Cuckoo CF Making Film – Lee Seung Gi

credit: jamevudocu via daum

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6 Responses to Cuckoo CF Making Film – Lee Seung Gi

  1. scbound says:

    He is adorable beyond words..

  2. iheartseunggi says:

    I really, really like this jazzy version of “will you marry me” (minus the cuckoo part). It’s sooo smooth. I melted as soon as I heard his voice. And I like how his singing voice has deepened over the years; I hope his new album, whenever it appears, will reflect his maturity, as “Forest” did, but with a little more flair, like this version of ‘will you marry me’. “Forest” was lovely, but so slow and sad. Hoping for a more upbeat album this time around.

  3. Mai Airen says:

    Cuckoo is one of my favourite Cf of Seung Gi, He is so cute here!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    So so jealous of Yoona. Despite of being in front of camera or not, whatever Seung Gi does is so gently. *cry* Why so perfect?

  5. Seriously! This guy! I just can’t. He makes me swoon and I’m so not trying to hide it. So obviously this is what his lucky lady will come home to, a perfectly groomed Lee Seung Gi dressed in white preparing lunch for her while singing “Will you marry me?” and looking absolutely adorable and sexy at the same time. *dies*

  6. linda maelani says:

    seung gi is the best

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