13.11.30 – 12.01 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert Fanpics 12

credit: Nothing_Expect_To

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3 Responses to 13.11.30 – 12.01 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert Fanpics 12

  1. yoitskiah says:

    No one knows how hyped up I am right now! Ugh!!

    • Poopie says:

      Seunggi really knows how to stir up things, haha. But at the same time, he must trust his fandom so much to have done quite a racy performance, and with a well-known celebrity, at that, in front of them. Little does he know a lot of fans are freaking out of jealousy, lol, but in a harmless way, with these pictures.
      Good thing most of his fans are level-headed noonas XD
      To counter the people saying Bora wasn’t really sitting on his lap, well, the pictures above say otherwise..lol.
      This just really attests at how good Seunggi is as a performer (and Bora too). Makes me wonder where does he draw out all these emotions? I tend to think that he’s never dated after debut but I might be wrong, he’s really a ninja when it comes to his personal life.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This boy has turned into a man. A very HOT and SEXY man indeed.

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