[Eng] Japanese anan Magazine Interview – Lee Seung Gi

*updated* Many thanks to AnnMichelle for the beautiful translation and Nicole for the lovely graphics! 😀

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Chinese translation by jtsgrm, nanako210 @ baidu tieba
English translation by AnnMichelle, special contributor to Everything Lee Seung Gi
Graphics by Nicoleko66

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30 Responses to [Eng] Japanese anan Magazine Interview – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Amielle316 says:

    A million thanks to nanako210, AnnMichelle, Nicoleko66 & of course Tryp.
    I LOVE it \^o^/… breathe in…breathe out… I need to calm down myself… can’t stop fangirling (^v*).
    LSG was such a sweetheart with the way he answered the questions ^^.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Is it just me or does Seung-gi sound like a person already in love? Or maybe falling in love… I personally would love it, if that were the case. I think he deserves to be in a relationship, feel the emotions, happiness and joy that comes along with it. He’s worked so hard for so many years that I feel he’s hardly made time for his personal life; now that he’s 26 – I feel its the right time to get into a relationship with someone…

    I also find it interesting that he mentioned waiting for 2 years… I think he’s hinting at waiting for her till he’s done his MS. That’s another reason I think those words are of someone who’s in love… But as long as he’s happy – relationship or no relationship – I’m happy 😛

    Thanks AnnMichelle, Nicole, Nanak0201, Tryp for all the hard work. I thought this is one of the most interesting/elaborate interviews he’s had in a while….

  3. Shey says:

    Thanks for sharing this article with us…especially to those who translate it…

    I think our Seung Gi is already in love…I’m I right or I’m I right? Lolz

    Whoever is his girlfriend right now or his future girlfriend…She’s a lucky girl indeed!

    I hope I can meet someone like Seung Gi….:)

  4. dramaaddict says:

    SG, you just have to say the word, everyone would jump at the opportunity to wake you up in the mornings. 😛 I can assure you the ‘Q’ can commence from yr Apartment to Incheon Airport or even longer.
    Actually, I don’t advise people on driving with one hand but if that is you, SG and if you are holding my hand, it’s alright then.
    I’m admiring my calves too. (I can’t help laughing at myself now) 😛
    SG, you are awesome, how to not love you even more now!

    • yani262 says:

      Lol dramaadict you’re so funny … I love to read your comments 😉
      Thanks to SeungGi, now I’m checking out my calves and wondering whether they attractive enough to make him notice me hahahaha crazy fangirl
      Thank you AnnMichelle, Nicole and Tryp for translating, doing the graphic, and posting this article ^^

    • Erika says:

      LOL @ dramaaddict, I really love reading funny comments like yours. Hope and wish it will help me defy age! I’m in my 40’s but I look like in my 60’s. LOL So, I need to smile a little bit more!

      Our cute boy has turned into a gorgeous romantic young man who is in love! Brace yourselves Airens! I’m all ready to hear that he’s dating and deeply in love! I can’t wait to see little cute and lovely hoedangs but I bet he gonna shield his family from public and we may never see them at all. 😦 I’m just excited thinking of him having kids because I believe he’ll be a great daddy! His future family will be very lucky!

      To all our Airens’ and SeungGi’s angels: Tryp, AnnMichelle, Nanako & Nicole, thank you so very much for all your hard work. You guys are amazing! God bless you all always.

    • skaterjomag says:

      Hahaha I love your comment! You said everything that I wanted to say… I usually don’t wake up on my own too until my mom wakes me up. But if it is for SG, I will gladly wake up early automatically just to wake my lovely and adorable SG up from his sleep with a massage and make him a delicious and healthy breakfast. I would love to be the one holding his hand in the car while he drives. I will probably just keep looking at him while he’s driving instead of looking at the road. Of course, his words of assurance everyday and everyday! *dreaming with the law of attraction* 😀

    • dramaaddict says:

      yani262, Erika and skaterjomag, thks a lot. I think I must have gone crazy commenting like that. The catalyst is probably our dear, dear SG who prompts me to go on and on. (Erika, I feel the rehab is around the corner for me :P).
      Thks AnnMichelle for the beautiful translations and Nicoleko for her beautiful graphics. Finally many thks to tryp for creating this beautiful platform for us to comment and make our fangirling days more beautiful and enjoyable. 🙂

