14.01.13 Lee Seung Gi Birthday Fan Event: Flowers

These are just so beautiful! ‘Never Fading Flowers’ from LSGKWA:

source: naver blog

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19 Responses to 14.01.13 Lee Seung Gi Birthday Fan Event: Flowers

  1. Mai Airen says:

    They are so beautiful!!

  2. m2x1000 says:

    “Never fading flowers 〓 never ending love for our one and only prince/king/emperor Lee seung gi 🙂 I miss him I hope there will be new updates about him I’m not use to it I hope we can see him again soon on screen ..be more active I just miss him … I can’t wait for his new drama and hoping that he will do another variety show or guest and comeback as a singer be active in all fronts again I know that it’s selfish but I just want to cherish this year since he will be enlisting ..

    • alexdhamp says:

      Give him a chance to recuperate from his busy schedule, too. I know how you feel, completely; but, we got to remember that our beloved idols are also human, themselves, who need rest every bit as much as we do. ^^

      • m2x1000 says:

        Lol I know that’s why I said “I know that it’s selfish” but I just miss him I was just saying it that way you know that feeling but of course I want him to rest and have time for him and his love ones 🙂 don’t worry I was just saying it like that I’m not really forcing it to happen ^^

        • alexdhamp says:

          Yup, I know that feeling all too well. Especially when you’re waiting anxiously for a comeback…. >..< Sometimes you wish you could send them some kind of revitalizing elixir to restore them to full vitality so they can give us more things to love about them(be it music, dramas, etc). lol

        • alexdhamp says:

          Why do my posts keep getting hack(shortened)? It was a couple paragraphs when I wrote it. O.o

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love the flower…wish Seung Gi have a gooooood life…wonder how he celebrate his birthday this year…yes, he’s in love now… but at the same time his hyung SuJu was in big tragedy… Seung Gi, pls stay calm and happy always…

  4. Redrose says:

    Wow! He is a Capricorn…..

  5. alexdhamp says:

    Simply beautiful. Love how he displays them, too, shows how much it means to him. Best wishes for your Birthday Day, Seung Gi!

  6. rosariogloria42 says:

    Beautiful flowers… A real work of art just fit for a king and a birthday boy, nay, man. Heard he will be enlisting? Well an appropriate gift for him too to remind him that his airens are here waiting for his return even if it takes a year or two.

    • alexdhamp says:

      Almost makes me want to enlist here in the States. I wonder what my chances are of being stationed in S. Korea and working with their military and getting to meet him. >.< Probably nil, but it'd still be quite awesome.

      He's supposed to be enlisting the end of this year, right? Or the beginning of the next?

  7. Unyil23 says:

    woaah..so beautiful flower ^_^

  8. Sandy says:

    Wowwww!!! The flowers are so amazingly beautiful! The colors are really pretty!! Excellent work and thank you to LSGKWA!! All the best to Seung Gi!!

  9. Graciabellsg says:

    nothing beats beautiful flowers…those are awesome! happy birthday seung gi!

  10. wow very beautiful flowers

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