mistakes, doing everything without thinking if it comes to the ones he cares about and trying to protect the ones he loves. That’s what I liked about Kang Chi (Seung Gi).

  38. narasa says:

    Hello, I’m from Thailand

    When approximately 3-4 years ago. While I’m studying master’s degree have the opportunity to see a little Billant legacy . But has not been very interested in this story, because the hero bad habits. And I don’t know whether that is Lee seung gi. And do not be afraid to accelerate student thesis ends by time, to view the series it is a threat to my learning.

    After the study end, I began to see the series again. I see several series and Lee seung gi’s time, it’s really quite. I know Lee seung gi from The King2Heart. (because I want to increase the amount of time in the exercise and to view the series it makes me enjoy the exercise so much) At the same time, I am trying to trace information. I found the feast as an actor, he also has a wealth of talent, singer, MC, advertising. I am very impressed by his abilities, especially when he held the stage show concert he looked very charming.

    For the role of KangChi, I’m impressed that he is considerate and selfless people who he loves. whether it is family, a loved one or friends. He tried to become more human. In order to get a share of his a loved one. I appreciate the words of KangChi that “ want to die and go with the love one”. and although he will not be able to do but he will endure as long as lonely 5221 night. To meet a loved one, he waited again. that said “ if I meet you again, then, I’ll recognize you, first”

    Thank you

  39. nadya says:

    I’m Nadya from Indonesia.
    How I became a fan SeungGi?
    I watch My Girlfriend is a Gumiho drama. I never watch K-Drama before but my bestfriend force me to watch it she said that it’s funny so I reluctantly watch it.. At first, I watch it just for the sake of my bestfriend but then.. I enjoyed it! I love the drama! And that cute guy called Cha Dae Woong! But at that time I’m not a fan of SeungGi yet. I just love Cha Dae Woong. Then I searching in internet who is the guy that play as a dae woong… He’s Lee Seung Gi. I read all the thing about him and I watch 1n2d.. And through that I became a fan of SeungGi.
    I watch My Girlfriend is a Gumiho drama. I never watch K-Drama before but my bestfriend force me to watch it she said that it’s funny so I reluctantly watch it.. At first, I watch it just for the sake of my bestfriend but then.. I enjoyed it! I love the drama! And that cute guy called Cha Dae Woong! But at that time I’m not a fan of SeungGi yet. I just love Cha Dae Woong. Then I searching in internet who is the guy that play as a dae woong… He’s Lee Seung Gi. I read all the thing about him and I watch 1n2d.. And through that I became a fan of SeungGi.
    Why I like Choi Kang Chi?
    Frankly, I don’t know why. I just feel like I love everything about SeungGi or all the thing that related to SeungGi. So… I guess I like Choi Kang Chi is because it’s Lee Seung Gi and I really love him!

  40. muffinpurple says:

    Hi…I am an airen from Australia
    The first Seunggi’s drama I watched is MGIG. The feeling during watching Cha Dae Woong is curiousity. I want to know more about his dimple and heart- warming smile, more about what kind of artist this person is.
    Next Seunggi’s project I watched is 1N2D. While watching this awesome reality show, I was helplessly in love with Seunggi. His sincerity, silliness, funny, cute, helpfulness, politeness and caring touch my heart. The brotherhood between all of them is very sweet. Always a joy to watch. Lots of laughter until my eyes are teary.
    If I have to choose, I like singer Seunggi the most. Don’t get me wrong I loved his drama and reality. But his music touched me the most. The feeling I get when listening to Seunggi is romance, love, comfort and relax.
    What I love most about Choi Kang Chi is his ability to forgive. His family betray him, people that are most dearest to him disappoint him but yet Kang Chi choose to forgive and continue to love.

  41. heechan4 says:

