13.11.30 – 12.01 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert Fanpics 5

 photo 11189629583_eda951eabe_k.jpg

 photo 11189516224_8b31ab0cc1_k.jpg
 photo 11189622673_60e9707a60_k.jpg
 photo 11189502464_8c67a6fad2_k.jpg
 photo 11189515214_19b08e56aa_k.jpg
 photo 11189511834_6ba665e9dc_k.jpg
 photo 11189467595_a445ec1812_k.jpg
 photo 11189466905_8331853ccc_k.jpg
 photo 11180193153_a302e06c07_k.jpg
 photo 11189461995_1ba937329b_k.jpg
 photo 11180052926_9623fcb1bf_k.jpg
 photo 11180081934_d6fcb14be3_k.jpg
 photo 11180052176_8b285ae3cf_k.jpg
 photo 11180083254_9c2b4880c2_k.jpg
 photo 11169152483_a54cde4569_k.jpg
 photo 11166171433_0e2925ddb2_k.jpg
 photo 11168950784_956df13345_k.jpg
 photo 11168963065_bcfa9c35fc_k.jpg
 photo 11166157583_31eb38d1ae_k.jpg
 photo 11166188593_e71df0522e_k.jpg
 photo 11168933055_e9be8514df_k.jpg
 photo 11166024594_240db79508_k.jpg
 photo 11166042484_88a1eb3549_k.jpg
 photo 11166024886_20bb9c28aa_k.jpg
 photo 11165997575_8a503d46d6_k.jpg
 photo 11165995246_921913c408_k.jpg
 photo 11165989256_21378f45e2_k.jpg
 photo 11189632523_8a32e186f3_k.jpg
 photo 11189630453_f596ca33b6_k.jpg

credit: J&J Airens

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1 Response to 13.11.30 – 12.01 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert Fanpics 5

  1. impreza says:

    Those fan pics are absolutely amazing. So professional !!!!

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