21 Responses to ‘The Brilliant Show in Singapore’ Fan Account by Zed24: Lee Seung Gi – The Real Deal

  1. Amielle316 says:

    Thank you so much Zed24 for sharing with us another lovely fan account; luv it. The details you shared were like precious spices sprinkled on a cherished dish, thus I am savoring every details that I read on fan accounts & the pictures & videos I’ve seen are more appreciated.
    I do love the Hawaii video; I wish Airens can have a copy ^v*;

    Please let me take this opportunity to cheer: Singapore Airens are Jjang!

    & as always, thank you Tryp… Have loads of fun ^^!

  2. LSGfan says:

    Thx Zed24~~ Another great fan account~~!!!

    Honestly, I was so happy to read this –> “When I first registered myself at the reception desk, I was reminded not to ask questions related to military, relationship or co-stars.”
    Wow, LSG’s agency actually made a good PR move for once! probably knew that if he mentioned those things, it would totally overshadow anything else that’s way more impt (ya know, like stuff LSG spends his time doing!).. you can imagine the headlines. it happens all the time in korean interviews. like how many times can you ask him about his ideal type, military, and co-stars?!?!

    like that the games and songs are a bit different at the various fan meets; it keeps it fresh. hope to see new stuff in taiwan too. Also, he’s doing a great job of promoting his drama, as only he can do!

  3. Racil says:

    wow thank you very much for the detailed and beautiful fan account Zed, Seung Gi must have recognized you in the Hi-5 session he got a very good memory, thanks again for sharing your another adventure in the FM Zed.

    • Zed24 says:

      Hi Racil. It would be good if he remembers me. If not, it’s ok. That is why I made him a scrapbook to record the concerts and fan meetings I have attended so far.

  4. yani262 says:

    Thank you sooo much Zed24. Same with LSGFan, I also happy for once his management reminded the press not asking those 3 questions (military, etc) as there were already lots of news covering about it esp during the interview after GFB is finished. I’m looking forward to reading all your lovely fan accounts from the Tokyo concert.

  5. joy says:

    Thank you Zed24…see you @Seoul

  6. leogalsg says:

    Another daebak fan acct. I really having goosebumps when reading any fan acct. esp abt HIM. Withdrawal symptoms will always stay with me.

  7. menik says:

    Great observation zed24…., but may I know what was SGi answer for the question about concert at other country (aside Korea/Japan)??

    • Zed24 says:

      Hi menik! He said he would love to do so but there are logistical reasons like finding a suitable venue. For the moment, he will concentrate on fan meetings as these allow him to get closer to his fans.

  8. thesuperAiren says:

    my eyes becames stars while reading this… i felt like i was there too.. loved it so much… if only i cud meet seung gi… where can u find a guy like him.. he makes u crazy.. love u seunggi oppa.. now n always :””

  9. luvsg says:

    Thanks, I noticed his shoes too. Glad he came but was rather disappointed he didn’t shake hands at airport. Very different from Taiwan situation seen recently. 😦

  10. menik says:

    thanks 4 answer me zed24.., I’m now also wondering is it 30 Nov and 1 Dec are Confirmed Schedule for Seoul Concert..(Our dear Tryp ever posted,SGi confirmed him self while fan signing).., cos we all have to start to hunt ticket and hotel yoooo….^^..

    • Zed24 says:

      Those were the dates I got from this blog. I’ve already booked my hotel. Once I get the concert tickets, I’ll book my flight.

  11. Cherrie Fab says:

    thank you!!

  12. Diana Rose says:

    i hope lee seung gi,,will be here in phil,,
    we are xo happy is he here…

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