    I am from the Philippines.. 😀

    I came to like SeungGi when I was in 2nd year in college, that’s 2 years ago. I just transferred from my dream university to a local university then because of familial and financial issues. It was really a sad time because I felt deprived. But maybe it wasn’t really that dramatic, I had friends. One set of friends I was able to get were a group of korean drama fans. I had already been a korean drama fan before but I wasn’t fan-girl, all out about it. When I got those guys, we shared a lot about the dramas we watched and recommended dramas. Discovering Seung Gi started from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. I had a lot of laughs but that really wasn’t the start of the addiction. My friend told me one day about SeungGi sang the main theme “Losing My Mind” and she was crazy about how cute he performed it and so I youtube-d it. and that’s when I also “lost my mind.” That’s when it started, I clicked the related and recommended videos like crazy and researched evrything and anything related to SeungGi–I did that every night for about 3 mos without fail (or morning when I had my night duties as a student nurse). His songs, and his interviews really inspired me the most. His humble, positive, determined personality inspired me a lot and helped me get through the tough adjustments in school. It sounds rather crazy but I would think about how he always wants to work harder despite the praises he gets whenever I get in a hard situation. It really helped me grow as a person. And I’m a registered nurse now! And so to show my support, and love for him (although I know its not as compared to any other fans out there, especially to tryp), I recommend his dramas, music, videos (even episodes of 2n1d, Strong heart, Xmen Radio shows, Interviews, Music Videos, etc etc) to my friends, even those who are not really korean drama fans; and even made a group in facebook so I could share my fandom with them.

    I like KangChi’s determination to be human, his love, his humility despite having the blood of a divine creature. ’cause really, gumiho characters usually make it a point that they show how they are above the human race. His character is really is a reminder of how humans should be, and what it really is to be “human”. But KangChi would not be alive if not for SeungGi. That’s really the real reason why I like him. Seeing the drama, I have felt KangChi brought out the best in SeungGi and vice versa. It was such fun drama, and every episode made me proud of being an Airen. I’ve seen the news reports, the BTS, the interviews of the cast and I’ve felt the work the cast put up with especially Seunggi since he was the “top star” in the drama. And I’ll never be tired of watching and re-watching it. Heck I even made a fan MV for the love of GFB! it’s not really much but if you want to see it it’s here:

    thank you very mych for this opportunity 🙂

    • heechan4 says:

      where are my manners! I forgot to say “Hi!” hihihih so “Hello!” 😀 (got excited) peace ^_^.V,, thanks again tryp, anonymous donor and geniusSYYS! (:

  42. mtdt says:

    H I am an Airen from Singapore. I started to take notice of Seunggi from King 2 Hearts. He did a great work there. After that show, I went to dig his old dramas thus watched Brillant Legacy and My girlfriend is a guminho. I was still just a “normal” fan…. it was only when I started to watch 1n2d that I am totally sold and add on to his Budokan concert that I fall deeply in love with him! :p I managed to catch him in Singapore during last year Fan-meeting, Looking at him in Changi airport, I was like a young gal totally screaming away! Am glad that i went to HopeConcert 2012 too. This year, I am hoping to follow him to all if not most of this Asia Tour… Hope to support him unconditionally as he gave me new life in my boring mid-life crisis. :p

    • mtdt says:

      ooh what I like about Kang Chi! I love that he is very real and kind heart. He is loyal to his Park Family… he is worried about his parents… and he is concern about his love! All these really capture me to this show every monday & tues. Even though I do not know Korean language, but I stream live from MBC site for every episode! All gathering/dinner will need to be on other days. :p

      Also I wish to thank Tryp for making this fantastic site. For international Airens and Airens that do not understand Korean, this site is really the place to be! It connects us all together and we are able to be a united group to continue to support our Gudae! 🙂

      Thank you

  43. Ai Lee says:

    This is AiLee, from Philippines,
    I started to know SeungGi when i’ve been watching his drama series brilliant legacy.
    I been searching for Kdramas that has a good stories, for example a drama that can give inspirations and lessons to viewers and it happens that i chosen shining inheritance wherein SeungGi was the leading actor. However, I appreciate his skills in acting and he reminds me a school mate in college that he looks like.
    I like Kang Chi for being strong in facing the challenges in his life. He is human in heart despite people around him fear him because of his nature (being a half mythical).

  44. kimia says:

    hi.i am kimia from Iran.
    First I saw seung gi in 2010 sbs drama awards and told myself what a nice gay he is!(because he kept smiling)
    A While later I turn on the tv and it showed 1n2d ep 210 in kbs world and because I knew uhm taewong I watched it (I saw his drama evil and I liked him) at first I really hate seung gi because he kept speaking… he was cute… and…he had all the things I like. But uhm taewong had not . and for lunch bokbulbok his lunch box was better than uhm taewong and he said to his team that their lunch box is bether than uhm taewong(now that I think about it I must really be crazy .how can I hate seung gi because uhm taewong no one else but uhm taewong???????i wasn’t in my right mind) … because he was so cute.. so kind.. so hoedang… so handsome …and… at the end of the ep I throw uhm taewong away ( i think its is the best thing i do in my life) and I started to love seung gi .
    so I watched mgig and completely loved seung gi and right after mgig end i start to download all seung gi’s videos and 1n2d ep and listen to his song… he was daebak… and I become crazy
    about seung gi .and now seung gi fill all my life.

