You’re All Surrounded Press Conference Canceled

The production press conference for the new SBS Wed-Thurs mini series ‘You Are All Surrounded’ starring Lee Seung Gi has been canceled.

SBS stated, “The drama’s future event schedule will depend on the development of the [Sewol] incident, and we’ll decide whether the press conference will be held or not.”

‘You Are All Surrounded’ will premiere on May 7.

source: starin via nate
English translation:

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10 Responses to You’re All Surrounded Press Conference Canceled

  1. yoitskiah says:

    They are doing this for a reason. We should be patient and wait.
    OPPA, I’ll wait for you. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  2. Daisyhaww94 says:

    Nooo please dont completely cancel it, let it just be postponed. Pardon me if i sound rude and heartless, but i started to feel a little irritated over all those cancellation of many tv programs cos of a single tragedy. The incident happend for around 2 weeks already. Please get over it, people have to learn to let go an move on so they would be able to live. Just surrender all. Thats what i would do if my family member were on the boat. Seriously, i also feel sad for the unfortunate tragedy and feel sorry for both the victims and their families. But tv programs have nothing to do with the ship. People could get the infos regarding the ship from the normal news programs on the assigned time. They dont have to take other shows air time. i understand koreans really cherish their relationship with other people so dearly, but it’s just too much. I will apologize for my frankness, but i really want to see seunggi!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Err, just wait for it. SBS is smart, no need for any bad press, going ahead while everyone is suspending will be a PR nightmare.

    • melissa says:

      It hasn’t even been a week… This isn’t a tragedy people can just “get over”. They are still pulling the dead bodies of children out of the ocean. People have to live again and move on, but please have some respect. Maybe the actors of the drama themselves are not up to answering inane press questions during a national tragedy. You make all fans look bad when you say things like this.

      The drama is airing as scheduled so I’m not sure what the problem is. You’ll still see him. They might still do the press conference if they feel they can. Just wait.

  3. diny says:

    Im so sad about accident sewol but please be held the press conference .. its so freak if the drama dont be held the press conference

  4. diny says:

    im so sad about accident fery sewol but please be held the press conference its so freak if the drama didnt have any presscon

  5. diny says:

    I will be support you always, but please be held the presscon

  6. Anonymous says:

    i think they not cancel at all..maybe just postpone, see the situation. because you all know, koreans became very sensitive due to incident. anything related about dramas,variety shows,music was cancel to respect the families. let’s pray for the best 🙂

  7. dramaaddict says:

    They would do the press conference at the appropriate time. Please be more patient. This is a national tragedy for SK.

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