14.01.14 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

Is the press still not tired of this yet? And when I checked nate this morning for SeungGi’s news, all I saw was pages and pages of unrelated news articles with SeungGi’s name in their headlines! Quite honestly, I’m getting tired of this. I may be a fan of SeungGi, but it doesn’t mean I want to know everything his gf does.

credit: TheChtvn

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  1. mawiie says:

    Sorry to hijack the comment section, but if I have a fanart to send, where can I send it to?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you..

  3. dramaaddict says:

    Tryp, this is what I feel these days. I have nothing against anyone or jealous. But it is already the 15th day and they are still going about this history.
    I want to know SG’s projects and plans and like you, tryp not unrelated news articles. 😛
    That is why I stay silent reader these days.lol

    • yani262 says:

      Glad that I’m not the only one who feel the same way. As I wrote on the first day when his dating news came up I dont feel jealous nor hate his gf. But I feel it simply too much if we keep draging/mention his gf name over and over again in EVERY single things that SeungGi do.

      He already great entertainer who achieve all of his popularity due to his highly dedication to his work and I’m sure we still have alot to talk about his professionalism rather than his personal or private matters.

      • KalAi28 says:

        How can I miss this very important post!!! I have been wanting to hear thoughts from Seungi Gi’s most avid fans for years. Now, I’m quite happy (if I may say so) I’m not the only one who feels the same. I’m so sick and tired of this news… I tried my very best to ignore news that has nothing to do with his work, I kept mum about how I really feel as I might again be misunderstood. I have nothing against the relationship. It is his personal life, what I want to know is what’s keeping him busy these days. Is there a drama, an album or a movie perhaps we can look forward to? I’m missing Seung Gi, the entertainer!

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you dislike the news, ignore them. There are people who will be interested in gossip but not us, so just ignore them 🙂

    • tryp96 says:

      Haha, I do my best to ignore those articles, but they make it much harder and more time-consuming to find real SeungGi news.

  5. m2x1000 says:

    TBH I ship yoongi but the press people are overdoing it and it makes me feel tired what’s new?it’s always the same news ..I’ll be very interested if it’s Lee seung gi and Yoona who will speak abt their relationship but for now the two wants to keep it private I hope press will move on and let them I bet now they’re kinda afraid to date since press aren’t tired to talk about them..everything that the one is doing they’ll do everything to connect with the other one I just hope that paparazzi/press will leave them for the moment if they want to talk abt it they will give them time but if they don’t want then let’s all respect that after all they deserve privacy too even if they are public figures they deserve to have some privacy when it comes to their love ones 🙂 ah let’s hunt all those paparazzi and make them stop xD I’m a big fan of seung gi oppa but it’s tiring to heard the same news what I want now is something related to his upcoming projects..don’t get me wrong I want to heard some news abt the couple but make a new one please like new pictures or whatever just not the same ..anyways I’m excited with Lee seung gi’s upcoming drama it’s confirmed with Cha seung won right? I’m anticipating it I bet it’ll be fun 😀

  6. melissa says:

    I don’t see the press getting tired of it anytime soon. Yeah, it’s been 2 weeks but 2 weeks is nothing especially when neither have said a word one way or the other and people are still so interested. . Just wait until the actually have to do interviews to promote anything. Feel bad for both of them. Unfortunately, it’s just the new reality. It’s annoying to search his name and see pages and page of articles about her drama costars and other unrelated things though… Let’s hope the press (I’m assuming they are invited?) behaves next week at the CJ Forum.