    I like kang chi because seung gi plays it and he was awesome in this role
    and no one can play it better than seung gi

    sorry for my bad eng

  45. Xelle says:

    I started to become a fan of SeungGi because of My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho. At first, I watched it because of Shin Min Ah, but I became interested on SeungGi because of the ‘HoiHoi Song’. I search all his songs, but later I found out that I am already a fan of his voice [because of Smile Boy, it was use as a song for an Interactive dance game]!

    I continue to search more and more information about him. His dramas, his bio, until I ended on ! Night 2 Days! I really, really, really love him more when I watched it. He’s so cute!! His smile kills me..

    Then this is it. I found out that he is a Half Gumiho on his new drama ‘ Gu Family Book ‘ . At first, I only noticed his ‘childish’ attitude, being kind-hearted [when he helps the vendors on the gangster], loyal on his surrogate father Lord Park and being in-love with ChungJo. But when he bacame inlove with YeoWool, his attitude of fighting his love against all odds wow-ed me. He’ll do anything just to be with YeoWool.. That’s, amazing..

  46. Glogi says:

    My name is Gloria from Jakarta, Indonesia.

    I got to know him in 2009, but at that time i didn’t know that he was lee seung gi. I knew him as Sun Woo Hwan from Shining Inheritance. The drama was aired in the local channel of my country so I got to watch it. As you see, it was all started by a coincidence. I didnt mean to watch the drama to see him. It was just a way to kill time cus i had nothing to do.

    At that time, Full House and Boys Before Flowers were really popular in my country. Almost all my friends were talking about the two dramas. The main lead actors for the two dramas were long haired, and some actors in the two dramas were blond. Even some popular k-pop idols such as suju used to be long-haired and blond. So i thought that the stereotypes of korean boys were long-haired and blond, the two characteristics that i hate the most for boys. That’s why I thought Sun Woo Hwan was different cus his hair was short and black. Since he was different, I was attracted to him. But that’s all. I left him as Sun Woo Hwan as I didn’t do any further research about him because I was not a k-drama fan.

    One year later after I became a k-drama fan. I watched any kinds of top-rated K-drama. Even I went on the youtube and put “the best korean drama” on the search column. Almost every videos put “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” as the top ten korean drama. Then, I googled the drama to look at its synopsis. Every website put “lee seung gi” as the name of the main actor for MGIG. At that time I had no idea that lee seung gi was sun woo hwan who I got interested in. So I decided to watch the drama because the synopsis was interesting. Then, I found out that Cha Dae Woong was really familiar to me. “Ah! He is Sun Woo Hwan, isn’t he? Wait! he was sooooo different from Sun Woo Hwan!”. Hwan got a really cold and insensible character, but Dae Woong was so funny, easy-going, and a bit silly. Then I though “Woaaah… This guy acts really well, he must be an excellent actor!”. So this time I was really interested in him and searched anything about him. That’s how I got to know about Lee Seung Gi. He was a guy with lots of surprises. I was stunned to learn the fact that he’s also an excellent singer, then a MC too!?? Oh, so he was also a member of 1n2d? What!? The CF king? And he’s titled the “National Little Brother”, “the Uhmchinah” “NAtional emperor” and “The Triple Threats” too? Really!?? Who on earth is this guy? He is just so unbelievable. It’s been three years and I’m still sooooo obsessed with him. For me, he’s just like an incurable disease.

    His character in Gu Family Book, Choi Kang Chi was a lovable yet miserable. He cried and suffered so much that he made hug my pillow tightly, imagined it was him, and cried together with him. He may be an innocently sexy beast, but when he was a human, he was so clueless (heodang) that he made me laugh. What I like the most about Kang Chi is how he is able to make me think am I good enough to be called a human. We know how Kang Chi was only a half human, but nobody in the story deserves the title “human” better than him (and Admiral Lee). His character makes me reflected on myself have I really act as a descent human being, because you know how sometimes human may act lower than animals. In conclusion, I like the character Kang Chi because he made me want to be a better human being.

  47. Elif CEBECİ says:

    Hi:) im Elif im from english is not im sorry about it:|

    When i was been first korea fun..i wanted to learn how my name is in korean.
    I search it in the net then i learn my name is Lee Seul Gi in korean.
    I wanted to learn there is any famous person in korea.then i wrote Lee Seul Gi to the google then it said me: Do you mean:Lee Seung Gi? 😀
    Then its The first time i saw Lee Seung Gi.i thoght he is very Handsome.
    After that then i saw him at brilliant legacy then i love hım.

