The Most Popular Korean Dramas Overseas

Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange (KOFICE) conducted a survey of ‘5 most popular Korean dramas overseas’ through foreign correspondents in 26 countries/regions during the final week of November. And here’s the result:

#1 SBS The Heirs (currently airing)
#2 MBC Gu Family Book (April – June 2013)
#3 KBS Secret (Sept – Nov. 2013)
#4 SBS Master’s Sun (Aug. – Oct. 2013)
#5 SBS I Can Hear Your Voice (June – Aug. 2013)

source: khan via nate
English translation:

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9 Responses to The Most Popular Korean Dramas Overseas

  1. Tiffany says:

    The most searched/popular drama in Korea, and now 2nd overseas. GFB better be getting every miniseries award there is in the MBC awards, or I’d be flailing the black flag! If they’re insistent to go on ratings (which is why K2H was ignored last year) then GFB is on top of their list this year. In fact, its probably #1, 2 and 3! Don’t let us down MBC!

    On a better note, YAY GFB! Honestly, no matter how many hate the ending, this drama has been ruling the roost in almost all year end polls in Korea. I am actually amazed at how much love it got and keep getting even when it aired in the first half of the year. Its my personal favourite of all Seung-gi dramas, so for me, its all the more satisfying lol.

  2. ywlovesg says:

    Yes. It is a HUGE UPSET if GFB does NOT get any award from MBC… especially Seunggi for the Best Actor Award.

    • Anonymous says:

      All of Seung gi’s drama was really amazing,his acting was the best,he can make everyone
      Smile,cry,and of course feel in love,GFB reveal how good LSG is.Go go Best Actor Award

  3. It HAS to win 🙂 I hope The Heirs popularity doesn’t cloud people’s judgment…

  4. yes,,gu family book is the bet and the all characters…

  5. Let it be Gu Family Book… and Seung Gi for best actor and oh yes for best couple too. Please don’t let us down MBC. No other kdrama is deserving enough.

  6. Heirs has a routine story line.. were as GFB is different and the actors make you sit on the edge of your chair with ANXIETY, CURIOSITY, TEARS AND ALL THE EMOTIONS.. Wish it gets all the Awards…

  7. alex says:

    Finally i watched Secret. I can honestly say its Best drama of the year and even top 10 in all Kdrama i watched. The reason its not top 3 because i did not like lead actress look.

    I would give best actor award to villain character. best villain. He expressed his only concern is himself very well sacrificing everyone on his way.

    If anyone did not watch secret , watch it without fail. Period.

    Best direction that keep u edge of seat to switch to next episode.

    Everyone acted very well , story is good, script is good.

    Only reason i never try to watch i did not liked the look of heroine , if you go past that mentally its best drama of last 4 years.

    I was waiting for writers and director to screw up half way like all other drama , instead we get it ended perfectly.

    Dramabeans , grow some brain , compare all other drama with fairness. I watched Masters son 8 episode , that episode centric is completely unwatchable mess and you praise that crap drama for reasons unknown and trash secret. You have secret..vendetta against secret. hahaha

    There is no drama is perfect , if there is drama that gave me satisfaction , this has to be one of them.


    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry to say this but you should comment about that drama in some drama sites, this is Seung Gi’s fan site, and your liking has nothing to do with him.

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