Dramas that made the year 2013 shine

A facebook group of drama/variety critics (its 68 members include Journalism & Broadcasting professors, drama PDs, culture critics, and reporters) voted on the drama productions that made this year shine, and this is the list they came up with:

Best 10

tvN Reply 1994
tvN Nine
SBS I can hear your voice
SBS Empire of Gold
KBS God of the Workplace
KBS Secret
MBC Gu Family Book
JTBC Cruel City
SBS The Heirs
JTBC Your Neighbor’s Wife

source: joins via nate
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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5 Responses to Dramas that made the year 2013 shine

  1. How is The Heirs even in the same list as Gu Family Book? Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally watching it (Kim Woo Bin, duh!) but I would never say it’s a good drama and certainly a world away in quality (script, character development, storyline, BIG ETC) from Gu Family Book. Still happy GFB is being recognized.

    • impreza says:

      Totally agree. The Heirs is one million kilometers behind Gu Family Book. It’s very mediocre in terms of… everything (like you I only like Kim Woo Bin in it, and also the actress Kim Sung Ryung). And it shouldn’t also be in the same list as I Hear Your Voice. This one and GFB were so brilliant and thrilling.

  2. Miss Shahida says:

    I totally agree with your opinion @SarahMorquecho…yes, i watched The Heirs but it seems very particular to the another same love story…but because of their actor and actress doing very well…it looked like this drama in the list…but i prefered I hear your voice, secret and also Gu Family Book….

  3. I haven’t watched even a single episode of The Heirs so I can’t possibly comment on that but IT watched I Hear Your Voice and IT did like it but for me Gu Family Book is still the best. I must admit I watched it 3 times and still planning to watch it again.. my appreciation goes to the critics who included GBF to their list. One good kdrama worth watching.

    • impreza says:

      I’m rewatching Gu Family Book for the second time right now. I’m at episode 3. The difference is that this time I’m watching ALL the episodes in super HD quality (huge files) and trust me, it’s amazing visually and adds to the experience. I think I’m gonna have a very good time, especially when the most beautiful thing in this drama will be on screen. 😉

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