14.01.01 Chinese Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

This is seriously the biggest news of the year, and it’s everywhere!

source: youku

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19 Responses to 14.01.01 Chinese Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

  1. yani262 says:

    I won’t be surprised if the news of SeungGi’s dating will be a buzz in every entertainment news today or in the next couple of days. However, I really wish that paparazzi will give them some space soon. I know it is impossible, as both are young and famous so the love story of these two would be on the paparazzi must-to-do list. Rather than reading his love life and dating stories, I personally would prefer to read his professional achievements and/or activities. We know that SeungGi is a kind of person who is very private, and I will respect it as he wishes.

    • flvwl says:

      We could just wish that the reporters would be considerate to grant them a little privacy but looking at these stolen shots, that would be nearly impossible.They could not escape the prying eyes of the people around them especially the paparazzis . Maybe they really want to be seen together ‘coz otherwise they will not do “car dates”(just kidding). This is just the beginning of their fairy tale romance .Is this what Seung Gi wanted to do before his enlistment? Most probably yes.I respect his decisions and hopefully she’s the woman that is destined to be with him. I admit , I would have chosen a non-celebrity partner for him but this is his life and I only wish him happiness.
      Before anything else, I would like to greet each and everyone a Blessed and Blissful year ahead.

  2. m2x1000 says:

    Lee seung gi and Yoona are trending in twitter and rank #1 in some/all korean sites biggest news indeed lots of talk about this but I’m happy that there are more positive comments about this new couple 🙂 so they can see more often each other when they are not busy since they don’t live that far 500m away but good to see the positive comments about lee seung gi respecting the 1am curfew of yoona “cinderella date”

  3. ELVIRA CAMPO says:

    Lee sung ki, this Yoona is to “simple” for you 😦 😦

  4. SL says:

    I was shocked for a while after reading the news.
    But after all, all I have to say is as long as Seunggi is happy, I am happy! 😀
    Wish the best to this couple. and Happy New Year, Airens!

  5. ywlovesg says:

    Well…. Happy New Year 2014 and Congrats to Seunggi and Yoona! Hopefully they can date in the open already 🙂

  6. lulu2050 says:

    well i am honestly believing this is a waste for out Seung Gi i mean he is such an awesome person but she is just ………. i don’t know really i was just so shocked at first give that this is his first dating scandal but now i just wish him to be happy ! if he is happy then my duty as a fan to be happy too ! i hope this doesn’t end up badly though :/ hope the press doesn’t annoy them too much. happy new year to you all and to you too oppa ^^

  7. anynomous says:

    I’m happy for him no matter what. As I know Yoona is like Korean Ideal Girl cuz she has so many celebrities fanboys.and her other fans boys too. I hope those fanboys not attack him. He’s the Korean favourite Son-in-Law after all.;p

  8. alexdhamp says:

    lol And they’re playing SoShi’s “I Got a Boy” in the background. XD

  9. alexdhamp says:

    lol This buzz reminds me of when SoShi won Youtube Music Video of the Year award! (speaking of which, where are all the Airens!? LSG’s views are low… T-T) O.o

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hmm for some reason, I’ve always thought that seunggi would end up with a non-celebrity. Looks like i’m wrong this time! And so it really still came as a surprise that the yoona-seunggi love line came true in reality.

    (Sorry seunggi didnt think you were that serious and both of you would successfully get together! But again, all of us here don’t know you on a personal level, and all I can do is wish you all the best, be happy, and have a fufilling relationship and leave no regrets! Fighting!!

    It must be really quite uncomfortable and daunting to have your relationship in the limelight like this.. though I must admit I’m actually kinda curious opps. But anyway we’ll respect your personal life and when you feel like sharing perhaps, we’ll definitely be glad to listen!

    For now, in this hectic and stressful year (for me), I’ll continue to anticipate Lee Seunggi the entertainer (and try not to get too distracted heh).)

    Forgive me rambling on, and if I sound kinda weird. My thoughts suddenly overwhelmed me a little 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      I think he did try to date a non-celebrity, in an interview he confessed he dated but it didn’t work out, probably because she can’t fit in showbiz or understand his job, I think that’s the reason why he said he adores celebrity couple like Yoo Dong Gun and his wife.

  11. lsgjj says:

    It came to me as a shocking news. Like most of you I did expect Seung Gi’s choice to be a non-celebrity and yet it is too early to determine as they are still at the starting point. It was difficult for me to accept not because Seung Gi was dating more of the person he’s dating. My first reaction was why Yoona not someone else? Didn’t think he’s confession on Strong Heart was real because it looked like a publicity stunt for the show.

  12. lsgjj says:

    My apologies to Yoona’s fans but I think Seung Gi deserves someone better. A more homely, decent, well educated kind of girl. One that is in par with him. A non-celebrity who I know is not using SG for publicity and is the type that would stay out of the limelight, take care of his household for him while he’s working, cook him a decent meal and raise his kids.

    • Fyeah says:

      I’m offended by your remarks. Are you saying she is no good because you think she isn’t well educated ? They go to the same university so I guess he didn’t go to one you approved. She isn’t homely enough because she isn’t tied to the kitchen? And belongs to a group internationally more well known than him. I’m offended that you think he should marry the kind that you think is right and so everyone else is a bitch. she has a reputation like him for being respectful, filial and well brought up. And for the record, she can cook. And it only shows when you said she uses him for publicity, how little you know about Korea. I worry for your kids and their future partners if you think like this. You don’t have to like her as his GF but it doesn’t mean you should insult her. I’m sure you wouldn’t like to hear other people put him down. He may be perfect in your eyes but he is only human. It’s sad to see fans like you who think they know better for him. I hope he sees your post and when you realize that you may have hurt him with your post. You should rethink about your love for him as a fan. Just get your head right and support your oppar as a decent and well mannered fan.

      • tryp96 says:

        You with your fake and offensive id and email address, before you lecture other people, why don’t you learn to show some respect yourself? How would Yoona feel if she knows she has fans with foul mouths like you?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Well utimately it’s a personal choice and time will tell. Let nature take its course and I guess everything will work out for the best.
    There’s not much point in me commenting more about Seung Gi’s love life anyway, since LSG remains to be the aritste whom I like and respect and continue to support ~

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