[Eng Sub] Noonas Over Flowers Ep 1 – Lee Seung Gi

It’s finally here! 😀

source: hulu

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20 Responses to [Eng Sub] Noonas Over Flowers Ep 1 – Lee Seung Gi

  1. yaleeh says:

    can’t watch it…it sez its only available in united states…could i able to watch it if i pay for the monthly fee of Hulu even if im in Taiwan…thank you

  2. Is there any way i could watch it. I tried all ways but its not available in my country…. any other link please…. 😦

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you use Firefox or Chrome, install this https://mediahint.com/ and you can watch on Hulu.

  4. triangel25 says:

    Can either one of the software mentioned above allows download of the video?

  5. iheartseunggi says:

    Hmm. I think it was a little unfair to blame Seung Gi for transportation difficulty when–as Na PD pointed out–it was Mi-yeon’s responsibility to find transportation to the hotel (since she booked it). She just kind of thrust that task onto Seung Gi last minute and then had the nerve to be the angriest about the wait. He didn’t even know what the hotel looked like, just had an address that she gave to him AFTER they’d landed, then expected him to instantly find transportation at 4am, on a limited budget, for five people (and their luggage), in a foreign place TO a place he’d only heard of an hour ago. Might as well ask him to do back-flips while they’re at it.
    Seung Gi could certainly have been more communicative about his difficulties instead of just having the noonas sit and wait, but as the caption said, he’s used to hiding his thoughts and feelings, especially when he’s having a hard time. I feel for him. I mean, the only reason Hee-ae was able to figure it out so easily was because she luckily asked the right people–who arrived after Seung Gi had left the cafe.So I really hope the show doesn’t keep blaming Seung Gi for everything that goes wrong . . .doesn’t seem quite right. Looking forward to future episodes when they are all closer and understand each other better.

    • Kate says:

      Honestly, if I was to blame anyone, I blame the whole TvN staff. Why would you decide the location but have the members do all of the interacting while you just sit on your butt trying to laugh at their worries? Even if Miyeon was to be responsible for the transportation, I doubt she’ll do it correctly. It’s hard for me to schedule the bus routes to a concert from my house let alone do it in a foreign place. The only thing I would say is for Seung Gi to calm down. It happened to me too at LAX Airport. When you panic, you start to think too critically and it leads you to a farther path than it should.

  6. Mia says:

    I agree that Mi-yeon was to blame since she was in-charge of the hotel and transpo and decided last minute to dump it all on Seung Gi. And why did 4 adult women just decide to leave it all to him? They could’ve contributed as well or at least talked about how they would handle the situation. Props to Seung Gi for not losing it completely and keeping his cool. If that was me, I’d be frigging pissed. He kept saying that his English was bad, but he was doing just fine. He needs to take a breath and calm down. Not only does he have to take care of himself, but he has to think about 4 women on top of that, and we all know that us women can be difficult to handle on an ordinary day but to be put in a foreign country and not knowing what to do and where to go will bring out the worse in anyone.

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