    • m2x1000 says:

      Haha omg about the CJ forum if they (press..if ever they are invited..I guess they are why? Haha) are there then I hope that they will write news about the forum and not relate it again with yoona (don’t misunderstand) I bet some or all the press who are going will relate it to his GF if not then good job haha

  7. m2x1000 says:

    I was like wth seriously there’s this fanboy of yoona who is not even following me on twitter who keeps saying that I should stop tweeting about Lee seung gi because he hates him and I just need to tweet about my life but not anymore abt LSG like what is his problem? I was laughing while reading his tweets like why is he reading my tweets lol and if he hates seung gi why the hell he is searching about him? I told him that no one can stop me tweeting abt him and no one can change that I love him and he said but he loves more yoona lol he have a severe problem (sorry just sharing:)

    • A says:

      I have seen some yoona fanboys and Seung gi fangirls putting up some stupid and immature comments but thats even less than the minority . You don’t have to worry about such unnecessary matters ,if you are a true fan support your idol and don’t listen to others and don’t care what others say you just ignore them.

      ‘Once an Airen always an Airen ‘ 😉

      • m2x1000 says:

        Haha yeah I know I’m not bothered about it it’s just that that fanboy of hers keep tweeting me to stop tweeing abt uri seung gi since he hates him I’m just laughing reading his tweets since I won’t do it anyway yeah “once an airen always an airen” fighting ! 🙂

    • alexdhamp says:

      Sorry about that. As a Sone, it makes me feel ashamed there are immature fanboys out there like him. That said, though, ignore him and post about LSG to your heart’s content! ^^

    • blueranma10 says:

      that’s really mean sis!!block that guy..if he’s really a guy..

      • alexdhamp says:

        He’s probably a jealous Yoona fanboy…why else could he possibly hate a wonderful guy like Seung Gi?

        • blueranma10 says:

          dream on to that guy..lol he should be happy for her..

          • alexdhamp says:

            Exactly, then again, I seen some LSG fangirls behaving the same way. I like Sooyoung just about as much, yet I’m happy for her. So this Yoona fanboy should be the same if he really cared about her. Definitely shouldn’t take it out on LSG or his fans, they’ve done nothing to deserve it…~especially~ Seung Gi-ssi!

            • blueranma10 says:

              agree Alex!!actually I saw one comment from a different post bashing Yoona..of course we can’t tell them to their mouth shut (lol) because of their opinion, but still their words are too harsh..it can’t be helped that both their names would be dragged in every news, specially SNSD’s comeback..this isn’t love for their idols, it’s obsession.. 😦

              • alexdhamp says:

                So true. I guess all we can do is just remain positive and ride it out and let the news run it’s course. Though, in a way, I also feel kind of proud for them(Sone/Airen here), as the media being so focused on them like this is clear proof of how great they are…but then I also feel sorry for them for this attention that could be hurting them. So I just hope they’re okay and pray they have the strength to endure it(though, I have complete faith in them).
                Seung Gi has something coming, too, right? I was looking up some info on him and he didn’t have any new music this past year?! Well, I hope he releases something this year. I don’t mind actor, MC, or variety LSG, but I [i]really[/i] love his music. ^^

                • blueranma10 says:

                  same here, it’s a mixed feeling, i’m happy that they are really this big and people keep on talking about them but, at the end of the day it’s privacy..they kept it for 4 months or longer than that, then suddenly some papparazzi are hounding them..yeah, I love his voice!!I actually liked Yoona first in Love Rain, so cuuute!!love the acting, and Seung Gi in Gumiho, but never followed him, until I watched Kang Chi, and realized that he is Dae Woong, so technically I’m new with Seung Gi..lo

  8. A says:

    I am pretty sure they will eventually get tired of them but gonna take some time since both of them are active entertainers . So if you are hoping for a change pray for another big Scandal to pop up and then we may expect some changes.

    • m2x1000 says:

      is there bigger news than this? If there is I hope it will be in the news soon so these couple can take a break 🙂

      • A says:

        Lol ! there is kang dong won , Gong yoo and So Ji Sub still in the ‘not dating’ list and I bet if a scandal breaks about them then media will for sure get frenzy !

        • m2x1000 says:

          I hope that press will divert their attention in those big celeb but for now they are focus in LSG and Yoona even forgot abt sooyoung and his BF (Idk the name) ..