    Kang chi is different character for looks wonderful with all his everything. While He have transformation he looks wonderful.I saw that Lee Seung Gi’S acting is very developed With kang chi. When kang chi was crying i was crying too.when kang chi was smiling i was smiling too.when kang chi was in pain i was in pain too.all of his moment i feel too. I wanted to be Yeo Wool.kang chi was living the highest level of his love.
    He is also best a friend, good son, good student and good person.
    Thank You Dear Tryp.

  48. pearl says:

    i guess it’s because of daewoong that after watching MGIAG i get hooked to lee seung gi…i’m just curious of him one day that can’t get enough of this drama and searched more about him, clicking each youtube video he was in(especially strong heart and 1n2d cuts), and found out he’s the other main mc on strong heart (that makes him look more witty for me) and the well loved maknae of 1n2d. from then on i was lead to this blog (everything lee seunggi) since 2011..then ’til now, i get hooked of his charm maybe because he can host(his witty and real natural in variety), he can act, plus he is a singer..that makes me more happy and proud of him being one of the most respected young multi-talented entertainer of south korea… and the rest is history, (following all his albums, cf’s, and dramas of course(chil princesses, brilliant legacy, mgiag, king2hearts and gu family book).
    choi kang chi is a character that a human must have, his persistence and kind heart makes him more inspiring to watch..he teaches us to be loyal, and to be true to oneself…and i love his determination when he does something that would benefit not only him but also the people around whom he calls family, he protects and loved them even though betrayal awaits him…..
    well i guess this half beast is more human to me..;)

    thank you for this wonderful oppurtunity tryp…

    maraming salamat po!

    i’m from the philippines. 🙂

  49. Elifnur KARADUMAN says:

    “Merhaba” ^-^
    Hi! My name is Elifnur. I’m from Turkey. I was watching Korean dramas for a while. I wasn’t happy too much about that I watched… I didn’t like exactly any drama. I started My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho because of my friends advices. And I noticed that was my exactly searching since the first episode :3 It was a funny drama and the first Korean drama that I laughed too much. But after all it’s started being dramatic since that I watched first episode I always loved LSG- Cha Dae Woong- LSG is the first Korean person that I wanted to research his life. u.u His song, voice, heart and soul inpressed me. and made the reason that i’m in Airen family >__< Day by day i tried to translate this but It's really hard for me because I don't know English…I'm really sorry for that *-* Thank you!!! ❤

  50. Hye Mi says:

    Hi 🙂
    I am from Baku, Azerbaijan 🙂 Please, accept my frankly feelings ! ^_^ I am thankful for making this chance for us ^_^
    Yeah… What about ❤ Lee Seung Gi ❤ ?…If we tell the truth , i know him for 5 months.But now i'm Airen 😀 I think he is magical..I knew him with Gu Family Book drama,with the character,Kang Chi.Doubtless,the fans love him,because he is sweet,frank,very good and he has an amazing and unique voice.That is why he amazes all.I am happy for knowing him:) I enjoy his songs.And I'm writing this listening his 'the last words' song which has sounded in Gu Family Book.Gu Family Book is the best historical and fantastic drama i ever seen. Really I can't say another word about it,in one word it was amazing.And especially Kang Chi's character (Choi Kang Chi).I have no word to Lee Seung Gi's ability of the profession of an actor.He plays his character so good , that I feel myself in the Drama.It is a really amazing feeling.Seung Gi always manages his roles very well,he lives real feelings in Dramas.I love Kang Chi's pureness,simplicity,childhood,sometimes naughtiness.Tell the truth,I'd like to be as Kang Chi 😀 Yeah, Kang Chi is an only character , but was completely different.As if Seung Gi has created another world with this role.Kang Chi's smile was so wonderful.But I couldn't stand his crying.At the same time his image-his hair and his clothes was so cute.His feelings with family and the revenge sense against Kwan Woong was very strong.When I watched this drama, I was greatly excited.WELL DONE Seung Gi oppa ^_^
    in fact my words don't want to finish ,but I must finish it.And at the end i must say one thing, Lee Seung Gi is a miracle that his love connects all the fans.. God save you !.. Fighting~!!!
    Again thanks , dear Tryp … and sorry for my mistakes ^_^

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