October 2013 Diary of Yoshimoto Banana

A big thanks to AnnMichelle for translating these inside stories shared by Ms. Banana in her diary! (Please note that only parts directly related to Seung Gi were translated.)

I think there must be a lot of people who are curious about this collaboration between me and the entertainment industry. So I will just write something about Seung Gi.

In fact, at the beginning of this formal joint venture, I felt very uneasy. We also encountered many obstacles during the course of this project. In the end, however, I believe I made the right decision to accept the commission.

Back then when the top executives at Amuse (Seung Gi’s Japanese agency) knocked on my door with this project proposal, the first thought that came into mind was: can this project be successful? Truthfully, there were many unfavorable factors working against it. Firstly, my work has long been represented by another agency; secondly, I had run into some small dispute with the publisher of this project, Magazine House, over certain matter in the past. To overcome those and make this project work, it was with some difficulty.

Fortunately, having the super excellent editor Mr. Tetsuo acting as a coordinator, this work proceeded smoothly. I attribute it all to the trust and good will we had established when working together on my serialization previously. It also makes me realize how right I was in insisting on working with honesty and integrity.

When I first made contact with Seung Gi’s agency, Hook Entertainment, their attitude was kind of reserved. But, as I continued and persisted with my effort, they began to understand where I’d come from, and gradually we became close. Especially regarding the representative of the company, Ms. Kwon, I so esteem and revere her that it’s no exaggeration to call her a heroine of mine.

Anyway, when we all worked together to push for this “Lee Seung Gi” project, I truly felt that we were going to accomplish something wonderful.

Although at the initial phases of the project, I worried: is such a slow pace really going to be okay? But, at the very end, the staff exerted great concentration to complete the staging of the performance. I guess that is what’s called professionalism.

While always smiling and welcoming in front of an audience, Seung Gi was extremely serious and hard working during rehearsals. This other side of his, seldom seen publicly,  moved me and brought tears into my eyes.

He alone has to shoulder the expectations from all the people. And he is equipped with amazing talent to respond to those expectations. I think that’s the reason why, when he stands on stage with a sense of responsibility, he shines so brilliantly.

To know a star with such incredible abilities, and to live at a time when all of us can support him in his activities, my heart is filled with nothing but joy. It’s such a blessing to be able to appreciate his presence, and, as time passes, to gradually grow old with him.

In fact, I have a dream. I hope one day Seung Gi can participate in a movie based on my novel. After this collaboration, I feel my dream has taken its first step toward fulfillment.
But then, at the final stage of this project, the Tokyo concert, the image of him reading the novel flashed onto the big projection screen. Watching him convey his feelings with even finer and more delicate expressions than usual, already like a classic scene in a movie, I think my dream indeed has been realized.

In the few days I got to spend with Seung Gi, we often chatted idly about this and that.

Like when he saw me wearing the bead bracelet, a gift from the Gu Family Book OST, he would say, “Ah, you cannot take the bracelet off! (Or I would turn into a beast?)”

And when he saw me for the first time of the day, he asked, “What has happened? You look so pretty today!” The way he stressed the word ‘today’ was actually a little annoying.

Or the time he went snorkeling on his trip to Hawaii’s Hanauma Bay after having watched carefully the descriptions on DVDs. It turned out the water was too turbid that day for any decent fish observation.

He also mentioned his regrets about the song “Last Word,” that he over-thought it because he wanted too much for good results. On hindsight, it’s probably better to ask and desire nothing when composing a song.

About acting, he said, “In Korea a lot of people equate crying at will with good acting. But I hope they would pay more attention to more nuanced details.”

One day by happenstance he noticed my cell phone decorations were all his memorabilia. He picked one out and said, “Ah, this one used my earliest picture. The others… I am not sure, but this one, I know it’s the earliest.”

This ordinary Seung Gi, who chitchatted so comfortably with me, once standing on a stage or going into a performing mode, can completely change into a totally different person. The instance the camera starts rolling, it’s as if some energy from heaven just descends on him, the imposing manner literally incomparable. This is perhaps the epitome of talent.

From this collaboration I have gained access to the entertainment world and learned a lot. I feel I should graduate from just being a simple and happy fan. In the future I want to be someone more capable, someone who can stand behind Seung Gi and help him.

Even with resolution like that, I feel pretty much the same way as other fans do. In times of sadness or boredom, I am soothed and energized by following Seung Gi, by listening to his songs, and by watching his dramas. That’s why I will always remember the pure feelings of being a fan, and try my best to become a role model for fans.

