[Eng] You’re All Surrounded Ep 7 Preview – Lee Seung Gi

I don’t usually translate videos, but I saw a transcript at dcyaas: 😛

EungDo: Did you know DaeGu came from an orphanage?
Gook: Eh? But where in his face and his personality do you see [that he’s an orphan]?

SooSun: Why did you kiss me?
DaeGu: Isn’t it something you should like?
SooSun: Then have you been playing hard to get all this time?

Boots: We should meet once, when do you have time?
PanSeok: Shall we meet now? Otherwise we’ll keep postponing.

SooSun: Do you really have only one room?
Homestay: Aren’t you boyfriend and girlfriend?

DaeGu: Not getting any sleep…
SooSun: You’re excited because of me?

PanSeok: Who do you think you are being so insolent?
DaeGu: Isn’t it [someone’s] job to prevent [people from becoming] the 2nd and 3rd victims?
PanSeok: That’s detectives’, that’s my job!
DaeGu: I don’t understand.
PanSeok: You do not understand? Then hand in your resignation.

source: dcyaas
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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  1. meowzxc says:

    Thanks for the translation love! x

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