14.01.08 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

This is already old news, but someone said her student reported to her a SeungGi sighting in front of Shibuya 109 (department store in Tokyo) on January 4.

credit: Mana_Asako

Anyway, I hope he’s had enough time to de-stress and recharge on his vacation.


SeungGi has returned to Korea today. A Japanese fan was on the same flight; she saw him at the airport and shook his hands.

credit: LSG_kaorin

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21 Responses to 14.01.08 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. m2x1000 says:

    Thanks for the info tryp 🙂 did he already return in korea or is he still in his vacation with his family?

  2. revolu says:

    Yay, he’s back, wonder what his next project is?

    • Mai Airen says:

      His new SBS drama You’re surrounded has been confirmed!! The drama will air in February so he will start the filming now I guess!!

      • revolu says:

        Huh where did you hear that? Last time I heard he was in the contract finalization period, and the drama would air in april.

      • omuraiisu says:

        So do I. all of article I read also said that it hasn’t been confirmed. Maybe you read it a bit wrong because too excited .. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lucky fan!! Japanese fans are indeed lucky!! I hope he had a good time with his family and ready for work!! His drama has been confirmed so I guess he will star the filming!! Don’t work too hard Seung Gi!

  4. omuraiisu says:

    SeungGi-aahH.. welcome home!! (as I was really there)
    Happy to hear he’s back safely, and impatient to hear soon what role will she choose ..
    excited.. excited.. XD
    is there a birthday party this year?
    today is D-5.. ^^

  5. omuraiisu says:

    Ops, I mean “He”.. where that “s” come from?.. my finger really clumsy.. ^_^’

  6. tryp96 says:

    Where did people get the news that the drama had been confirmed? It is NOT confirmed! I’m sure it’ll be all over the news if SeungGi has confirmed his next project. And if he’s doing that police drama, it won’t start airing until late April.

    • Mary J. says:

      Yeah I haven’t heard anything about the drama either. I think he will prepairing for his concert in Japan, but first his birthday is just 5 days away 🙂

    • iheartseunggi says:

      I hope he does wind up doing the police drama. It would definitely be something different; a step away from the “fantasy” dramas. Not that I minded them, MGIG &GFB were fun, but Seung Gi proved with K2H that he’s ready for something a bit more mature . . . and I really, really wouldn’t mind seeing him running around in a police uniform 🙂 I’d also like to see him get away from the “princely” roles as well–which he seems to be trying to do. Whatever he winds up doing, I hope the director, co-actors, and writing team can really step it up. A lot of the issues I had with Seung Gi’s past dramas I accredit to either the writing staff or the director. Which is why I really hope Seung Gi can work with the K2H director again, because he/she really pulled the best out of Seung Gi and knew how to help him shine, whereas the GFB director seemed to be content with campy, lackluster acting from a few of his crew . . .though I won’t be so crass as to name names.

    • Mai Airen says:

      I found the links on twitter…I don’t know korean so I’m not sure if they say the drama is confirmed… I read on Twitter that it’s confirmed and it will air on february…

      • tryp96 says:

        Not everything on twitter can be trusted though. It’s always better to check the sources to verify it before spreading any news. One of the articles says CSW is considering making his comeback thru the police drama, and the other article says neither him nor SeungGi is confirmed.

  7. Mary J. says:

    Aww! He is back, he is back!!! Just glad to hear from him… Seung-gi fighting!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Glad Seung Gi is back! So all this time he’s still in Japan. Well, I really hope he had a wonderful time and was able to rest. Wow! I missed you so much! Advanced Happy Birthday Seung Gi yah!…. 🙂

    By the way, looks like someone is here to just mess around and giving thumbs down on every post. What’s with you?

    • LSG says:

      I think this “someone” must be sick & jealous of our Dear Seunggi.

      • alexdhamp says:

        All I got to say is that it better not be a fellow Sone of mine. Such things makes the rest of us and our fandom look bad and even more importantly…

        If you’re a Sone doing this, do you think our nine girls would approve of this kind of behavior, huh?!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Glad that he will do some police and real action drama. Really look forward to it. Hopefully it will be something macho, manly and action pack even if it comedy and not some cry-baby drama, or another bad kid with ‘attitude’ which he seems to like..

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