WeMakePrice Notice to Customers

WeMakePrice website crashed due to too much traffic. This has happened multiple times, but I’m posting it this time because they put SeungGi’s picture on their apology notice. 😛

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

source: dclsg

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8 Responses to WeMakePrice Notice to Customers

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi tryp, can I ask if Seung Gi and SJ hyung are still their models? There are some news seem to say they cast some new models but I don’t understand Korean, I’m confused.

  2. ywlovesg says:

    Can someone translate the apology notice?

  3. dramaaddict says:

    Anyone would be disgusted with website crush but I think WeMakePrice is in seventh heaven with their website crushes because they have chosen the Right Models. 😛

  4. AnnMichelle says:

    They should design a little app using SeungGi’s pictures for people to pass the time before the website is up. In fact I would like to make the same suggestion to the NOF people.

  5. airenforeverlsg says:

    They didn’t expect this to happen, now they can see Seung Gi’s effect!!:)

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