NoF Noonas Debate Event #2 with Market O

This one is still ongoing…

“SeungGi ya, answer us~!”

Part 2: The curse of Turkey spinning top

SG: Please don’t talk about the spinning top ㅜㅜ

JO: I want to go home…

MY: What is this spinning top? Isn’t it totally fun?

Seasoned noonas vs. SeungGi who just doesn’t understand noonas

“Please don’t talk about the spinning top! That spinning top was cursed~!”

Did all of these start with the spinning top?!

Question: Should he have bought the spinning top, considering he even lost the noonas?

Yes! Was it all because of the spinning top? It’s just a souvenir, isn’t it?


No! SeungGi ya, why did you do it…?

source: tvn
English translation:

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