14.03.07 Grandpas Over Flowers Cut – Lee Seung Gi

Deja vu: SeungGi will be a Lee Soon Jae in 53 years? 😆

credit: seunggiairen

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4 Responses to 14.03.07 Grandpas Over Flowers Cut – Lee Seung Gi

  1. anonymous says:

    awww that is cutest comparison 😀 😀 , I hope he will follow lee soon jae footsteps

  2. Mai Airen says:

    I laughed so hard watching the video!! Such a cute comparison :D:D

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lee Soon Jae’s a very strict person that even made many actors so afraid of since he’s known as a outspoken critic, so it’s really so impressive that he still chose Seung Gi as one of 4 his lovable actors and praised Seung Gi many times, all proved how great Seung Gi’s dignity is. And Seung Gi also said many times that Lee Soon Jae is the actor he admires the most and want to be like him as he grows old.
    Not only in these scenes, people can’t refuse that they match so well in person.

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