[Eng] 14.03.07 Lee Seung Gi Beijing FM Interview

Many thanks to Nicoleko66 and AY for their hard work in translating this long and delightful interview! 😀

Lee Seung Gi: Hello, YinYueTai netizens. This is my third time meeting everyone in China, and I’m very happy.

What special segments have you prepared for this Beijing fan meeting?

This is my third time in China. In terms of the program, there are some changes such as the games we’ll play. Also, I’ve heard that tomorrow is the Women’s Day in China.(Big Caption: March 8 Women’s Day),  so I will have some “passionate” body contact with the female fans who will be there. Please look forward to that.

This is your third visit to China. Other than the cities that you have been to, are there any places that you particularly want to go?

(Caption: thinking, thinking)

Chengdu? (The pronunciation of Chengdu is very similar to Tsingdao, which is famous for beer, and which is where Seung Gi really wanted to go, so there was some confusion here)

Tsingdao! Beer! Beer, beer! (LSG was smiling very happily) (Caption: He became so happy when talking about beer. Alcoholic Oppa!)

I heard that Nanjing is also a very nice place. Personally, there are a lot of places I would like to go. Luckily, I’ve visited Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou–the 3 big cities in China. I was very lucky.

In your drama, you have played the role of a young man from a rich family, and a positive, cheerful young man. Have you ever thought of making a breakthrough and play a villain?

Maybe after 35 years old, I will challenge myself and take up a bad guy role.

During the 10-day-9-night NOF trip last year, did you get ‘tortured’ by the Noonas?

The Noonas did not bully me. The most difficult part was that I had never been to that place before and I had to take care of the 4 noonas as well. That was the hardest part (Caption: The pressure was as big as a mountain)

During the NOF trip, you lost your way. The Noonas had to look for you. Why don’t you take this opportunity to say a few words to the Noonas who took care of you~

There is so much I want to say to the Noonas. I don’t  think I can finish it in 2 days 1 night. This variety show was a very good experience for me. Because of me, there were moments when the Noonas felt frustrated. I did not realise it then. It was only after watching the show that I found out.

Among the monikers which people have given you, like ‘Nation’s Younger Brother’, “Prince of Ballads’, “Variety King’, “Um-Chin-Ah”, , which one do you like most?(Bubbles of these monikers pop up around him)

Among all the monikers, I think ‘Heodang” fits me the best. (Heodang?) Oh yes, it was not on the list you mentioned just now. I am like that when I am in variety. I seem to be very capable but actually I can’t do anything right. (Caption: A “Heodang” young man here) Because this is the closest to my true personality, this is where people can see some of my real charm.

This coming June will be the 10th anniversary of your debut, how will you spend this special day? What has been the most rewarding in these 10 years ?

I will probably be in the midst of filming. I will be spending that day on the set. The most rewarding thing in these 10 years is that through television, people get to know me and like me. Wherever I go, to places like restaurants etc, everyone is very friendly to me. This is probably my biggest reward.

Coming up next is a game segment~

Starting now, you don’t have to speak a word. Just answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ with your hands. An “O” for ‘yes’ and an ‘ X’ for ‘No’. You don’t have to think through your answers. Just reply immediately.  Understand? Let’s start!

Do you have any idiosyncrasies that people cannot accept?

(O) Yes. I am very forgetful. It is so serious to the extent that people would misunderstand me and think I am ignoring them. Sometimes, it just completely slips my mind. This makes people think that I do not care or they feel utterly disappointed.

Compared to singing, do you like acting more?

(Caption: brooding) (Triangle) Somewhat in between.

Have you ever regretted giving up a certain role?

(X) No.

Do you see yourself as an “Um-Chin-Ah”?

(X) No. From what I know, among the sons of my mom’s friends, there are quite a few of them who are better than me. To me, this name is a compliment from everyone. But the real “Um-Chin-Ah” should be someone else.

Do you NOT consider yourself as a “Hun-nam?

Am I NOT a warm-hearted guy? (X) (Double negative = positive 😛 ) I think I have some qualities of a hun-nam.

Do you feel your tongue is slow when you learn mandarin?

(X) Me? Um…mm No. It wasn’t too bad. (Please show us) I have almost forgotten everything. The hanyu pinyin annotation.  “Ni Hao” (Hello).   “Xin Ku Le” (Thank you for the hard work).  “Dui Bu Qi”(Sorry).   “Da Ge” (Big Brother).  “Zai Jian” (Goodbye) And the first thing Koreans learn when they learn to speak Chinese is “Ni Chi Fan Le Ma?” (Have you eaten?) That’s how I started. The rest, I can’t recall.

(You should learn what “Mei Nu” is?) “Mei Nu”?(beautiful girl).  Ahh.. I know the opposite of this word. “Nan Kan”(Ugly or Not good looking).  Do you know why I know this word? Because my mandarin teacher said s/he is not good looking and s/he used to call her/himself “Nan Kan”, so I remember.

Do you still think you are clumsy when it comes to dancing?

(O) Yes. Of Course (in English)

Is there any hairstyle you would never want to try?

(O) Yes. Side parting (2/8) That is only for people who are really handsome.

Do you sometimes look into the mirror and think that you are really handsome?

(X) No. I haven’t.

You will greet everyone with a new project very soon?

(O) Yes. It is a Korean drama, called ‘You Are All Surrounded”. It will start broadcasting in end April or early May. It’s a youthful, romantic police drama.

Do you like this segment?

(O) Ohh O~ Good. (in Mandarin)

Lastly,  again, please say a few words to your fans in China ~

To fans: Thanks to all the fans in China, I am able to meet everyone in this way. I hope that there will be more opportunities for me to come to China in the future. “Xie Xie” (Thank you).

source: yinyuetai
English translation: Nicoleko66 (LSGKWA) & AY

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10 Responses to [Eng] 14.03.07 Lee Seung Gi Beijing FM Interview

  1. Mai Airen says:

    1. It was funny that he chose heo dang over other titles!
    2. I am forgetful too…like celebrity like fan haha
    3. He is so humble, I think he totally deserves to be called uhm chin ah!! I’m pretty sure his mom’s friends would love to have a son like him!!
    4. I agree side parting hairstyle wouldn’t suit him… It all depend on the person’s features. Being handsome doesn’t mean any hairstyle would suit you…
    5. Seung gi ah you should spend more time looking into the mirror…you will see that you’re really handsome LOL (that’s what I do)…

  2. crazyahjummafan says:

    Thanks for the translation!

  3. jay92 says:

    Thanks for the translation 🙂

  4. Vow nice interview,,, And thank you for the translation….

  5. omuraiisu says:

    Sigh.. where can I found a guy like him?(impossible)
    Your life will never getting boring with someone like him.. >_<

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the translation, he’s so cute, here is the engsub I made

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