26 Responses to Lee Seung Gi 2013 Singapore FM Fan Account by AY: What I Saw in Seung Gi 5 feet away

  1. AIreN says:

    what a nice and warm heart fan account, AY 🙂 thank you for sharing this meaningful moment. your words really will get through heart by anyone who read this. haa~ you make me want to see LSG in person even more! hope my wish will come true someday^^ thanks for sharing AY and TRYP96!!^^

  2. Fara Noona says:

    Woww lucky you, you got a really really good seat. Thank you for sharing your experience^^

  3. Racil says:

    thank you very much for the very beautiful touching insight about Seung Gi AY, we Airens who never got the chance to meet Seung Gi YET in person get to know him more and more thru all you guys who share your experiences. Thanks again AY and Tryp!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    What all your described about Seung Gi is very very agreed. Thanks for sharing with us

  5. Muljen says:

    I really like your fan account. Thank you for sharing it with us

  6. yani262 says:

    Woah another awesome recounting from you. Thank you very much AY for this heartfelt and heart warm fan account. I believe you were able to take me and the the other readers to see the real Lee Seung Gi through your writing.

  7. Amielle316 says:

    Thank you so much AY for your thoughtful & lovely insights on the FM. Since its your third time to see LSG in person, it seems #3’s a Charm, right ^o^ ? I really really love reading fan accounts, thus every shared experiences were like treasured jewels that will always fascinate me.
    “…I told them that I liked him because in him, I saw hope…” My sentiments were exactly the same, that’s why I like Lee Seung Gi so much. I might be older than him but he inspires me to be a better person.
    Thank you again for sharing your wonderful experience. Love it!

  8. yp says:

    Thx AY and as always tryp ,
    I totally agree with you. I also got a good seat in bkk fm. what i could do was just stared at him without my camera/phone (so i gave my friend to took all for me …kiki ).
    not only young ppl inspired by him, i am not that young but also inspired by him when i faced the difficulty at work.
    His attitude and wise make me love him even more.
    Thanks all airen for being together every where.

  9. yaleeh says:

    AY,thank you so much for all of this…its so wonderful….and also TRYP,you are always appreciated…^_^

  10. Zed24 says:

    Thanks, AY for the heartwarming fan account. I’m trying to put together my fan account and looking for a fresh angle to write it.

  11. DV says:

    I like your fan account AY 😍😍😍 Thank you for sharing it. And for Tryp.. Thank u as always 😍😍😍

  12. leogalsg says:

    Thank u for the heartwarming story. I can feel how u feel abt him. I was there. He was totally in his own leagues. miss him already.

  13. AnnMichelle says:

    Love this!
    A fan is a reflection of her star. In you this proves to be totally true.
    Thanks so much.

  14. JJ says:

    Thanks AY 🙂 It was a lovely refreshing account.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Thanks AY. i totally agree. He looked more relaxed. Glad to see that sight of him in Singapore.

  16. sarah says:

    Dearest Ay, big Thanks for sharing this Lovely-Heartwarming FA..^^ I am inspired to write my own FA too.. I just cant get my thoughts ready. the feeling of seeing him for the first time is unexplainable..^^ But one thing I am sure. This Guy is for Real on and off cam. He is surely a good person. I felt that.^^ and he LOVES wholeheartedly ALL his Fans 😉

  17. triangel25 says:

    Thanks for the sharing~!
    You are lucky to be able to meet him from such close distance~!!! =)

  18. jan says:

    OMY, AY you really a REAL >>>>REAL >>>> AIREN> LOL

  19. seunggicharm says:

    Lovely fan account AY! This is just so awesome. ^^ It makes us love Seung Gi more. It’s nice to see him grow into a person who becomes more and more lovable. ^^ Thanks for sharing!

  20. sweetspring says:

    Great account of the FM! thanks 🙂 I wish I was close enough for Seung Gi to step on my face if he so wished but alas I was further away this FM. What I remember most was when Seung Gi recognized the girl that got proposed to last FM & the emcee was asking after her fiancé but Seung Gi heard it as Beyonce! :p
    I was in one of the last rows to wait for the hi 5 so I was observing Seung Gi supporting his back as he had to lean slightly over the table between him & the fans. He was so patient even with the aunties & kids that took abit more time to walk over to him but could see the strain & discomfort by the time it got to my turn though he didn’t make it obvious. I had practiced since I bought my ticket what I wanted to say to him once I see him face to face again since I didn’t want a repeat of last time when i froze up like a statue but i revised the sentence to “힘내세요” as I hoped to send him some strength to finish the hi 5 session & he mouthed “thank you” which I saw he did to people who said something to him. His voice must have been strained after singing all the songs too. He really puts in the effort in whatever he does, that’s why I & many fans adore him so. Hope he makes his FM an annual thing like his december concerts!
    Also Tryp dear, didn’t know you went too, wish I could have had the opportunity to thank you in person for your effort with this blog so here’s me sending a “고마워요” 🙂

  21. trish says:

    Very thoughtful and warm account, AY! Love your perspective. Thanks for sharing!

  22. LSGfan says:

    AY~~~~ you know me soooooo well now~~!!!! I was freaking out b/c LSG was styled so great for the Singapore trip! and the hair too! puahahahaha. I was like, omg what’s wrong with Cody?! Is he sick?! Why such good fashion choices! (although the airport fashions were mehhhh!) I love love love the photos from press con and fan meet~~~ as we all know, photos don’t really do justice since he’s not the most photogenic. He looked so handsome and lovely… huhuhu. Let’s hope it gets even better for Taiwan. (cody tends to have amnesia from time to time!)

    such a sweet fan account. you and tryp are awesome~~~!!!

  23. snowflakes says:

    Thanks AY for the fan account! I love what you wrote there, “..I liked him because in him, I saw hope.” because that’s exactly why I thought too. I’m younger than him by 4 years and doing my degree. Sometimes when things get hard I’ll think of what he would have done if he were in my situation and that inspires me to work harder to achieve my dreams and to be more positive 🙂 There’s just no other celebrity like him.

  24. Cherrie Fab says:

    thank you!!

  25. Kerry says:

    Thanks for such a wonderful and insightful overview provided of him. We can spend hours admiring the thousands of photos of him, but it takes only one recount like this, to really touch our hearts and lead us to the real seung gi whom we all yearn to embrace and to understand. I am really grateful to u for sharing your personal recount. It really made my day, to know that I’m one step closer to knowing this idol, most importantly, bring aware of how he is progressing behind what we already know.

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