14.03.22 YAAS Filming Fanpics 16 – Lee Seung Gi

credit: martinray03, bbykjkm0218, zuli_youxiang

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5 Responses to 14.03.22 YAAS Filming Fanpics 16 – Lee Seung Gi

  1. dramaaddict says:

    I will definitely choose the Detective on the far right! How about you all? 😛

  2. scbound says:

    Do we have the 4th cop yet, did I miss it?

  3. Redrose says:

    @Tryp96, I have a question, Do you know who manages Hook Entertainment Twitter Account? The reason I ask is because I’ve noticed that in some HE Twitter account pics. it seems like the person taking the pic is the same writing some little caption for the pic….for example, the post on the 22 of this month, shows a room and hings around Mr. Lee that made it seemed like his house….I wonder if his manager is the one that manages the twitter account? It would be obvious as he is the one next to him pretty much ALL the time. Any thoughts?

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