14.05.22 You’re All Surrounded Ep 6 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 11 clips so far + full episode in HD*

DaeGu looks for killer at orphanage

ending kiss scene: You’re Kim Ji Yong, right?

SPS: Do you know me?

Airport scene

Killer: Bingo… Kim Ji Yong = Eun Dae Gu 😦

Son-of-B*tch sshi… 😆

DaeGu’s nightmare

DaeGu’s sudden attack

source: sbsfune, bestiz, DramaSBS

Ep 6 part 1


Ep 6 part 2


credit: koreanonair

Full episode

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20 Responses to 14.05.22 You’re All Surrounded Ep 6 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. lulu2050 says:

    okay i have only one sentence about this episode :THAT KISS SCENE OMG !!!!! i was so scared and shocked and happy when she recognized him and then got scared an excited when Pan Suk was coming and then i screamed out loud when he kissed her all in less then a minute !!!! xDD OMG THAT ENDING I WANT NEXT WEEK :'(!!!!

  2. venus says:

    Daebakkk tryp96 neomu neomu joaheee♥♥♥♥♥♥

  3. Hanna says:

    yes, the ending is….. OMG I’m speechless.

  4. just says:

    Seo pan sook reaction is just,, pricelesss hahahahahhahah 😂

  5. someone says:

    I have to say the last 30s save this episode.

  6. mel says:

    The end was the best! Great episode all around too. Think everything is about to come unraveled soon for Dae Gu, but it’ll be a good thing. He’s got murders coming after him and an even worse time sleeping. He needs some help soon. 😦

  7. Anonymous says:

    the ost .. who is singing

  8. melissa says:

    i don’t like that kiss because Seung gi was holding something is it?
    I wish he could just grab her like when he kissed Suzy that style of kiss i like

    • ai_ren says:

      He wasnt kissing her romantically.. it was just to shut her up, he probably did it without much of a thought, he himself looked surprised at his own action xD.. for an intense kiss u’ll have to wait cz now the love will begin kk

    • YiSeungGi says:

      that kiss will shut her up for next 24 hours or even worse a week..haha

  9. kim yoou says:

    the ost who is singing

  10. yani262 says:

    Love the scene where it showed DG’s night activities side-by-side with PS’s. Without words, the writer brilliantly showing us that somehow DG’s life and PS’s life mirroring each other, plus both losing their precious love one.
    And about the killer …. omg seems the killer notice DG as the kid that he met 15y ago. My heart stopped beating when the killer secretly watching DG.
    and the last scene …. DG you really smart to shut SS’s mouth effectively with that unexpected kiss. Can’t wait to see next epi ^^

  11. ywlovesg says:

    Everything should be exposed for DG to start the healing process. PS will play a major part in that… SS too 😀

  12. crazyahjumma fan says:

    Hahaha! Did Daegu really have to kiss SS? He could have just stepped on her foot or covered her mouth.
    Good episode. Love the way PS’s character is being fleshed out and his relationship with his wife.

    • Just my thoughts says:

      I was thinking about this too but I guess with Soo Sun’s character he might not be able to stop her from blabbing with just a hand over her mouth. Plus public display of affection is the best way to turn anyone else’s attention away (Pan Seok).

      However if he really dislikes her, he wouldn’t have kissed her. So I think it’s a combination of feelings and situation. 🙂

      • mel says:

        Yep. Hand over her mouth or stepping on her foot would just make her yell louder 😀 Plus he’s been thinking about her lips lately!

        • Missa says:

          Sealing it with a kiss is the best move ever!!! ❤ I love them both… i hope to see more of DaeGu & SooSun couple 🙂

      • melissa says:

        Yeah and and hand over her mouth is totally suspicious.

  13. Peiyi~ says:

    Omg did anybody noticed that he finally smiled??

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