Chinese version of NoF? CJ E&M “No Connection”

How shameless can people be?

A Chinese variety program called ‘Flowers and Boys’ started airing and stirred up plagiarism controversy, even in China.

The program’s concept is 5 actresses of different ages going on a backpacking trip overseas on a limited budget with 2 male guides (an actor and a singer).

The Chinese TV station claims that it’s “an original creation program.” But with the popularity of Korean variety programs in China, it’s not difficult for netizens to notice the very many similarities between ‘Flowers and Boys’ and Korean program ‘Noonas over Flowers’.

CJ E&M told a reporter, “It’s a program that has absolutely nothing to do with NoF. We did not participate in any way, like consulting, etc.”

source: tvreport via nate
English translation:

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3 Responses to Chinese version of NoF? CJ E&M “No Connection”

  1. AnnMichelle says:

    Most of the comments from Chinese netizens focused on how differently the ‘porters’ from the two shows behaved. They praised the humble, courteous, and hard working attitude of Lee Seung Gi and said, “better to watch the original show,” “Lee SG is more famous but so not having airs…”

  2. crazyahjumma fan says:

    Just because the producers did not participate or consult the Korean PD (PD Na) does does mean that they did not steal the concept.

    It’s like imitating a brand logo and its goods, and saying that it’s not an imitation. However, I’m not surprised by their actions.

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