      • Erika says:

        @ dramaaddict, my husband might send me to join you in the rehab. LOL He calls me a SeungGi addict 🙂 I think rehab is better than the mental hospital though. 🙂 I can see that there so many people who are really going crazy over this adorable, young, smart and gorgeous man. 🙂 I’m one of them but I can still keep my sanity. LOL

  5. jengwen2126 says:

    I was laughing to myself reading this…really cute 🙂

  6. triangel25 says:

    Thanks to all of you who have contributed your part in translating and uploading this article.
    It is very nice to read such article about SG from time to time, as it helps us to have a better understanding bout SG, and know exactly what actually did SG want and thinking.

    Despite being one of the national top star, he is just an ordinary and naïve guy when comes to love..
    SG can be a very romantic guy, and he has so much in mind that he wished he could do it to his future girlfriend/wife. Besides being romantic, he is also someone whom is very thoughtful and considerate.. He understands the principles of giving and taking especially in a man and woman relationship… That is why he mentioned that in order for his future wife to work hard for him, he need to work hard towards the relationship and give his all in.. He doesn’t has the ego in him that most of the men are having it nowadays.. He will do things that will contribute to mutual trust between the two of them to each other. I think he is someone that going to put in a lot of effort in maintaining and sustaining a good relationship.. Still remembered he mentioned before that he is someone very conservative when come to relationship… Wished that his wife won’t meet lots of guys before him, don’t wear revealing clothes and doesn’t go clubbing~! SG is seriously gonna be a cute boyfriend and husband~!!! =)

    He is well-known to be able to wake up early on himself and yet he is so humble saying that it is hard for him~!! =) His parents are very nice to wakes him up whenever he is at home… I think SG seriously grown up in a well-loved family… His parents adore him so much and educated him so well without over-pampered him to be a spoilt kid.. And his mum also must be a very good cook at home, seeing how she made the food for SG and also when sponsoring home-made food to the show (1n2d) last time… Which is why SG said he loved to cook!!! He is cute of him hoping that someone would wakes him up, gives him a massage and prepared him a warm and full of love simple breakfast.. He is definitely a family guy!!! A good son, good husband and good father!!

    Hopefully he is going to meet with his future wife soon.. So that he no longer feels lonely and there will be always someone there to wakes him up!!!hehehehe…

  7. leogalsg says:

    Thank you for the translation ladies. A very gd questions n a clever answer from LSG. We are getting to knw him better n what he want from someone he love. He must have someone in mind n hinting her to wait for him 😉

  8. lsgforever says:

    while reading SG’s interview, somehow I feel sad thinking that someone has already caught his precious heart..I know I should be happy for him but the selfishness in me just keeps coming out huhu..i’m so bad.. but after reading dramaaddict’s comment, I could’nt help laughing LOL..everything just turned bright and the bad vibes just disappeared..
    Happy to say i’m back to normal…LSG forever!!

  9. Xelle says:

    Oh M Gee! This make my day! Thanks for the translations!

  10. DraHya says:

    OMG!!!! He sounds like he’s in love!!!! Hehehe. A lot of hearts will be broken. Anyway, if ever he is dating, whoever the girl is, I will support their relationship because Seung Gi deserves happiness and I think whoever he will choose, will be a great girl because Seung Gi chose her. 🙂

  11. yp says:

    Thanks all your thoughtful and hard working..

    My heart was fluttering while reading his answered. ♡♡
    Wish he met the right girl for him

  12. sweetspring says:

    to the future Mrs. Lee Seung Gi, you surely must have done something great in your past life…

  13. iGo승기씨 says:

    SG is so cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    I can’t stop laughing!!!!.lols lols lols
    Thanks for the translations and beautiful graphic art ♥

  14. cimuthdirgee90 says:

    Seunggi yaaaaa
    my heart melting right now!!!

