13.12.27 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

I’m not sure what MBC has been smoking, but according to its latest press release, “All 20 candidates for Top Excellence Award (in acting) are also candidates for Daesang.”

In the division of Miniseries, SeungGi is one of the 3 candidates for the Male Top Excellence Award. But I’m not going to translate the other 19 names on the list, because some are just simply ridiculous.

I’ve lost my faith in MBC after seeing the list, so I’ll keep my expectation very low (again) this year. But let’s work hard on the Popularity Award voting!

source: starnews via nate

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29 Responses to 13.12.27 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. yani262 says:

    I second you Tryp. After what happened with TK2H last year I lost my faith with MBC, but still I wish SeungGi will win Popularity Award voting this year. Let’s dilligently keep voting and wish all the best for our SeungGi

  2. dramaaddict says:

    When the nominations were out last month, I simply felt ridiculous. I have nothing against the drama but MBC had just commenced airing the drama and it was nominated.(Don’t we pronounce verdict after the whole drama.)
    Like I said before if the awards are commercially driven, SG is better off without them.
    If SG wins, we are grateful, but if he doesn’t we all know the reasons. 😛

  3. kimia says:

    i think MBC will give seung gi just best couple award!! or maybe popularity! but popularity is not enough Compared to his hard work!when MBC choose seunggi for being drama awards mc i thought they Come to their senses and want to gave seunggi what he really deserve to get but i should not trust MBC from the beginning!

  4. genie says:

    SG is the MC, so he must win a big award this year. don’t worry about it, no prize no attendance, that’s Korea awards’ formula.

  5. Anonymous says:

    MBC might give 2 or 3 winner awards for DAESANG ..

  6. melissa says:

    Nice way to totally lower the standard of the daesang award MBC. I never really expected daesang for him, so I won’t be disappointed when he doesn’t win it. Top Excellence I still think he has a good chance given who else is in the top three. Still MBC is a mess as usual. They can’t seem to ever do anything normal.

  7. foulou says:

    most likely
    lee seung gi top excellence male, ha ji won top excellence female
    lee jun ki or go hyun jung daesang

    mbc doesn’t really have anything this year anyway, both primetime and weekend. empress ki is doing well though, so they’ll probably give ha ji won the daesang. I can’t even remember more than 5 dramas from mbc this year let alone 20 daesang nominees.

    and why the hell is bae suzy even in there? like, seriously.

    • foulou says:

      wait, lee jun ki isn’t even nominated but suzy and song seung heon are? ahahahahahahaha mbc.

      • airenforeverlsg says:

        I will laugh if they win! How can Suzy (a newcomer in acting) be nominated for daesang (even if her acting was good)? MBC…. I hope Seung Gi’s next drama will be KBS or SBS, anything except MBC!

      • impreza says:

        Lee Jun Ki not nominated… it’s a scandal. Especially when the two you mention are… Song Seung Heon, what a joke. And Suzy, she has improved but right now she is just still learning how to act.

    • Sayha says:

      The line about Lee JK getting the Daesang is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read so far!

      • impreza says:

        Why would it be ridiculous??? Lee Jun Ki is a great actor.
        I’m all for Seung Gi this year but it’s not a reason to disregard others’ merit. Especially the passionate Junki.

        • Sayha says:

          Go to Lee JK’s fan site. Thank you.

          • airenforeverlsg says:

            Can you tell me what fan site please? I’m just curious why you said he doesn’t deserve daesang because I’ve never watched his dramas so I really don’t know if he is a good actor or not!

          • impreza says:

            Come on, don’t lower the discussion to the elementary school level. And by the way you didn’t reply to my question.

      • Michelle says:

        @Sayha: actually LJK is not nominated for Top Excellent Actor. so he’s automatically out of Daesang nomination list which has Suzy and Song Seung Hoon @@

  8. snowflakes says:

    Honestly…I’d rather him to not get the award if the other winners just make you think, “How on earth did he/she won that?”. I’m sure that if he gets an award he’ll be happy and then I’ll be happy too. But this is MBC we’re talking about and when I saw the list of nominees…*shakes head*. It’s more or less the same in other networks but I haven’t quite put last year’s awards results behind me, so yeah. To me MBC just wants to acknowledge whoever who brought them high ratings and money. I’m sure Gu Family Book will be acknowledged at the awards somehow; I just don’t want it to be awarded senselessly in terms of acting talent *coughSuzycough*

    Sorry, still thinking about TK2H. Perhaps I expected too much from GFB.

    • impreza says:

      Although you are right about the lack of meaning of some awards, I think getting an award, especially Daesang or Top Excellence, is very important. Because after a few years (in fact even the year after) nobody remembers who was nominated and lost: only the winners are remembered. And awards, especially acting awards (compared to popularity) look good on a resume.

  9. we wouldn’t know it,maybe he will win just like what happened in MAMA awards..he’s also an mc there and he also won..so,in my own opinion he will really win.. 🙂

  10. sara says:

    MBC should be awarded for the most dysfunctional network. Seriously, so funny MBC!

    Anyways, I still think he’ll win the Top Excellence award. Not because he deserves it the most ( I’m normal so I know he deserves it the most) but MBC who’s abnormal cares about ratings and attendance and Seunggi brought them good ratings.

  11. jik says:

    Let’s vote top excellent award!!!! I pray for him to win!!

