YAAS First Filming Starts with Child Actors in Pohang · Gyeongju

Child actors Ahn Do Gyu & Ji Woo:

source: tvreport via nate, newsway

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5 Responses to YAAS First Filming Starts with Child Actors in Pohang · Gyeongju

  1. diny says:

    can’t wait…

  2. Ciel says:

    Yellow umbrella again. I do believe most of Korean first loves start with yellow umbrella and light rain. Anyway, look forward to more photos of Seung Gi oppa. Awwww can’t wait…

    • omuraiisu says:

      That’s What I’m thinking. And Dae Gu tied up Soo Sun Shoes lace remind me of “Because we’re friend” MV. 😛
      Can I request for this drama to aired tonight? that countdown killing me.. >_<

  3. San Ah says:

    Tryp96 the countdown you’ve shown at the side makes me DIE of impatience whenever i come here! haha Awesome idea!!
    YAAS plz come quickly!!

  4. KalAi28 says:

    Oh my…Agree with all of you guys!!!! The moment I saw that countdown… OMG it feels like I’m going to stay on my seat and wait… 😀 …. Thanks Tryp 🙂

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