Happy New Year 2014!

Ready or not, the year 2014 is here! This is undoubtedly a very important year for SeungGi, as he celebrates his 10th debut anniversary. I’m sure he’ll bring us lots of happiness through various projects in singing, acting and variety, but I suspect that we’ll be shedding some tears as well. I just want to wish SeungGi all the best as he embarks on a new year of adventures and challenges! May this year be the most daebak ever! And all the best to Airens as well!

credit: renyang

source: ppelili, dclsg

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26 Responses to Happy New Year 2014!

  1. ywlovesg says:

    I dream of him to hold an Asia Concert Tour… or better yet… a WORLD Concert Tour!!!

  2. Ain^^AIreN says:

    happy new year to dear seung gi and awesome tryp!! let’s give our best in 2014! our tryp, lee seug gi and airens, fighting! 🙂

  3. Elvira Campo says:

    You too! ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂

  4. rika says:

    Happy new year 2014 to Our Lee Seung Gi.happy new year for Our Tryp sister.happy new year to all Airen.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Happy new year Seung gi & Ms Tryp,wish you all good health,good fortune,all the best !

  6. Happy new year to Airen family and to Seung Gi!!

  7. rosariogloria42 says:

    First wee hours of 2014, just like all the other airens, I wanna wish seung gi the best yet to come this year. We have great expectations of what has to come and what has to be for our Lee Seung Gi. And to you Tryp,’ never get tired of giving us updates on our idol… Happy New Year to the both of you.

  8. Happy New Year Dear tryp ❤ Thank you very much for your hard work.
    Wish, like our King ,to grow old with tryp,Airen and our One and Only "Everything Lee Seung Gi"

  9. ai_ren says:

    my heart was gripped with dread when u said ‘we’ll shed some tears too…” .. he will surely face new challenges maybe more tough.. but airens will always stand beside him.. a pledge and promise.. Have a Blessed Year Oppa!

  10. Anonymous says:

    We AIRENS had all the reasons to celebrate. 2013 was Seung Gi’s year no doubt, Looking forward to another Daebak year for him this 2014!,,,, his 28th b-day, a drama, concerts, CF’s and his 10th year anniversary celebration!!! Thinking all about this makes me shiver from excitement but as Tryp said we may shed some tears too towards the end of this year. So it would be a tough year for us as well.. But whatever it takes…. AIRENS FOREVER!!!! Fighting!…
    To SEUNG GI , GOOD LUCK and THANK YOU… you just don’t know how you change my life since I became your fan… (ooopppssss… I’m starting to become emotional again here). I’m hoping for the best in everything you do… wishing all of us more happiness and love to share. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

  11. racil says:

    Happy new year to our dearest Seung Gi, Tryp and all Airens all over the world, all the best for 2014, Cheers!!!!

  12. nomoyepo says:

    Happy New Year Seung gi,Tryp & to all Airens

  13. nomoyepo says:


  14. SL says:

    Happy New Year!!
    Thank you for everything, Tryp!
    Wish all the best for 2014 to Seunggi, Tryp and Airens!

  15. airen says:

    I’m shedding my tears right after I woke up in January 1st.

  16. poop says:

    ikr!!! gawd. And it’s not even with somebody I like. Why her?:P Sigh

    • Anonymous says:

      He dated the person he likes, not yours. If you’re his fan, then support him, he won’t be happy if you say bad about her, we don’t know her personally, he does. I’m happy for him because he’s alone for so long and deserve to be loved. Hope Airens cheer for them.

  17. LifeSoGreat says:

    I am speechless over the SG-Yoona news but I will support him in whoever he wants to date. They look good together. And it’s time for SG to go on dates, have fun and eventually settle down. I am happy if he is happy. Seunggi yah……wish you all the best in your love life.

  18. a1 says:

    The moment I read the news I went to youtube and look for this. Though I was disappointed but then again,SeungGi likes her and there must be something good about her that Seung Gi really like. He wouldn’t just pick her for just good looks. Now as I watched this,I’d say they look cute together. So Congratulations My Seung Gi as per many fans of Yoona said that if you hurt her you’ll die. Now I’ll tell Yoona that if she hurts and used you she’ll be the first one to cry! ( I won’t kill her but I’ll punish her 😀 )

    • alexdhamp says:

      We Sones have been saying forever that SNSD is great so this isn’t a surprise to me(Yoona being worthy of LSG, that is…I’m still finding this hard to believe, personally, that they’re actually dating…and I’m a YoonGi supporter! O.o lol). Yoona adopted a child in Africa(those children in poverty things)…if someone can do something like that, then they must have a big heart. LSG knows this.

  19. i'm airen tto says:

    What u mean by ‘we’ll shedding some tears’? Is it about uri oppa announce officially dating with yoona? Airendeul, please give me some energy to accept this information. It’s just a first morning day in 2014. Is it true?? Is it really happen???

  20. Singar77 says:

    Dear Airens, Happy new year 2014!
    Happy new year.. Seung Gi and Yoona!. I am so happy for both of you!
    Dear Airens, lets’ all cheer for them.^^

  21. jan says:

    Happy new year !!!
    Dear Airens, Love him what he Love..support him what he do
    Fighting !! Fighting !!

  22. TRYPfangirl says:

    Happy new year Tryp~~~!!!! Thank you for everything!!!!
    Just sent you an email (and to AM~)… could you check? 🙂
    Hugs for all of us!

  23. Happy new year, Tryp ^_^. Actually the breaking news in the first morning of 2014 has made me highly excited, and gave me the boost I need to stalk seunggi related news again diligently, because in the last few months I’ve been lagging behind due to work and personal life. What I really love is, Seunggi actually has given us lots of signals consistently through the years about his feeling towards Yoona. In a way, it seems as if he already tried to prepare us Airens to one day except this news. And this also proves the kind of man he is. A man who stick to his feelings of love for years, and work hard to earn the love :), I hope both are worthy of each other, and the press & fans won’t bring damage to their relationship.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Definitely a heart breaking start of a year to me… But what can I say. YoonA of SNSD is many Korean guys’ dream girl and SeungGi is a grown-up with his own mind. We, noonas, can only keep our eyes on them, keep worrying and wish him have a good dream.

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