14.02.04 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

Steady-Seller Star Lee Seung Gi: popularity not affected even by dating news

source: official fan cafe

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14 Responses to 14.02.04 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Mary J. says:

    NEVER! Dating is not a sin is a privilege that uri Seung gi is entitled to have. Even though the news broke my heart :(. I am a supporter of his happiness! Seung gi fighting!

  2. Anonymous says:

    it’s okay to date, but not Yoona, i dont like her….

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL who are you anyway? He don’t need your permission to date anyone.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you’re his true fan, please respect, support and wish him all the best, don’t be childish like that.

    • m2x1000 says:

      Please don’t say such things fans like you is giving a negative image to this blog I read in soompi thread that tryp96 blogs have lots of nega comments abt yoongi couple compared to other blogs anyway just focus on lsg if u really love him if your a true fan just support him instead of saying these kind of things it’s giving a negative views on lsg fans just saying this is not mean to offend you just giving a simple advice (I guess) cause we all know that yoona fans are lurking in lee seung gi blogs/threads to know more abt him and same goes to some airens they go to yoona blogs..I’m just saying this

    • ann.. says:

      are real a fan? how can you say for him not to date the girl he loves? don’t you want him to be happy? do you rater see him miserable and heart broken? he’s not 17, he’s 27 now and not dumb to date anyone if that person not good for him

    • yoitskiah says:

      You should also be careful because there are a lot of Sones that are here too. Unless you wanna get bashed on go ahead. But for now, you probably want to keep negative comments to yourself.

  3. m2x1000 says:

    And we are thankful for that,thankful to all the loyal fans ,as long as he is happy either we like the girl or not we should be happy for him,why would it affect anyway?just because some of us don’t like the girl that he is dating will change our love and loyalty to him? No NEVER! Oppa we got your back no matter what..we fans should leave them alone respect their decision they’re happy let’s just support as long as this relationship will have a positive effect in him I’m okay with it though I don’t have any problems with yoona but I know some of you have but let’s just support oppa okay? Let’s focus more on his upcoming projects and not in his private life he deserves not to share that to public ,I hope we can hear more news about his drama and some confirmations to divert the attentions it’s been like more than 1 month let’s all move on focus on lee seung gi instead and don’t think abt his r/s (specially to those who dislike the girl) we love him right? Let’s just support and show him our love :)) (my comment is long again sorry)

  4. joy says:

    Because He is Our Lee Seung Gi …He is the one and only in this world.
    Airens Fighting Fighting !!!

  5. He is proven his hardworking, dedicated self for over 10 years now, of course that is not going to go away because he is dating. I mean, how could it? He is entitled and deserves a private life. Go Seung Gi!

  6. cici says:

    Yessss… Never and never… I like seunggi because his talent and everything about seunggi… I’m a big fan for u guys… If u choise yoona… I’m support u and I hope u will be married with her… It’s your future my love seunggi… Noona love u so much… Fighting honey… Flying with your love…. Mmmmuuuaaaccchhh

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