  9. Anonymous says:

    yeah right i dont need to know everything about his gf…. not a fan of hers…….more news and update about LSG project please!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Seung Gi is not a child anymore, he’s even 28 years old now (Korea) but it seems that Koreans especially Korean medias still prefer calling him as Nation’s Little Brother/Nation’s Umchinah to Nation’s Man/Nations’ sweetheart in dating news like this. I like all of his Nation titles but I feel that he might have some kind of pressure when Koreans still treat him like a little boy like many years ago.

    • m2x1000 says:

      I guess to not feel pressured that’s the reason why he said b4 that more than all the titles given to him he wants that people will remember him as Lee seung gi but not because of all the titles

  11. blueranma10 says:

    maybe it’s a way of pressuring them to talk, since they have been silent since the news broke out..

    • alexdhamp says:

      It could be…but I think it’s just more the fact that its explosive news. The “big scoop” you hear about so much. I bet the reporter that turned this in got a big raise in his/her salary, a promotion, or both… >.<

  12. Kimpengkimchi says:

    Yup definitely am tired of all unrelated seung gi news. However my take is that so long as Hook doesn’t come out n disclose his work activities/schedules, the K-entertainment world will continue to lap out these tireless articles. While it may remain a strategy to keep quiet n hope it’ll blow away I do wish Hook agency will step up broadcasting Seung Gi’s projects. Hellooo!! We are dying of his news here!

    Also please…his dating news is quite passé. Move on everyone!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes I agree… why is Hook so quiet? It’s one thing about lying low but…. nothing even on his birthday?? And while I had enough of his dating news, I do hope he’ll address his airens soon 😦

      • scbound says:

        Why does he need to address Airens, he has always said his dating would be private, he does not owe an explanation to anyone. This topic will probably be off limits in upcoming interviews as well.

        • Anonymous says:

          I did not say he owes anyone any explanation and I’m not saying I want to know his dating life. I’m just saying that I wish he’ll update us a little, write something or send a video message etc, so that some can take that as a closure to this topic and move on to focus on the right things.

          • scbound says:

            Hook confirmed he is dating Yoona. End of updating. You want SG to mention his dating Yoona, he does not need to do that..

        • AnnMichelle says:

          Dear scbound,
          I totally agree with you. I am perfectly fine with the way Hook has decided to carry on the business. From past experiences, even when there is no news, Seung Gi / Hook are usually busy doing or preparing for new activities. It’s just that Hook does not like to provide updates or promotes any new projects until, uh, the last minute. I am not saying I concur with this kind of promotion (or lack of) philosophy. But, it that’s how they have been doing their business, I see no need to change it at this instance. Of course, asking for any update or comment on Seung Gi’s private life is indeed inappropriate.

  13. Dana says:

    I feel like Seunggi’s name got abused…

  14. Anonymous says:

    AGREED!, i would appreciate if the press could focus on individuals. let their private life alone. to be honest im not quite agree with yoona as seunggi’s gf. but if that makes seung-gi shi much more happier.. then so be it. hope that His name wouldnt be drag too much everytime there’s a talk about yoona.

  15. anon says:

    hmm I guess it’s still new ,yoona drama is airing right now and NOF just finished,and reporters will never leave them unless one of them will speak . i guess it also depend on no of comments and hits article got. The more netizens will comment ,the more they will write and unnecessary drag their name. we have to atleast wait for 3 months to fully died down this news , I am sure reporters will get tired sooner or later when people get bored of them.

    PS I just hope they dont drag this during his drama time .