Source: Yoshimoto Banana
Chinese translation by nanako210 at Baidu Tieba
English translation by AnnMichelle, special contributor to Everything Lee Seung Gi

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14 Responses to October 2013 Diary of Yoshimoto Banana

  1. Bananay says:

    Thank you ♡

    • Racil says:

      thank you kindly as always Tryp, AnnMichelle, & nanako210, This is a very touching and beautiful article shared by Miss Banana really moved me, our Seung Gi is in fact an incredible talent, thanks a lot again Miss Banana for bringing Seung Gi closer to all Airens. More power!!!

  2. dramaaddict says:

    Really an awesome article by Ms Banana. Many thks to AM for translating and tryp for sharing with us.

  3. LSGfan says:

    Wow~~!!!! Ms. Banana Yoshimoto is such a wonderful person and an amazing fan!!! As are Tryp and AnnMichelle, and all the other fans!

    I love how Seunggi always makes every result, whether great or not as great, a learning experience for next time! He’s so amazing and I look up to him so much. 🙂

  4. trish says:

    Such a beautiful writing on a beautiful person. Thanks for translating and sharing it!

  5. Amielle316 says:

    Thank you so much Tryp, nanako210 & AnnMichelle for sharing this article, I love it. Thank you so much Ms. Yoshimoto Banana for generously sharing these little details about Lee Seung Gi that always warm the hearts of fans like me.
    Ms. Yoshimoto expressed an Airen heart perfectly ^^:
    “To know a star with such incredible abilities, and to live at a time when all of us can support him in his activities, my heart is filled with nothing but joy. It’s such a blessing to be able to appreciate his presence, and, as time passes, to gradually grow old with him.”
    “In the future I want to be someone more capable, someone who can stand behind Seung Gi and help him.”
    These sentiments echoes to millions of LSG fans around the world; we will definitely grow old with him, stand behind him, support him & trust Lee Seung Gi.

  6. Anonymous says:

    oh seunggi ya your honesty,hardworking,pure and bright personality win another heart of an amazing and talented fan Ms Banana…….who could left unaffected by you??beware LSG sweet virus spreading in human with an incredible speed which left you smiling after just a little eposure to this virus…CHOCOLATE LSG VIRUS(2004-present).waah.hehehaha 🙂

  7. impreza says:

    She’s so humble !!! She’s a very famous writer and yet her words are so nice and tender towards this beautiful guy who is much younger. Wow. And I love the way she talks about him. This collaboration is so touching. I’m proud of being a fan of both of them.

  8. impreza says:

    I want to add a big THANK YOU for this translation !!!!

  9. may says:

    Thank for the translation as always!! I think I’m going to read some of her books now. I love how she write about Seung Gi. One of Seung Gi’s best fans!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I’m just so impressed on how Ms. Banana described Seung Gi… the more I feel proud to be his fan! And I’m loving him even more.

    This is what I like the most of what she said “In times of sadness or boredom, I am soothed and energized by following Seung Gi, by listening to his songs, and by watching his dramas.”…. very true! As I’m experiencing so much stress right now but still managed to visit tryp’s blog and update myself of Seung gi.

    Ah! This is really Seung Gi’s charm…. whether ordinary fans like us or as famous as Ms. Banana, he’s simply irresistible!!! I will always be a proud AIREN for life!!!

    Have a nice day everyone!!! 🙂

  11. had goose bumps while reading this… for a moment I can’t think of anything to say… having overwhelming emotions on how to describe what Ms. Banana has to say about Seung Gi… The adoration given him is really no match to what has been written about him. It is true that when he performs on stage… the power is there, but what we fans never see are those liitle things that Seung Gi does to keep us wanting more from him… and those were expressed by MS Banana right here.. The effect he has on us fans can never be bought… it is here in our hearts.. and as a fan… Lee Seung Gi will forever be in my heart… and yes I can grow old with this feeling and grow old as a fan of Lee Seung Gi… To Ms. Yoshimoto Banana… I shall wait for your project to materialize… a movie for Seung Gi..<3 ❤ ❤

  12. lindakwt says:

    Thank you so much for bringing him more closer to us! And i was so sad to know that he will be in Guanzhou this dec. I had just visited Guanzhou this month!! huhu…maybe it is not yet destined for us to meet seungiya…one day I promissed you…i will see you in person…

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