  12. m2x1000 says:

    20 nominees for daesang? Like what the I mean oh well I don’t really trust MBC drama awards but popularity and best couple awards I guess it’s not enough the drama I know that I’m not the only one who thinks but it was the best drama for 2013 they deserve to win something that is higher than poplularity award they really worked hard so that people can enjoy watching and we did enjoy GFB made us laugh,cry,fall in love and teach about the value of a person I’ll just pray that they’ll make the right decision and don’t give the highest award just to someone who they think deserve it but give it to the rightful person who really deserve GFB fighting!! Anyway whatever happen let’s just support lee seung gi if they will give him a big award which I think he deserves then good for him for us and for GFB team but if he didn’t then we know why but I still hope and pray that he will win bigtime popularity/best couple/top excellence..daesang?! There’s no bad hoping that he will get those awards right? I mean we don’t really know what will happen if he don’t get the daesang let him at least get the top excellence award..my comment is long(lol) hehe it’s just that I was dissapointed with TK2H that now I don’t trust MBC … LEE SEUNG GI FIGHTING 🙂

  13. Tiffany says:

    If I try to think of this rationally, the reason they probably have all the top excellence nominees for the Daesang is because if they nominate only a few, the winners for the top excellence are obvious. So say Seung-gi is nominated as a Daesang contender, then his top excellence is a sure shot. So they may wanna keep it under wraps. But… They’re also idiots enough to nominate 20 people for the grand prize, making it hardly prestigious since… how is it special to be nominated amongst 20? Ugh what a fail.

    I am more appalled by the nominees for top excellence in general. Some of the names are ridiculous. I don’t wanna pick names but I’m pretty sure even their fans are going WTF right now. Then again, MBC has had such a bad year that they kinda have limited names to throw.

    Anyhoo, I’m not too worried for Seung gi. He won’t be the MC and win nothing other than mere popularity. So I’m sure about the top excellence. I do hope he wins Daesang though, because MBC is notorious in giving out more than one, so who knows they might just be generous to Seung-gi this year. I won’t hold my breath, but I also wouldn’t be shocked. GFB has brought way too much money; so I’d imagine they’d try to flatter him after last year’s disaster.

  14. m2x1000 says:

    if. MBC’s rule is like giving awards to those who brought them lots of money and high ratings so GFB will win something but no matter what rule they have I think they should at least be fair to everyone it’s not because I’m a Lee seung gi fan but I really think that he deserves the excellence award for the daesang I’ll pray and hope for him to win as for best couple I guess they deserve it too because in my point of view lots of people (GFB viewers) went crazy waiting every kangdam/seungzy moments they we’re so sweet and it was like they we’re really in love love how they act as a lover it made me want for more and for the popularity hmmm it depends on us fans so keep voting !! 🙂 …..another thing I like how suzy act in GFB compare in her previous dramas/projects (just my opinion sorry if I will offend a suzy fan this is just my opinion no hurt feelings) as I was saying for her to be nominated in daesang I guess it’s early? I mean she’s still young and to be nominated as a daesang isn’t it a bit because in my eyes she’s still a newbie and didn’t prove enough to be nominated with other veteran actors/actresses but if they think that she deserves to be nominated what can I do sorry again to those who will be offended with this comment I’m just being honest :))

  15. impreza says:

    I agree that since SG is the MC he should win something. It would be humiliating otherwise and I don’t see why MBC would do such a thing to him. Like someone said he should win Top Excellence award. And we can hope for the Daesang. To me he deserves it, of course. He’s not only fantastic in the part but the character of Kang Chi is really what I would call an “original creation”. Although SG is very natural in his acting, you can tell that he worked a lot to give flesh to this unusual character. As I’ve said before I love actors and I have a lot of respect for their work. I’m more impressed with SG’s work as Kang Chi than with those actors who act in biopics and just do their homework copying someone’s attitude and way of speaking. I think it was bold of SG to chose this role. And he did so well. He’s the main reason why the drama is so loved.

    As for the daesang, Moon Geun Young has already gotten it at a young age in the past with SBS so why not. I find it sad that Lee Jun Ki is not nominated for Two Weeks because he would have been a brilliant rival… unlike the dull Song Seung Heon. Again, to think Suzy is nominated and not Lee Jun Ki, when you compare the skills and commitment of the two in their respective dramas… It’s scary.
    The most dangerous rival this year is Ha Ji Won. I like her very much but her drama is still far from its end. Last year they did the same with I Miss You, and gave the Excellence Actor Award to Park Yoochun after a few episodes only… Among serious rivals there is also Moon Geun Young who was good in Jung Yi… We’ll see.

  16. Anonymous says:

    It’s D-Day tommorrow!!!… I can’t explain how I feel right now. I really hope our Seung Gi will win something BIG this time. Daesang perhaps and/or Top Excellence… he really deserves it anyway. As much as I don’t want to name names here I can’t help it…. I’m trying my best not to… some of the nominees don’t deserve to be in the list. It is just so absurd!!! Really…

  17. Anonymous says:

    It’s D-Day tommorrow!!!… I can’t explain how I feel right now. I really hope our Seung Gi will win something BIG this time. Daesang perhaps and / or Top Excellence … he really deserves it anyway. As much as I don’t want to name names here I can’t help it…. I’m trying my best not to… some of the nominees don’t even deserve to be in the list. It is just so absurd!!! Really… But I’m keeping my fingers crossed whoever receives an award MUST BE DESERVING of that recognition… otherwise another BIG joke here for MBC!!!

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