13.09.14 Lee Seung Gi Taiwan FM Fancams 5

*updated – 18 clips*

MC unbuttoning SeungGi’s shirt, SeungGi throwing giraffe dolls

SeungGi talking about kiss scenes, ideal type

SeungGi talking about playing KC

playing game: butt-pushing

playing game: pedometer + palm-pushing

fans’ confession

piggyback ride

SeungGi’s clothes size (usually M, sometimes S), shower habits (washes face first)

credit: magi shinee

Will You Marry Me

credit: Lily Kuo


Love Taught Me to Drink

Smile Boy

Let’s Go On Vacation


credit: angelkalai @ lsghkcafe

Love Taught Me to Drink


Let’s Go On Vacation

Smile Boy

credit: amysora413 @ lsghkcafe

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1 Response to 13.09.14 Lee Seung Gi Taiwan FM Fancams 5

  1. dramaaddict says:

    The MC was even more excited than SG when asking and talking to SG abt those kissing scenes in GFB. SG is more relaxed now when he was describing his kissing scenes not like during BL’s days when he felt awkward talking abt them.
    SG, are u really sure that there weren’t any NG for all those kissing scenes. So SG could still remember all the kissing scenes. “No NGs but privately rehearsed for 10 times” according to the MC. 😛
    SG is forever so considerate towards his co-stars; even wants the co-stars to shine more than him during those kissing scenes. He even considered the angles and the lightings for the kissing scenes. lol
    So SG likes women with charms, sexy, cute and feminine and he doesn’t mind a foreigners. Hehe, all of us, foreign fans can send in our resumes now. 🙂

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