  15. sufi syifa says:

    I am flutter

  16. fangirlalways says:

    great job for translating… definitely worth reading… and thank you so much for sharing

  17. seunggicharm says:

    many thanks to the hardworking people behind the translation of this wonderful interview..^^ kyaa~~ my heart is flustered with the sweetness of uri Seung Gi-ya.. *melts* whoever his girlfriend would be..maaaaaaannnnnn..she’d really be the luckiest girl ever alive on the planet! *waaaah* Uri Seung Gi is becoming the best boyfriend/husband type day by day.. waaah.. I laughed and sighed a lot reading this article with a big smile on my face imagining how Seung Gi is as a boyfriend..^^hahaha.. Thanks everyone!

  18. liza says:

    I hope SG will be happy. After putting in pen all that he wish for in his love life, it will be heart breaking if the girl let him down. I think his request is quite hard to maintain. The reality in dating and love life is, it always have it ups and downs.. and everything in between. He is such a great guy…Good luck to SG…(I also think he is already in love..how .sweet)

  19. revolu says:

    And now we know who he was talking about LOL

  20. Amymiraaa says:

    He’s already dating yoona at this time :))

  21. omuraiisu says:

    Sigh (relief ) .. I can finally say this .. :’)
    When reading this article, like you guys, Airen who already know and understand SeungGi much much longer than me , I realized that in this interview SeungGi sound like someone in love. “So, he already has someone “. With this kind of feeling like this , I couldn’t give any comment while reading this, not even say thank you to Tryp . I just can’t find my word. I only can only giggling for witty comment, give thumbs up here and there . And prefer to think , it would be nice if I could be like that caracteristic that Seunggi mention, even if it only slightly . Or rather , I said to myself, I have to think like that. In order to can read this article so that I can push myself to be better . Like while I read or watch another Seunggi interview, not just motivate me to be a better girl. but with his sincere answers, always makes me want to be a better person. better personality.

    It ‘s not that I don’t want him to be in a relationship . On the contrary , I really hope there will be news which declared that he already has someone . Well, I don’t expect this news will come very soon. But when this news came, I’m truly very happy (of course there’s a heartbroken feeling too ). Not only happy for Seunggi, but also happy for myself . With this news, now I can finally become a more genuine fangirl, could call him ‘ oppa ‘ without feeling odd, can make confession in this blog of how and why I love SeungGi, without any hidden motive. (wow, did I really said something embarrassing myself like this) ^////^

    In the novel ” Shall We Date ? “, despite it is fiction written by Ms. Banana , and there are other things she added, but we can feel that it is really him, Seunggi we know. Or at least, I know myself, that it’s really describe Seunggi that I fell in love with . Making the story very real. As it true letter from Seunggi for the girl he loves. I know that Ms. Banana who creates the characters of “the girl” in that novel . But I always wondered . Who is the woman that SeungGi think when Miss Banana interviewed him . I always hope to know soon who the lucky lady that will occupy the position of that “girl” in this sweet story.

    I always tell myself, whoever she was, whether she fits with the character of the heroine or not, whether she is the one Seunggi think when Ms. Banana interviewed him or not. I will support the love between Seungi and the lucky lady, because she definitely is the girl he really loves. Now, I’ve re-read “Shall we Date?” with placing Yoona in it. And Yoona can fill the position of “the girl” perfectly. As I imagined, the story is more sweet and touching than ever, when there is someone who can fill this position. I cried full of warm feeling while reading it.

    I don’t know the future, but from now on I will support Lee Seung Gi oppa and Im Yoon Ah eonni relationship wholeheartedly. will fangirling them (well, maybe once in a while I guess I’ll show my jealousy), and wish all the best to both of them. 🙂

    PS: sorry for long commet, I’m just can’t help myself in another way.. ^_^’

  22. wow, and finally the girl is Yoona… congrats… 🙂

  23. Leuanh says:

    This interviewd has been done while Lee Seung Gi dating with Yoona ^^ He really cares and loves Yoona so much, that’s why he could do the interview with honestly and such a sweet heart.
    Lovely couple so far <33 Congratzz

  24. anne says:

    He is so INLOVE here 🙂

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