A Silly Poll…

A big thanks to everyone who voted and/or commented! Thanks for humoring me, and thanks for your support! But please let me make something clear. I was not angry at the person who brought up this issue. That’s NOT why I posted this poll. I just wanted to get a sense of how bothersome the ads were to the blog readers. So I’m very grateful to you guys for being so kind and tolerant. (And I have to admit that I’m also relieved to know that you guys already knew I had nothing to gain from those ads.)

No. What ads? I only have eyes for SeungGi. 72.26% (237 votes)
This is too silly. I don’t care. 25% (82 votes)
Yes. Please remove the ads. They are such an eyesore! 2.74% (9 votes)


Someone recently informed me that she had seen a lot of ads on my blog, and it looked like I was trying to make money out of it. 😦 Let me just set the record straight. I DO NOT make a single penny from this blog or any of my SeungGi-related activities. The ads at the end of my blog posts are put there by wordpress. (And the ads you see with youtube and dailymotion videos are put there by the respective video hosting sites, I have no control over them, and I have never signed up to earn money from them.) I talked to some other fans who are regular visitors of this blog. They said they had seen those ads since day one, but they knew not to click on them and it was never a problem.

Anyway, hoping to clear up any misunderstanding, I looked into removing ads from the blog. It is doable, as long as I pay wordpress a yearly fee. Now, it’s not like I can’t afford to pay the fee. But is it really necessary? I’m obviously too bored right now, thinking too much about something so trivial, but please just humor me.

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35 Responses to A Silly Poll…

  1. Monza says:

    i didn’t see the ads either
    it knows me well that i come here just for seunggi. hahaha

  2. mel says:

    Wow, really? Yeah, very silly.

    It’s called adblock if the ads offend you anonymous person. Some people should keep their thoughts to themselves as well. I wouldn’t pay anything unless you want to. You put so much time and effort into this site as it is.

  3. AnnMichelle says:

    I was torn between the 2nd and the 3rd choice. But I settled on the 2nd…thinking saying some issue silly might not be the most diplomatic way to respond 🙂

  4. a1 says:

    Hi tryp,If they put adblocks on their computer they won’t see those ads at all. i have been visiting your site for 2 years now like every hour i have never encounter anything in regards with ads. Ads were put up so that the hosting site can earn some money to continue their services and wordpress is one of that. But it is not necessarily to click on those ads,and it doesn’t mean you saw it on tryp site it was tryp who put those ads. Have a great day! 😀 Fighting!!

  5. dramaaddict says:

    Tryp, I would say ‘ignore them.’ Why waste $ for these trivial issues? I haven’t seen any ads or maybe I need my ‘lao hua’ glasses now.
    If that ‘someone’ has too much time on her hands, she should start her own blog with no ads if there is any. 😛

  6. manassuper says:

    ” Someone recently informed me that she had seen a lot of ads on my blog, and it looked like I was trying to make money out of it “…..really some cheap people do make cheap comments….it’s better to ignore than to take it to heart or think about it…it’s even worse if you explain your stance when you are on the right side..explaining is like giving them extra milage and respect to them which they don’t deserve in first place….really i don’t know what to say instead of seeing what you do for us LSG fans and acknowledging your contribution they just post they resort to this cheap bickering….really shameful and disgusting……..what i wan to say i love the blog and would love it continue for many years to come….as a fan of LSG and at the same time a follower of your blog would request you to not get swayed by this few cheap comments by few dodgy ones becoz LSG fans truly love and adore you tryp96 and always grateful for what you do for us…..always appreciative of you hard work…..tryp96 fighting!

  7. Amielle316 says:

    Me 2, never saw the ads @ wordpress. RE: youtube & dailymotion, I’m aware that its the hosting sites prerogative. You are too considerate Tryp, by asking us our opinion toward this issue but thank you anyway. I believe in you tryp96, Fighting! Thank you so much for all your hard work; your generosity & good intentions are always appreciated

  8. geese says:

    ads am too busy and excited reading blog of seung gi it’s too silly to even mind it…why bother ads they are everywhere….you just read what’s important and that’s none other than updates/articles about seung gi…he he he he…

  9. Sashimidou says:

    Please do not spend the money TRUE Airen are all only interested in Seung Gi. Don’t bother about those people who are not setting their priority right. Advert are everywhere, are we all gg to ban them?Easy. Just dont look them.

  10. Uyen says:

    I read your blog on different devices, and .sometimes see ads, sometimes not. I don’t know why but always believe that you definitely don’t earn any money from them, so I just ignore them. I even thought you should accept ads and use the money to pay for image storage which you’re paying with your own money.

  11. triangel25 says:

    No. What ads? I only have eyes for SeungGi.

  12. may says:

    I’ve never seen ads in your blog. I dot know if it’s because I have ad-blocker or I only have eyes for Seung Gi^o^

  13. dalsg says:

    Tryp, I really dont bother abt the ads coz I really only saw SeungGi in your lovely blog ! Fighting dear ^^

  14. tryp96 – Thank you for all your hard work, of all the blogs I follow yours is the busiest, most informative & fun to follow. I never noticed ad’s, do not click on ad’s, any computer savvy person knows this. Keep “Fighting”!

  15. Anonymous says:

    I never pay attention to the ads. Everytime I come to visit your site. All I see is Seung Gi, your dedication and hard work. Thanks Tryp for this wonderful blog.

  16. Melle says:

    Who cares for ads? Even the care bear doesn’t care! It doesn’t bother me. So do we, Airens! Cheer!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Whoever informed you that is really showing his/her true intention. That person is just wanting to get the spotlight, or maybe too jealous that his own blog is not getting attention from other readers/bloggers. That is why he is throwing his tantrums anywhere just to get an attention.

