Na Young Seok PD reveals the hidden subtitle of ‘Noonas Over Flowers’

‘SeungGi ya, run away’ 😆


PD Na told reporters on October 30, “Because I worked with Lee Seung Gi for a long time, we know each other very well. Lee Seung Gi is good at everything but he doesn’t know women very well. Even when we did the preliminary filming, he was often in a dazed state, not knowing what to do.”

“It’s joked among the production staff that the subtitle should be ‘SeungGi ya, run away’. I think we’ll be able to find something interesting in the way Lee Seung Gi gets flustered because he doesn’t understand the noonas’ emotional lines.”

Source: sportschosun via nate, tvdaily via nate
English translation:

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22 Responses to Na Young Seok PD reveals the hidden subtitle of ‘Noonas Over Flowers’

  1. Zed24 says:

    Oh dear! Does that mean SG will learn about women the hard way…Poor thing…

  2. We wish to help our Seung Gi but firstly please Hook confirm the Flight !!!
    So we can give our ”Flower” Airen Love and streng to max!!!^^

    • tryp96 says:

      I just saw one article that mentioned they were leaving at night, so it’s probably the 11:55pm flight.

      • ㅠ ㅠ Friday morning ….

        • layman says:

          if I am not wrong they will be arrived Istanbul early morning, later take another Flight ” 0900 +hrs to Zagreb (croatia)

          • pinksapphire says:

            This is extracted from Expedia for the 11.55pm flight from Seoul. I am not sure whether they are going to take these flights.
            FLIGHT DETAILS
            Thu 31-Oct (Arriving 1-Nov) Seoul, South Korea to Zagreb, Croatia
            Seoul (ICN) to Istanbul (IST)
            Asiana Airlines 6931 operated by Turkish Airlines
            Depart 11:55pm Arrive 5:00am +1 day
            Duration: 12h 5m
            Stopover: Istanbul (Ataturk Intl.) 5h 10m
            Istanbul (IST) to Zagreb (ZAG)
            Croatia Airlines 5351 operated by Turkish Airlines
            Depart 10:10am Arrive 11:15am
            Duration: 2h 5m

  3. Starstruck. says:

    Hahaha I love how na pd is so close with Seung gi that he’s able to crack jokes like this.
    They’re really the ultimate dream team in variety!
    Looking forward to Noona over flowers! (haha I’d definitely choose the flower boy though, just saying.)
    Also looking forward to the reunion of Seunggi and his on screen mom!

  4. genie says:

    I don’t think so, SG has a sister and has fallen in love at least 3 times. he isn’t a pro, but not a rookie, either. this is a variety show, if this is SG’s new role setting, I am looking forwards.

  5. arizkis says:

    i prefer to ‘seunggi-ya, run away!’ for the title…,..kekeke.

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  7. babygirl says:

    Seung gi :Help !!! Noonas Please Help
    Noonas : why why ?? what happened ?
    Seung Gi : PD Na and Filming crews all missing !!!
    Noonas : READY !! seung gi ya, Croatia Beach is so beautiful so many bigini girls i think they much be busy filming bigini girls and forget about OK is OK
    PS : Who is missing ????

  8. rosariogloria42 says:

    If ever Seung Gi has to run away… it wouldn’t be from the noonas… it will probably be from all sorts of jokes that his PD close friend will be cracking… and oh, i believe Seung Gi will be happy to be of help to his noonas… from what I’ve heard he’s got a soft heart for elder women…

  9. dramaaddict says:

    PD Na better don’t be so confident about SG. SG has a sister and Mum, how could it be possible that SG doesn’t know women well. 😛
    All his main leads in his dramas are famous actresses and all of them have different personalities.
    Porter SG, show PD Na that he is wrong, please!

  10. Rensha says:

    ahahaha.. SeungGi~ya run away!! sounds so funny ^^ can’t wait to watch duo SGi and PD Na project again 🙂

  11. losingmymind says:

    Fighting, Seung Gi! You can do it!

  12. joy says:

    PD Na ya, Seung gi run away becoz money not enough he is looking for cash online machine

  13. Hopefully the show will be subbed in English 🙂

  14. Tiffany says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if someone turned Na PD’s evil genius ideas right back at him. I remember how angry he used to get when things didn’t go his way. Come in seung gi yah, show him you can turn tables around 😛

  15. Kristy says:

    if variety gets an ost then for this one it would be LSG’S bacause you are my woman!

  16. triangel25 says:

    Actually both titles are okay for me~!
    Cause for me, both titles, when I see it, the first thing that comes to my mind would be SG~! lol..
    Let’s wait and see if SG is going to run away!!! LOL… seems like SG, PD Na and the production crew is going to work pretty well together since they already built a good chemistry between them way before the actual filming started~!
    Hopefully SG has a safe flight tmr and begin his so-called ‘nightmare trip with PD Na’..hahahahhaa..

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