  16. Anonymous says:

    The press did keep mentioning them in each other’s articles but the problem here is a certain company used this to media play for their stars, just look at the number of press released you will see the different, and that annoys me the most. I really hope this will pass soon, even if I support him but the person I care the most is Seung Gi himself, not his relationship. Hook, please release some news about his upcoming projects, new album, drama, CF, anything… I so miss him 😦

  17. poop says:

    Whether it is purposefully done or not, the mention of Seunggi’s name in an article increases the number of views. I am starting to realize why that certain company easily admitted to the scandal. But as long as Seunggi is happy…I will keep my hunch to myself and won’t speak anymore.

    • Anonymous says:

      you do know that Seunggi’s company admitted to it first right? and the only reason SM admitted is because Seunggi is an amazing guy with a good image as far for increasing the number of views on articles same goes for Yoona everytime she does something she’s being searched as number 1! both are really famous not only Seunggi or only Yoona! I really get annoyed with comments like this!

  18. alexdhamp says:

    They’re the big couple of this year…this shouldn’t be surprising anyone. It’ll take a while for it to fade away…like Brad and Angelina here in the States. Until they confront the media, themselves, they’ll probably keep going on about it as it’s a headliner.

  19. Anonymous says:

    So much butthurt from some people here.

  20. Anonymous says:

    (seems there are some problems with wordpress or my browser, it posted three times, sorry. please remove the last two comments, I only wanted to share it once. ty)

    • tryp96 says:

      Sorry, I removed all the comments. I’m not a fan of her, and I’m definitely not a fan of SM’s shameless media play, but let’s try to be civil and watch our language while talking about other celebrities.

      • AnnMichelle says:

        Yes. May your editing power be firm and strong for the new year!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        SM’s shameless media play?! how the hell do you know that?! they are the big couple in Korea right know of course they going to be talked about for a long time! it was the same for Kim Tae Hee and Rain too! I’m really really disappointed in you as his fan! I love both of them and want privacy for them too but I’m not going around blaming a certain company for something they have no control on.. butthurt fans like you who can’t be happy for their idol and pretend to be at some point but your comments shows it all are really pathetic! grow up and stop blaming others randomly!! both are really big in Korea which is why they don’t stop talking about them! it has nothing to do with media play!

      • anonymous says:

        wow and i thought you guys respect seung gi decision , now I know why some people didn’t like your blog . One hand you boost about seung gi popularity other hand when their dating news got so much articles you called it media play . if you got so much problem with dating news , don’t post it and blame to yoona or company . also hypocrisy is perfect term .you play such a passive aggressive attitude towards suzy or yoona . Thank you very much for letting me know what i kind of fans seung gi has .

        good bye

        PS you can delete this comment if you want because that’s what you can do .

        • anonymous says:

          also for a one who is known for his welcoming, gentle, kind and honest image , he’s fans is sure a lot opposite.

          • Anonymous says:

            please do not genarelize all fans some like the couple some don’t.. it’s the same with Yoona fans too, I’ve read some comments that some Yoona fans said about Seunggi and it’s not always nice either some were really harsh and hurtful too! I know it’s the minority that are against the relationship and or who are bashing either Seunggi or Yoona. I think that not everyone has to like the relationship and that’s okey as long as everyone keeps their respect and be mature about it instead of bashing and insulting or even looking down on any of them… let’s all respect each other please, things always get better if people just respect each other…

      • tryp96 says:

        LOL, you can call me butt-hurt or hypocritical all you want if that makes you feel any better. I’m well aware that many articles on the dating news are NOT media play. The general public is interested, and the media is catering to them. But I do have a brain to tell apart media play from media interest, and so do most of the readers on this blog; that’s why I don’t have to forcefeed them any of the obvious evidence out there, they can judge it for themselves.

        • alexdhamp says:

          As someone that follows SNSD quite a bit, I’ve never seen anything from SM, themselves, that points at Yoona’s relationship. It’s only news and reporters that appears to do so. Can you point me at some of this media play? This is really no different that those Sones that claim the same of Seung Gi’s label company. Just like Seung Gi, SNSD needs no media play much less Yoona, herself.

