You’re All Surrounded Relationship Chart – Lee Seung Gi



The chart is already too busy, so I skipped translating the characters we already know:

Sorry, I’ve removed the relationship chart per request. Since it’s not officially released by the production company or SBS, it might not be 100% accurate.

source: mediacreate
English translation:

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17 Responses to You’re All Surrounded Relationship Chart – Lee Seung Gi

  1. mel says:

    Thank you. Okay, it’s just weird PS would have a crush on Soo Sun honestly. She’s his subordinate for one and he seems like he still has feelings for his ex. I guess Dae Gu’s father is still alive then and aww his friend is looking for him.

    • scbound says:

      I cannot believe they are going to go there, geez his fans are already a pain, lol

      • mel says:

        I can’t even believe his fans would even want that though. The character has been married and divorced, is mentally scared and still has feelings for his ex-wife. He’s too old for a crush on his young student. Her having a crush I could actually see, for nothing else than to annoy Daegu

        • mel says:

          lol to add, I’m trying to figure out a way this doesn’t make PS come across and creepy and pathetic. And I can’t really find a way. That’s why I don’t think CSW fans would really like it.

  2. yume says:

    omo omo omo omo, I thought there would be no love in this drama. Thank you. I can´t wait!!!!

  3. Mai Airen says:

    Wow!!! Now I hate my curiosity….but I still wonder who is the killer (hopefully it’s not his biological dad but it’s a DRAMA so who knows….)

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    Lámina de las Relaciones en You’re All Surrounded

  5. snowflakes says:

    I’m sorry , but is this real? The relationships are a bit weird to me honestly…PS having a crush on SS and Tae Il having a loveline the PS’s ex-wife? I would be happy even if the story doesn’t focus on romance because I can’t wait for the showdown and (hopefully) bromance between Daegu and PS.

    • ywlovesg says:

      I am all okay for Tae II having a loveline with PS’ ex-wife since he is a ladies’ man 😉

      Am just NOT OKAY for PS having a crush on SS. It makes more sense if it is the other way round and PS just have a certain level of affection for SS… which leads to Daegu hating PS on more just his mother’s case but where his heart matters. This makes more sense to me 🙂 The directions of the arrows between PS and SS were wrong, I would say 😉

  6. AnnMichelle says:

    I am very very doubtful about the magazine’s position and this chart’s authenticity too. If it is true, why doesn’t the SBS official drama site have it? (Or did I miss it?) Both Seung Gi and Ara’s pictures were old ones too. Anyway, I have to say I don’t care for the convoluted love relationships at all.

  7. lulu2050 says:

    i agree with both AnnMichelle & snowflakes…..the whole pan suk and su son and tae il and ex-wife pairing is just too hard to believe……i believe pan suk’s story will go like that he will grow from the guy who only cares about work and has 0 relationships into a trustworthy mentor and a leader (possibly a good husband and a dad if he and ex-wife go back together) the father’s thing though i thought about it before and i think there is a fair possibility that it can happen …. i guess we just have to wait and see right ?

    • lulu2050 says:

      i just had a funny thought……what if Tae Il and Dae Gu are actually brothers since it is known the first is rich and a son of a rich house and the second’s mom had an affair with a rich guy but she couldn’t marry him since he died ! that would be funny if it’s true xD

      • crazyahjummafan says:

        Nooo!!! Please no!!!

      • AmelDD says:

        OMG that would be awsome.. please since tryp deleted this thing can someoe explain to me no tell me what was written in that I’ve missed it (like seriously PS —>SS and TI –>PS ex wife and TI and DG brothers and who’s looking for dae GU his friend?? SS K or TI or another friend)

        • lulu2050 says:

          you got half of it right……….the chart said that Pan Suk will like Suh Sun and Tae Il and ex-wife will be a couple. it also said that Dae Gu’s dad is a rich CEO and married to a rich share holder (as in his stepmom) and Dae Gu’s friend (the fat kid in episode 1) is looking for him

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