2014 Forbes Korea Power Celebrity 40

#14 Lee Seung Gi (Actor) SeungGi ya, fighting!!!

Here’s the complete list for anyone interested. You can probably find it translated somewhere else.

source: baidu tieba, contentgallery

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10 Responses to 2014 Forbes Korea Power Celebrity 40

  1. Anonymous says:

    He’s #1 in the actor category.. fighting Lee Seung Gi!

    • Anonymous says:

      huua really? where i can see the list about that category?

      • wendy says:

        It’s extracted from the list above actually, 13 people rank before him either singer or athlete or MC.

      • omuraiisu says:

        Ya, Uri Seunggi ranked 1st for actor category. (Conggrat Seunggiya)
        Forbes rangking by occupation:
        1. Lee Seung Gi
        2. Lee Byung Hun
        3. Kim Soo Hyun
        4. Song Kang Ho
        5. Lee Min Ho
        6. Kim Tae Hee
        7. Hwang Jung Min
        8. Song Joong Ki
        9. Lee Bo Young
        10. Yoo Jun Sang
        11. Jun Ji Hyun
        12. Han Hyo Joo
        13. Jang Dong Gun
        14. Kim Min Hee
        But I still little angry because they didn’t count Seunggi by his occupation as a singer too.. >.<

        • dramaaddict says:

          Don’t get angry so fast! For the Chinese translation it is stated as “Actor/Singer”.
          So you can start smiling now. 😛
          I am a bit disappointed as SG should be placed higher on the list. 🙂

        • AnnMichelle says:

          In fact, in 2013 he was active as an actor. He did not issue any new albums. I think it’s a great honor to be listed as the highest ranked actor on the list.

        • omuraiisu says:

          Wah, thanks guys to try calming me down.^^ But actualy I’m not really that angry (I’m saying just a little rite) I still smiling brightly. What I mean was I disapointed for the way they rangking them. How can Seunggi not in top 10 singer ranking, just because he didn’t make an album last year? Even he didn’t make album comeback, “return” still in top 3 most popular song of 2013.
          But yeah, Let’s not into this ranking too much, and just enjoy the happiness for Seunggi being top in actor list. \(^_^)/
          (for sunbaenim actors, I still respect and acknowledge your acting skill though*bow) ^^

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  3. impreza says:

    Congrats Seung Gi, it’s great. But I’m amazed, why Suzy so high ? because of all the CFs ?… Happy anyway for SG and of course Yoo Jae Suk.
    Now my personal message to Seung Gi: “You’re powerful as an actor now, so what are you waiting for? What I mean is, please, yes, please, film a great movie with Bong Joon Ho or another director of this caliber!!” Hehe I know he likes this director and so do I. I’m hoping to read this kind of great news one day.

  4. Anonymous says:

    no kim hyun joong?:(

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