  21. Anonymous says:

    LOL. pretty sure that before revealing the news dispatch had contacted with both companies. so that arguing about which company firstly admitted is totally meaningless. they must have discussions before you read the news on media. and never expect they say any words about the relationship. coz in Korea the best way is keeping silence silence silence on this sort of issue.

    • alexdhamp says:

      Furthermore, SM doesn’t need any such media play with SNSD…not when they’re already one of their biggest acts that are nearly global in their fame and renown. Yoona being their “face” means she definitely doesn’t need it, either. Didn’t both companies admit to it about the same time, as well…this suggests they talked it over amongst themselves first, too.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Wow, you removed my comment? It’s discrimination. You are really evil. Shame on you.
    I have to right to tell my opinion. And I will always tell it. Freedom of speech, sorry.
    Well, then I post it again. You won’t tell me what I write or not write…

    “Anyone who can’t see they are pushing this extremely talentless, ugly “woman” by using Seung Gi’s name is blind. I have never heard of this yoona before so I started to watch her videos on youtube…..
    I almost had a heart attack when I heard her terrible, false voice. OMG! There are so many stone-deaf people…they don’t see she is the shame of the kpop??? And she dances like she has a tetanic spasm. Very irritative.
    I checked other kpop bands too. Like missA for example. All the other girls can sing and dance very well, they have talent. Many of them can be idols….
    It always has a strong reason when such a low-quality “celeb” is being pushed in the media.
    It is obvious that they are using Seung Gi’s name to push this trash woman . It makes me sick.

    Just start to search and ask around as I did….You may also find who is this woman in fact and who is behind her.”

    This was not only my opinion by the way.

    • Anonymous says:

      hahahaha how desperate are you to leave a comment like that? you’re such low life anti fan! I can tell by your comment you’re a Suzy fan that’s so butthurt about Yoona hahaha it’s way too obvious so don’t even deny it LOL. of course this is not only your opinion there are a lot of anti fans like yourself out there doing nothing but bashing and insulting. I knew about Yoona but wasn’t a fan until this news came out and I did my research too and I also watched a lot of video’s and have read a lot about her and eventually came to like her and respect her as well! not everyone has to like her but if you don’t than just focus on Seunggi it’s that simple, if you’re even his fan because as his fan I respect him enough not to bash or insult his woman even if I didn’t like her but of course I do… I’m happy for them to be dating and love and respect both of them! of course Seunggi comes first! but please keep your negativity to yourself kid and grow up! you really do seem desperate…

    • alexdhamp says:

      May not be just your opinion…but it’s in the minority. As your downvotes clearly demonstrate.

  23. Anonymous says:

    When their dating news came out I already guess this possible outcome, relating one another in every possible way in both star articles. It could happen because both of their popularity.

    Some fans may not have much patience, but as a reminder, it was only two weeks. It may continues for months. If fans already very much annoyed by this, imagine what would happen later. For me, I’ll just accept this as a new routine.

    Regardless it’s media play or just media interest, and the number of the articles, it’s not only SeungGi’s name mentioned in YoonA’s articles, YoonA’s got mentioned too in SeungGi’s articles. For the sake of both fandom peace let’s just stay cool. There’re already SeungGi’s and YoonA’s immature fans out there creating troubles in both fandoms.

  24. omuraiisu says:

    I guess this news just about the same thing, and didn’t have interest to see it. So I wondering why “recent comment” keep pointing at this page, and just found this tense atmosphere..
    Please guys.. Let’s move on. I really proud when out there peoples say that SeungGi has such an openminded fans.
    I don’t want if some SONE begin to hate SeungGi just because one or two comment, especially in this wonderful blog. Or at least, let’s not feed antis who grasp these moment to bashing Yoona or SeungGi.
    I know everyone have a right to say their opinion. So.. I just begging here..
    And my comment didn’t always came good either.. there’re time I lost my temper..
    So.. let’s learn together.. 🙂

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