Past Gallery for Angels with Lee Seung Gi

The photographer Seihon Cho has been compiling pictures from the last 11 years of his project ‘Letter From Angels’, and here are the pictures of SeungGi from 3 different years:

2007~2010, Seung-gi Lee for letter from angels

♡To the famous idol stars who have embraced these children with warmth, give them your applause. And all those who have volunteered to make this exhibition possible, I send my thanks.

Your continued care, love, blessing, support, applause and thanks..

The last 11 years of “Letter from Angel” has relied on these to carry on.
I send my boundless thanks to you all ♡♡
– Photographer, Seihon Cho

credit: Seihon Cho

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2 Responses to Past Gallery for Angels with Lee Seung Gi

  1. Love this project and adore those photos! The first shot would be my favorite although all three are beautiful

  2. What a compilation. Really a worthwhile endeavour. With Seung Gi included in such a wonderful compilation, not just for a year but for three consecutive years, this indeed is something to treasure. I love all three photos of Seung Gi.. The soft side of him is captured in these photos and title of the compilation is so fitting, “Letters from Angels”…

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