[Eng] Lee Seung Gi’s Message for Airen 6

Already the 6th group… ^^

Airens always, constantly by my side has motivated me so that I can work hard!!

This year. I’ll run diligently as well. Please be with me~ Airens ❤

I love you… ❤

Lee Seung Gi, in 2014

English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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7 Responses to [Eng] Lee Seung Gi’s Message for Airen 6

  1. Poply says:

    I love you too.

  2. diny says:

    I will be always with you oppa, take care n fighting for your new drama, Im always praying for your succsesfuly in YAAS

  3. dramaaddict says:

    Such a warm message!
    We would run beside you and surround you anytime, SG.
    You are a big motivation to me too.
    We love you too, SG.

  4. Sarairen says:

    This message really refreshed me! We love you too Seung Gi Oppa!!!

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  6. LSG says:

    Seunggi yah, we love you too!

  7. Mary J. says:

    I am glad to inform that I just received the diary. I live in New York but I went to pick it up today at the post office because I missed it on Thursday. Thanks a lot Hook!. Seung gi I am so happy to have you in my hands, lol! 🙂 Good day everyone!

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