    Tryp, you are like a fruitful tree, the more fruits you have the more attention you get either positive or negative. But cheer up, it only signifies that there are thousands of people who appreciates your effort about Lee seung Gi updates. Those who could not appreciate it, get lost! haha

  17. yani262 says:

    I might have a banner blindness as I either consciously or unconsciously ignore the ads in this blog. The only thing I care about is information about SeungGi and also the airens’comments ^^.
    No need to spend your money Tryp as the poll in here show only 1.46% asked you to remove the ads, while the rest respondents tend to ignore or disregard it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    This is YOUR blog & you absolutely have every rights to do what want you. Those who don’t like it, pls just leave & go to some other blogs!!! Tryp96, for sure the aunty & niece will visit your blog every single day♥♥♥

  19. Erika says:

    Tryp, you’re awesome! Please just ignore these few people who’re talking senselessly.

    If I were to have a say, I’d want you to put ads (that earn) on your blog so that you can have additional source to cover your blog expenses and it doesn’t hurt if you have some left for yourself. You’re investing your precious time, energy, money, emotion, etc. in maintaining this wonderful blog. It’s just right for you to have a return of your investments. Airens should be happy if you do have additional earnings from doing this. It’s so selfish of us just thinking of our covenience of reading the updates without the ads! Think also of Tryp’s sacrifices for us readers of this blog. She could be sleeping and doing profitable endeavors instead of giving us prompt and daily updates of our favorite star, Lee SeungGi. Where could we find an LSG blog as amazing as this? The least we can do as guests in this blog is to respect, trust and support Tryp. As the owner of this blog, she has all the right to do whatever she wanted to do but as considerate as she is, she’s even given us the opportunity to voice out our thoughts thru this poll and the comment section. As guests here, please let us be appreciative of Tryp’s hard work.

    Tryp, thank you so very much for all you hard work and sacrifices. God bless you always.

    Peace to all. 🙂

  20. Osi says:

    I’ve been following this blog since it’s first launched, even from tryp’s tumblr days, umm, no, I’m not a stalker. Hehe. And I never, even once, as far as I remember, see any ads here. I use Google Chrome, by the way, and I don’t use adblock. Maybe my love for Seung Gi has blocked the ads 😀 . Perhaps I can suggest you guys, who get annoyed by the ads, can try to use Google Chrome and deepen your love for Seung Gi. Haha. Just Kidding. Peace.^^

    • Osi says:

      *to try using
      And honestly, I really don’t mind seeing ads in blogs/websites I visit. They don’t bother me at all.
      Thanks tryp for all you’ve done for us.^^

    • Erika says:

      @Osi, hi 5! I also have been following Tryp’s blog since tumblr days. 🙂 I don’t even know if I’ve seen ads because I only give attention to LSG updates and guests’ comments. 🙂

      • Osi says:

        Hi 5! We’re not stalker, right? 🙂
        And I couldn’t agree more with your comment above. I even don’t mind clicking linkbucks or adf.ly before I enter a site to watch a video for example, because I’m thinking of the effort the owner make to run the site.
        Tryp has done so much for us. I think it would be really nice if all of us can become supportive and appreciative readers.

        • Erika says:

          LOL We’re not stalkers! We are just followers of a great blogger! 🙂

          Thank you for agreeing to my comment above. 🙂 Yes, Tryp has done so much for us and it would be really nice if ALL of us can become supportive and appreciative.

          Sometimes there are people who have so much negativity in their lives that they can’t find happiness in other people’s success or achievements. This blog is on it’s way to 17 million hits! We should be celebrating, not criticizing!

  21. b says:

    person who always think Negative their life was always not happy (stone head) just ignored them but this is your blog you have every right to clear the air.
    Tryp, Thank you very much God bless you always !!!

  22. yoitskiah says:

    B-b-but what ads? I don’t think you care for ads.

  23. Becky Anh says:

    Follow your posts seems my must-thing to do everyday. I really dont know there are ads or u’r makin money with this or not.

    I believe in your spirit and love for SG. It’s truly worthwhile.
    No worries at all Tryp!

  24. Eva says:

    Ads? Money? Whoa! What’s next? You’re Seung Gi’s anti fan…a stalker…a sasaeng fan?that’s why you’re exposing all of his activities?! Geez I tell u some people just don’t have any other better things to do. We should actually be paying you for all of your hardwork and dedication. Heck we get more up to date info from you than his agency! I’ve been stalking your blog for years and never even care about those ads coz I only care to know what’s going on about Seung Gi!

  25. Era says:

    Just ignore it unnie^^…
    The most important is you know it’s not true…and I think many airen will think it’s not true too…
    I’m really grateful have you unnie^^…
    Because of you,we…new airen know everything about seung gi-shi^^…
    Nomu nomu kamsahamnida….fighting^^…

  26. Erika says:

    To the 9 people who voted to remove the ads, you are practically saying to Tryp this: Yes remove the ads and pay the WordPress the yearly fee! You come here to entertain yourself for free and yet you want Tryp to work hard for you and spend her own money for you as well! It’s like you just come here to bleed her to death! How selfish, inconsedirate and ungrateful acts!

    • Erika says:

      Please try to put yourselves in her shoes as the blogger. You work so hard night and day 24/7 to do excellent maintainance of your blog. Do you really want to pay WordPress the yearly fee if there’s a way to do it for free? If you do, then go make your own Lee SeungGi blog without ads, we’ll support you!

  27. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if those 9 ppl work for wordpress. hahahah….

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