Lee Seung Gi, Strong Candidate for Movie ‘Woman of 3 Men’


Lee Seung Gi is a strong candidate for the male lead of movie ‘Woman of 3 Men’.

According to several film industry insiders on March 3, Lee Seung Gi has been offered the main character’s role in movie ‘Woman of 3 Men’ and is currently reviewing the offer.

‘Woman of 3 Men’ is a story of a woman liked by [3?] friends, and will be directed by Park Jin Pyo PD.

Moon Chae Won will be the female lead.

An official of Lee Seung Gi’s agency said, “We did receive the casting offer, but nothing is decided yet.”

source: tvdaily via nate
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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22 Responses to Lee Seung Gi, Strong Candidate for Movie ‘Woman of 3 Men’

  1. yesssss

    yes for moon chea won.

    duoble yess for a movie

    but erm 3 guys and her part put me on the fence

    hope the pd is good. the story is good if he takes it.

    seungiyah fighting,

    pls do a movie before …..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not much information about the movie.. a women liked by 3 friends? What else? I do want to see Seunggi in a movie though I’m just not sure about this one but that’s because there is not much information about this movie… well I guess we’ll hear more about it soon..

  3. alexdhamp says:

    It’s about time he’s considered for a movie!!! It’s way past due, IMO!! XD

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s not the first time he’s considered, he get the offers but he never accept them. I hope this year he’ll accept a good one.

  4. Nina says:

    Lurker here. The exciting news has caused me to come out from the shadows. Moon Chae Won is a fabulous actress. It’s time for Lee Seung Gi to have worthy partners in acting! And they had so much chemistry in Shining Inheritance and are all still friends. If you guys are worried about his role, even though there are three guys, Lee Seung Gi is the lead. Movies are better for his career than dramas, so I hope he accepts.

  5. Fadila72 says:

    wah….im super excited about this information…oohh please,,,oppa accept this movie soon..kkk

  6. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know about this one.. I didn’t like this PD’s previous works so I hope the storyline is good but there is so little information about this movie. Well I hope for the best Moon Chae Won is a good actress too.

  7. ritz says:

    double treat..!! yay yay…:-)

  8. i hope he can do this after the drama pretty please

  9. Anonymous says:

    wow hope he would accept the movie offer with MCW. it would be a dream come true!!

  10. omuraiisu says:

    Wow, movie. I always hope him in movie too. Will be this one choosen by Seunggi to be his first movie? hmm..

  11. scbound says:

    Wow a movie and with MCW count me in, These two have great chemistry and and a movie is one of his goals.

  12. Hope seung gi meet MCW again after in shining inheritance ….

  13. iheartseunggi says:

    I’m with the rest of you– he and Moon Chae Won make a great pair. As for the plot . . .well, I always say great actors and a great director can make any old story decent, even one as simple and overdone as boy-meets-girl.

  14. Anonymous says:

    that’s so great news though nothing has been decided. Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won, wow they will make a so-beautiful-for-words couple. bbashya:))))

  15. shiyeon says:

    I hope Lee Seung Gi will accept it..It’s time for him to make big screen debut..It will be a great help for his name as an actor especially if it will become a box office hit..Plus Moon Chae Won is a great actress and they are a good match..Their chemistry in Brilliant Legacy was so good. I even preferred Lee Seung Gi with Moon Chae Won than with Ha Hyo joo with him and they are friends too..I don’t know about the movie coz’ there is little info as of yet but I think it’s good because Moon Chae Won always choose good quality production just like the critics says that she has a good eye in choosing a project..She really has high standard i choosing project,so i assume that the movie is good..I really hope so…

  16. graciabellsg says:

    i love to see their reunion…! and it’s about time to take his acting one level up! i hope this would push through!

  17. i heard that ur one of the leading man of the movie woman w/ 3 Men. Go do it, i know u can deliver well…godbless & keep it up.

  18. i heard that ur one of the leading man of the movie woman w/ 3 Men. Go do it, i know u can deliver well…godbless & keep it up.

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